More Hens Party Games

20 May 2013

hens gamesOrganising a hens party can be quite challenging but at the same time very fulfilling especially if you see the bride and the hens having a great time. We’ve already made one edition containing our favourite hens party games and it was so popular that we decided to create another! So if you’re the maid of honor or a helper, then here are some hens party games that you should definitely consider playing. 

Pin the Penis on the Stripper

This game will surely bring the bride and the hens into a laughing frenzy. You can buy the materials for this activity in an adult shop, or you can create them on your own. All you need is a picture of the groom and a poster of a stripper. Also, don’t forget to provide the girls with penis cutouts and instruct them to write their names on their individual cutouts. Just paste the groom’s photo onto the stripper’s head, and you’re ready to play the game. The mechanics of this activity is very simple. Blindfold one hen at a time, bring her over to the poster, and then let her paste her penis cutout onto where she thinks it should go. Don’t be surprised, though, if she pastes the penis onto the groom’s face.

Post-It Note Hens Game

To make the night memorable for the bride, play the post-it note hens game. Provide the hens with post-it notes and pens, and have them write any remarkable experience they’ve had with the bride. Collect the notes and then placed them in an area where the bride can read them. Now the bride has to read them aloud and guess who wrote them. She then has to narrate the real story behind the experience. This activity will definitely make the bride remember some wonderful memories she had with hens that would either make her laugh or cry.

Design the Wedding Dress

This is perhaps one of the most popular hens party games of all time. Divide the hens into teams and instruct them to come with a unique wedding dress for the bride. They can use any material they can find in the venue or house such as toilet paper. Give them a time limit to conceptualize a design and transform it into an actual dress. Once the time is up, the teams need to choose a hen who’ll wear the wedding dress and act as a model. The bride gets to choose the team with the most beautiful design. She then has to wear the winning piece all throughout the night.

Truth or Dare

Of course this list will not be complete without the classic game, truth or dare. To make this game more fun, make sure that you play it when the girls are already tipsy. Come up with naughty questions that will make the hens reveal a lot about themselves. Also, don’t forget to make the dares extra challenging and cheeky, such as running within the venue naked, to make this game more exciting.
With these five hens party games, the party will surely become a night the bride will treasure throughout her married life.