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18 Jun 2020

How To Choose The Perfect Male Stripper Names?

Have you ever wondered what to name yourself if you ever become a stripper? Or why do strippers have stage names? Or why don’t they use a real name? Suppose you may be considering becoming a talented performer, did you know what you would name yourself? You will need a stripper name to apply for the scene. Hence, the dancers use a stage name not only for their intimacy but also to have a personality. It is, therefore, essential to choose the right type of name.

And to help you out, we have mentioned a few points that will help you choose the perfect male stripper name for you. Let’s roll down!


Why does one need a stage name?

Your birth name identifies your personal life. So if you’ve got a public career especially within the show business, there’s a big fat chance you will have a pseudonym to guard your identity or select one that’s cut out for entertainment purposes.

A stripper name, for example, is a pseudonym using your nickname, maiden name or a completely different name that brings pizzazz in entertainment. If you’re still not convinced if you need a stripper name, here are few things you might need to consider.

  • It protects your identity

If you wanted to separate your personal affairs with your work, having a stage name could help more than you can imagine. It provides another layer of identity protection and it will be easier to distinguish your personal life from all the glitz and glamour of your work. For some, it gives them an assurance that their personal details are protected despite how they are open book in the entertainment biz.

  • It will make you sound exciting

If you were given a common name like John, James, or Jack, it will definitely sound familiar, relatable, but could be plain and boring. Entertainers and even actors change their common first and last names. Stripping is not any different. 


Stripper name matching your personality - Magic Men


  • It can represent your personality

While most of us are thankful with our given names, not all people have first names that match their personalities. Getting a stripper name could be your chance to have a name that represents who you really are. Are you a fun, exciting person? Are you the chill type vibe or the sensual? Let your name speak for itself.

  • It is easy to mention, spell and remember

Before going into stripping, make sure you have selected a stage name that is easy to remember, so people won’t have a hard time mentioning you with their friends and colleagues for recommendations. Stray away from names that are difficult to spell, or pronounce. 


Guide to Choosing Your Stripper Name

Choose the name that can reinforce the image that you present, and also an appropriate name will not seem so incongruous to the customers to whom you will present yourself several times a night. If you choose a somewhat normal stripper name, you won’t have to deal with prying customers in your business and asking yourself, “Is this your real name?”

Choose best male stripper names

Choose a Name That Gives Power To Your Image

There are various popular stripper names like Billy Big Balls, Blue Steel, Jay, Romeo, Seductive Saxon, Naked Nate, James, and so on. Undoubtedly, it seems fun to take a name as the above mentioned, but in the impressive scheme of things, it’s hard to be serious with such a generic name.

Therefore, choose a name that will complement your style and personality. Whether you are in hip hop or Love country music or rock and metal, it would be a good compliment for your stage show if you had a name that seemed appropriate for the style you are in.

In any field, you would want a name that has a strong presence. You would want a name that grabs attention. A stripper name that is masculine yet gentleman, a little aggressive but charming to ear is a perfect one.

Make It Short and Sweet

Your stage name should be a shortcut for your stripper character. It will be used to introduce you, so it should communicate what type of experience people can expect. Many well-known male strippers call themselves by their real names. This makes them identifiable, but a stage name can often do this while sounding better. So, you must prefer choosing a name that looks appealing and exciting to the clients.

Use City or Region Names for Easy Recall

If you have an accent and you do not work in the region or country where you come from, there is a certain charm in naming you a common name or related to this; it will make it evident that it is not your “real name” but maybe a good idea.

While it is tempting to use a combination of names, it is best recommended to use short but sweet names for recall, and simplicity. Others also opt for a mysterious image, so a one-word name is very recommended.

If you like a name that is totally relatable to your fans and something that you will be associated with, city names or country names are also a good idea. Dallas, Chandler, or Houston are among common city names and you can’t go wrong with them especially if you have the character and aura of the region.

Regions or City Give An Easy Recall of your Male Stripper Name

Make It Memorable

A Male stripper name should be memorable and catchy. If the name of a stripper is significant, your clients are likely to remember you and know who to ask again when they want to dance or hire them for the party. The more memorable you can make yourself – the more work you will acquire.

Finding the right stripper name is the first major task you need to do before starting your career. If you have a memorable name, clients won’t have a hard time remembering you. Even if you have an amazing performance, if your name doesn’t have a recall factor, they might forget you when they decided to repeat the business. But this doesn’t mean you’ll go for generic ones, as well. Find the balance between easy to remember but will also let you stand out from the crowd if you know what I mean.


Popular Stripper Name Samples

If you’re still having a hard time deciding your stripper name, here are some samples to give you an idea and hopefully spark your creativity. These interesting stripper names have unique characteristics and additional information. Find out why they are popular stripper names.

  1. Sean

Sean is an Irish name, different adaptations include Shane, Shayne and Shawn, which sound very similar, too!

  1. Carlos

Carlos is a name with Spanish origin and means “Free Man”, and also describes a mix of handsomeness and hotness of Latin guys. Notable musicians also have this name and landed on 59th place in US popular names in 2001.

  1. Ken

With Scottish origin, Ken is a popular name that means “Handsome”. It also means “Royal Obligation” in English names and “Strong” in Japanese.

  1. Ryan

With Irish origins, Ryan means “Descendant Of The King”. Different variations include Rian, Rien, Rion, Ryen, Ryne, Ryon and Ryun. 

  1. Andrew

Derived from French and Greek origins, Andre means “man, brave, and warrior”. Andre is a variant of Andre or Andy.

  1. Diesel

Diesel originated in Germany and it means “Diminutive Form Of Matthias Or Dietrich”. It also means the name of oil, and surname of engineer Rudolf Diesel.

  1. Dallas

Dallas is a name with Scottish origins and means “From The Meadow Dwelling”. Dallas is a very prominent first name for males and also a very prominent last name for both men and women.

  1. Valentino

Valentino in Latin means “strong, and healthy”. Variations include Val, Valentin and Valentine. 

  1. Troy

Troy means “descendant of the footsoldiers” in Irish and Gaelic origins. Popular actor Troy Donahue contributed to its popularity in the 60s and 70s. 

  1. Matthew

Matthew in Greek means “gift of God”. This name has been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys and have become popular since.

Unique male stripper name

  1. Chase

Derived from the Old French word “chacier”, Chase also means a hunter or a huntsman. With its interesting, action-packed name, no wonder it became a popular show character name. What’s stopping you from using it?

  1. Seth

Seth has a biblical origin. The third son of Adam & Eve is named Seth. In Hebrew, it means “Appointed”. Although you might have heard this name because of the popular actor Seth Green and the clockmaker Seth Thomas.

  1. Kobe

While Kobe has Hebrew origins, you might have heard this name because of the popular basketball player Kobe Bryant. You can keep the original spelling or change it a little to Koby, Coby or Kobi depending on your type and personality.

  1. Aston

Aston has an upscale aura thanks to its James Bond movie reference.  In the English origin, this name means “Noble Stone”. So if you want a luxurious stripper name to pair with your personality, then Aston is the name to be.

  1. Sebastian

Like the name given to Roman emperors, Sebastian means “venerable” and was also popular names of characters and talented people.

  1. Giovanni

While Giovanni has a manly sound, it actually has a biblical and Hebrew meaning which is “God is gracious”. It can also be shortened to “Gio” or “Gianni” if you wanted it to be trendy.

  1. Jay

Jay has a Latin origin. Notable personalities of characters naming Jay include book character Jay Gatsby, and comedian talk show host Jay Leno.

  1. Edward

With English origin and meaning as a “Wealthy Guardian” – the name Edward has marked and ranked top 8 in the US names in the 1910s. With this name sprung different variants like Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Edison, Eduard, Eduardo, among others. In fact, you might have remembered someone with this name right now, haven’t you?

  1. Fernando

Fernando means “daring, and adventurous” in Spanish. No wonder it holds a spot in the top 200 US names.

  1. Josh

Josh is actually a short form of Joshua. It means “Jehovah is salvation”. So if you want a popular manly name with meaning, this is the one for you!

  1. Davis

Commonly known as people’s last name, the name Davis has a nice handsome ring to it. Different variations include David, Dave, and Davidson.

  1. Calvin

Aside from the popular brand, Calvin or its variation, Kalvin is a catchy name for a stripper. It sounds masculine, thanks to French Protestant John Calvin, this name was popularized.

  1. Martin

Martin has a handsome and manly sound. This Latin name means “Servant Of Mars, and God Of War” will make people remember you and your personality. If you want it to sound a little trendy, you can modify it to names like Mart, Marten, Martenn, Marti, Martie, Martino, or Marty.

  1. Jose

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the name, Jose? It is easy to remember and has its own flair. What more if you have a Spanish heritage? Definitely a killer combo!

  1. Patrick

Patrick is an English name meaning “Noble”.  It has a distinctive sound and is easily recognisable. If you’re feeling playful, you can also try its variations like Pat, Patric, Patricio, Patrik, Patrizio, and Pats.

Male stripper name should reflect masculinity


  1. Ricky

Are you brave? Are you a leader? Then, Ricky is the perfect name. Embody its origin and meaning such as “Brave Ruler” and show your courage on the dance floor.

  1. Emilio

This name first appeared in 1900 and became popular since. It means “To Strive Or Excel Or Rival”, so if you’re the competitive type and is excellent in entertaining people, Emilio will definitely be a good stripper name.

  1. Damian

Damian is the patron saint of physicians and was an early Christian martyr. It’s a  unique name and you can make variations like Damien, Damion, Daymon among others. Also, according to the Urban dictionary, Damian is a fun guy to hang with. Are you fit for the name Damian?

  1. Gabriel

Many people don’t know, Gabriel is actually one of the archangels who was God’s messenger. This French and Spanish sounding name is perfect for strong, masculine men.

  1. Andre

Do you have a body like a warrior? Then Andre is perfect for you! This French and Greek name meaning “man, warrior” is a great stripper name.

  1. Michael

Need we say more? It is common, and people will remember you by this name easily. Did you know that Michael is the archangel who defeats the dragon in the bible? In the Middle Ages, Michael is regarded as protector and guard of the gates of Paradise. Pretty cool origin, huh?

  1. Romeo

Are you a romantic stud? This Italian name is perfect for you, then. If you want your audience to feel like “Juliet”, then have this as your stripper name. Minus the tragic ending of course.

  1. Angel

Ranked as number 31 in the US popular names, Angel as a stripper name will make you sound and look angelic and heavenly.

  1. Jack

It sounds manly and heroic – no wonder Jack as a name is very popular and even rank in the top 20 in the US names. Do you want to give it a try?

  1. Dominick

This Latin name Dominic has an alternate English name, Dominick. It is quite posh and very popular in Britain.

Male stripper name should also be posh and trendy

  1. Richie

While it sounds ka-ching, Richie’s name actually means “Brave Ruler” in English origin.

  1. Daniel

You may have known a Daniel in your life. And why not? This name has been in the top 15 names for men since 1972. Different variations like Dan, Dani, Daniele, Danilo, Danny are also classic and have a modern sound.

  1. Juan

Aside from the Spanish name for John, Juan also means “God Is Gracious; Graceful”.

  1. Rico

Rico sounds sexy and a legit stripper name, isn’t it? Did you know this Spanish name actually means “Brave Ruler”? If you’re a hot dude with Hispanic aura, Rico may be the perfect male stripper name for you!

  1. Bruno

While popular singer Bruno Mars embodied sexiness, this name has its appeal to the ladies.

It is actually popular in Europe and South America. Perfect for male strippers with brown eyes or hair. Let them wonder why you chose this name!



Having a stage name allows a stripper to maintain his privacy in a world where there are many uncertainties. And if you want maximum bookings, a catchy male stripper name will prevent customers from scrolling and physically checking your profile to decide who to hire for their party.

Perfect stripper stage name has many benefits

Having the right stripper name when working at a hens night can make the talents create distance between themselves and their performances. You may need to get a stage name for several reasons or when you feel like changing your name, but just like your personal name, careful attention to this detail is also important. We have tips above to help you with choosing the right stripper name. 

What does having a perfect stripper name do for your career?

There are numerous factors regarding your real and stage name, from sounding too ethnic, too common, not ethnic enough, not common enough, to almost sounding like a celebrity, etc. Your name should sound handsome, and let your customer remember you while differentiating you from other strippers. Ultimately, you’ve got to choose a name that stands out but still reflects who you are. Only then you will be confident enough to be called your stage name.