7 Major differences between male strip clubs and female strip clubs

male strip club vs female strip club

24 Jan 2019

Have you ever wondered how Male and Female strip clubs differ? If you’ve only ever seen one side of the industry, you may be surprised to learn that there are significant differences between the two! We asked our Magic Men what they thought the differences were:


“That’s the main point of difference I think; we provide a show with choreographed routines featuring costumes of different occupations. In Female strip clubs there are no character routines or interactions with the audience unless it’s paid for on top of the door fee. There is a higher level of entertainment at Male strip clubs and at Magic Men we pride ourselves on ensuring all the ladies feel entertained and leave our show smiling.”


“At Magic Men and other Male strip clubs during the show, special guests such as Hen’s or Birthday Girl’s, are invited up on stage with one of the guys. There are no extra fees for this at Magic Men! You’ll find in Female strip clubs, customers are expected to tip to get a dance.”


“You can contact us 24/7 and were happy to attend an event anytime of the week, but our stage shows, like other Male strip clubs, are only open Saturday nights. It’s also pre-booked due to the show start times. Female clubs are open a lot more frequently, with more accessibility during the night.”


“You’re allowed to touch! In fact, us guys encourage it and try to encourage more crowd interaction during the show. Our Topless Waiters also wander around and are happy for you to come up and feel our muscles haha! Definitely don’t try that at a Female strip club though.”


“You will never find a photographer at a Female strip club, it just isn’t done, not even of just the guests. At Male strip clubs we encourage you to take photos with the waiters, of yourselves and with any of the strippers while they’re off stage mingling with guests. You can find these on the website on the Monday after the event to share with your friends too!”


“Dance breaks, food, body shots and orgasm games…you won’t find these at a Female strip club. Magic Men and Male strip shows treat the night more like a party and break up the night with dancing and games. We make sure our Ladies have had a proper break before they see more naked men.”


“We find at our shows the girl’s talk to other, meet new friends and it’s a more welcoming environment. You usually just stick in the same group at Female strip clubs and don’t go often enough to see people twice. We even have a community group ‘Magic Ladies’ who frequent the event often and we’ve found this is now trending among other Male strip clubs too.”

There you have it! Some of the biggest differences between Male and Female strip clubs. Don’t believe Magic Men could be this fun? Why don’t you come check out the show for yourself and purchase your tickets HERE. You’ll find our shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane!

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