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7 Major differences between male strip clubs and female strip clubs

male strip club vs female strip club

24 Jan 2020

Male Strippers Vs. Female Strippers: Why they are totally different?

Have you ever wondered how Male and Female strip clubs differ? If you’ve only ever seen one side of the industry, you may be surprised to learn that there are significant differences between the two! We asked our Magic Men and Magic Ladies what they thought the differences were:

“I get this question all the time, and everyone seems to think that both are the same. However, in reality, the comparison In male stripping vs female stripping is huge. There is a massive difference.”

Ever watched a troupe of baby-oiled hunks shaking it off to Sex Bomb? Or a sexy female stripper offering up lap dances and working the pole? Maybe we’re on the spectrum, but these girl strippers are HOT and more so than their male counterparts! Don’t get us wrong, we love gorgeous half-naked men but let’s face it’s more funny than sexy, right? Here are the REAL differences between male and female strippers (and why our BFs shouldn’t be worried)…

Whether you’re at a bachelorette party, a friend’s birthday or just feeling a little curious there’s a time and a place for a stripper. And having experienced watching both male and female strippers myself, I have to say there’s a totally different dynamic between the two.

When you watch beautiful women stripping off and strutting their stuff on the floor there’s something mesmerising about it and it’s damned sexy. But when it comes to big-headed male strippers (sorry guys) we’re usually laughing so hard we cry. I mean come on, when a man starts swinging his junk around they can’t seriously think we’re turned on by that, do they?

So if your man ever complains that you see a male stripper is just as bad as him going to a strip club, it’s time he thought again. They’re just not even in the same league.

Ladies, here are the real differences between male and females strippers.


Generally speaking, men at either bachelor parties or in female strip clubs want to ‘check out’ the girl’s bodies and see really dirty things (The dirtier the better). They’re not there for the girls dancing skills or personalities, they are there to see some titties, let’s be honest.
The female stripping industry is more closely related to porn rather than entertainment, and the entertainment you see at bucks parties (fruit n veg shows, girl on girl shows, dominatrix shows, triple xxx shows) are usually classified as porn if you watch it on the internet anyway.
So let’s get one thing straight here, guys are only interested in one thing, and that’s any sexual.


From my experience at hens nights and male revue shows, women are not overly enthusiastic about a male stripper grinding on them, sleazing and shaking their penis in their face.
Women, when viewing male strippers, just want to have fun and have a laugh with their friends. There’s not much more to It. The male stripping industry Is all about cheeky entertainment (and not so much about sex). You may find this hard to believe at first, but I strongly argue that most women just want some light-hearted, funny entertainment that they all can enjoy with their girlfriends. Yes, they do want to see some sexual dancing, but this is VERY different from what female strippers do, and to what men want when they hire a female stripper. 
In addition to this, most of the female stripping work is done in the form of lap dances in private rooms. I can tell you from experience that this hardly ever happens in the male stripping industry (unless you work for a male strip club in the USA). Their lap dances happen on stage with the performer and in front of huge audiences.


“That’s the main point of difference I think; we provide a show with choreographed routines featuring costumes of different occupations. In Female strip clubs, there are no character routines or interactions with the audience unless it’s paid for on top of the door fee. There is a higher level of entertainment at Male strip clubs and at Magic Men, we pride ourselves on ensuring all the ladies feel entertained and leave our show smiling.”


Once again, generally speaking, female strippers make much more money than male strippers. This is from my experience In the industry in Australia and England, I imagine that it’s a little different In the USA.
This is partly because females are mostly in the strip clubs working and hustling for money whilst males strippers are either do a stage show on the weekend or are out doing strip-a-grams at houses on a Saturday night. 

So let’s break it down.

Female strippers spend lot’s of time doing private lap dances in strip clubs, where they can make anywhere from $50 – $100, and work as long as they like. Strip clubs are usually open most days of the week allowing the girls to make some serious money, in addition to working a day time job (if they choose). In reality, female strippers can be making over $2000 a week easily if they work hard. If the girls are doing strip shows in hotels for bachelor parties, then they can still make way more than male strippers. This is because the type of shows the girls will be doing a usually X-rated and can charge up to double what a male stripper would get paid. 

On the other hand, male strippers don’t have male strip clubs to work in. I only know a handful of places in the USA that have male strip clubs open most nights of the week, and even so, the competition is very fierce in the clubs for guys and they don’t make as much money as males who do strip-a-grams. Male strippers also get paid less for private lap dances and the industry is full of guys who keep lowering their rate an undercutting everybody else. Most other male strippers in the US and everywhere else in the world do either stage shows or “strip-a-grams”. Both of these options make far less money than what female strippers make. 

There’s been a lot of talk of strippers and bachelor(ette) parties lately. I just want to get it out there, for the record, I’m pro-stripper. I feel a little like there’s a double standard for guys who go to strip clubs/hire strippers and girls who do. For example, one post dwelled on the impropriety of having a stripper come to a hotel room because of the “expectation.” Another post glosses over the fact that a bride had male strippers at her bachelorette.

I have to say, in this case, I think the double standard is fair because it’s not exactly apples to apples. For one main reason: When girls hire guys to come strip at a party, it’s funny, it’slight hearted, it’s entertainment. One party I was at had a male stripper for an hour and after 15 minutes we were all like uh okay an hour is a long time, so the guy sat down and ate a sandwich. LOL. It’s not meant to be titillating. It’s NOT titillating, in my opinion. It’s jokey. On the other hand, I’ve been to several gentlemen’s clubs and it’s tawdry and sexy and a little raunchy but overall . . . pretty hot! The thoughts that would go through my mind when an oiled up beefcake is gyrating for dollar bills is a far cry from what thoughts my husband would be having if a lace-undy-wearing tan vixen with double Ds shook her ass in his face.

Does anyone else see what I’m saying? I’m wondering what YOU ladies see as the difference?

Male revue shows (anywhere in the world excepting Vegas) usually only run on the weekends (at best a Friday and Saturday). This type of stripping makes for a good side job on the weekends and that’s about It. It also means you’re only getting paid about $200 AUD for the show and you’re spending your whole night there. Males can work on the weekends and perform at hen’s parties doing strip-a-grams. This option will allow any male stripper to make more money, however, they get paid far less for a booking as compared to female strippers. Once again this is because of the X-rated nature of the female strippers show. They do things that men can’t simply do (not that women would want to see that sort of stuff anyway). 

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Luckily our lady bits our nicely tucked in, but men? That’s a different story. What I’m really confused about is why male strippers think their flappy penis is even remotely sexy! Seeing his sausage spin around is not exactly horn-inducing. But for guys seeing women show their rude parts in the buff? They’ll have a guaranteed boner in their pants.

Massive props to these guys for spending half their lives at the gym and counting every calorie that enters their mouths. Trust, we like seeing male strippers pour hot wax down their hard rock abs – it’s pretty tasty but when they’re wearing a little bow tie and a thong to match, the sex appeal fades FAST.


    • “At Magic Men and other Male strip clubs during the show, special guests such as Hen’s or Birthday Girl’s, are invited up on stage with one of the guys. There are no extra fees for this at Magic Men! You’ll find in Female strip clubs, customers are expected to tip to get a dance.”
    • “You can contact us 24/7 and be happy to attend an event any time of the week, but our stage shows, like other Male strip clubs, are only open Saturday nights. It’s also pre-booked due to the show start times. Female clubs are open a lot more frequently, with more accessibility during the night.”
    • “You’re allowed to touch! Us guys encourage it and try to encourage more crowd interaction during the show. Our Topless Waiters also wander around and are happy for you to come up and feel our muscles haha! Don’t try that at a Female strip club though.”
    • “You will never find a photographer at a Female strip club, it just isn’t done, not even of just the guests. At Male strip clubs, we encourage you to take photos with the waiters, of yourselves and with any of the strippers while they’re off stage mingling with guests. You can find these on the website on the Monday after the event to share with your friends too!”
    • “Dance breaks, food, body shots and orgasm games…you won’t find these at a Female strip club. Magic Men and Male strip shows treat the night more like a party and break up the night with dancing and games. We make sure our Ladies have had a proper break before they see more naked men.”
    • “We find at our shows the girl’s talk to others, meet new friends and it’s a more welcoming environment. You usually just stick in the same group at Female strip clubs and don’t go often enough to see people twice. We even have a community group ‘Magic Ladies’ who frequent the event often and we’ve found this is now trending among other Male strip clubs too.

There you have it! Some of the biggest differences between Male and Female strip clubs. Don’t believe Magic Men could be this fun? Why don’t you come to check out the show for yourself and purchase your tickets HERE? You’ll find our shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane!


“I will admit whilst performing as a male stripper, I have helped other guys get their foot In the door of this industry and become performers. However I will never advocate for my partner to start stripping, If she wants to, then that’s her choice and I won’t stop her, but I wouldn’t suggest It. I know this may sound hypocritical, but I strongly believe the industries are very different.”

The female strip club environment can be perfectly fine (In Australia it’s quite good in some parts), however, It can also be a very unhealthy and damaging environment to be exposed to. I have personally seen some horrible conditions and drug epidemic problems in many Las Vegas and London-based strip clubs, and to be honest, there are bad strip club owners everywhere In every city. This Is not the sort of environment you want to be exposed to whilst working. It’s all too common to see females getting addicted to drugs, crime, and gambling (especially In Vegas). Another little unknown fact is a LARGE MAJORITY of female strippers doing private shows for bachelor parties in ANY city, use their job as a front to deal with party drugs to the men attending the party.
In my opinion, the female stripping industry does take quite a dark turn when compared to the male stripping industry.

guys drinking and smoking cigars


Male strippers will dress up as firefighters, put props over your head (to make it look like you’re giving them a blow job) and dry hump you like no other.

Female strippers, on the other hand, blindfold you, sit on your lap and seduce you without going through half the lengths that guys do. And, it works.

I have never heard of seen of a male stripper dealing drugs after his shows (and if they do It’s very uncommon). Most male strippers I know of are health-obsessed and most have day time jobs in construction/offices/etc.
Worst case scenario I can think of Is lot’s of male strippers use and abuse steroids, however when comparing this to meth, cocaine, MDMA and ecstasy abuse by females, there is no comparison in my option. 

The differences between stripping as a male and stripping as a female can be significant.

First and foremost, the pay scale is often very different. Male strippers, in general, earn around $25 less than female strippers for a private party show. That said, in Chicago, male strippers usually earn about $75 and female strippers about $100. Nevertheless, female strippers often end up with the same amount of money in their pocket as the men, since they often need to pay a driver/security.

Tip amounts also vary between male and female stripping. Male strippers usually don’t make more than $50 in tips per show (and sometimes much less); female strippers, on the other hand, typically take home between $100 and $1000 in tips for certain shows. This means that male strippers need to perform in more shows, whereas female strippers prefer fewer shows with a big focus on quality.

The second difference is the performance itself. Male strippers tend to be a little more aggressive with their shows— picking women upon their shoulders, carrying them around and even flipping them. On the other hand, some female strippers can be even more aggressive—using dominatrix-style tricks in their shows. Moreover, female strippers go completely exposed, unlike male strippers, and do things with their body that many people might not think possible!

The third difference is the enjoyment strippers tend to get out of their jobs. In general, male strippers like to show off and enjoy the attention. This isn’t to say that all female strippers dislike their jobs, but the fact of the matter is, many choose this line of work because of the earning potential.

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magic men


FEMALE strippers aren’t perfect and we love it

There’s beauty in seeing a woman so comfortable in her skin. It’s praiseworthy, it’s hot, it’s downright sexy. Can you show us how?

MALE strippers are cheesy

Male strippers make us cringe HARD. We hoot, scream, laugh but not because we want them! It’s more to do with the shock factor (you know, the flying penis in your face? The cowboy boots and hot pants? Their obsession with their guns!) It’s a different atmosphere altogether. Women are out to have a good time while men, when they’re at a stripper show, are sat front row fantasising about what he wishes he could do to her. That’s SO not our thing.

FEMALE strippers know how to work it

Female or male, any type of grinding is hot but female strippers know how to move in ways NO man knows. By far. Note to the lads: don’t even think about tea bagging us. We WON’T be laughing.

MALE strippers have full-body waxes

I guess the idea of it seems sexy, but in REAL LIFE when a man has less hair than you, it’s a deal-breaker. Women love a man’s chest hair just like we love their beards.

FEMALE strippers know how to work the pole

We love watching women have their way with the pole. You can’t even compare it to male strippers – if you’re not turned on you will undoubtedly be hypnotised by a sultry elegant striptease. Ain’t nothing graceful about a male stripper.

MALE strippers are too touchy-feely

Women can thrust on us a little and we won’t budge, in fact not gonna lie, we might like it a little bit. But males on the other hand, just no. Please don’t place our hands on your bum, put your appendages in our faces and touch up our breasts. This is touch-free zone boys – hands-off. Perving on girls should NOT be a perk of the job.

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