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Find out what male strippers really do during a lockdown

What strippers really do during lockdown - stripper laying naked on couch watching netfilx

01 May 2020

Do you want to know what male strippers really do during a lockdown?

The global pandemic Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has rocked the earth, sadly everyone has been affected in some capacity. Some have lost jobs, whilst others are still working under very different conditions. With safe distancing regulations enforced by governments across the world, this means for many strippers both male and female, they are unable to work. So, what are the strippers doing during the lockdown?

Evolution of stripping

Male stripping fist began appearing in the United States and Canada in the early 1970s, with male strip clubs and travelling groups beginning to form across Northern America in the 1980s.

In 1981, The Catalina Production Group released the movie For Ladies Only, a story about an upcoming actor hoping to make it in New York, but instead becomes a male stripper. The release of Ladies Only started to show introduce to the world the art of Male Stripping. Following this, in 1997 The Full Monty was released, smashing box offices with $261,249,383 USD in sales worldwide, the comedic spin on the male stripping made the art know in most capital cities. By 2012, male stripping was a common occupation, with the taboo of the art removed with the release of the all the stripper movies. 

In 2020, with the global pandemic COVID-19, male strippers have been restricted to their homes. But with the use of technology they have been able to get creative and have since moved their shows online also know and E-Shows, thus providing people across the world with accessible male stripping E-Shows.



A day in the life of a male stripper

Many of us may think that being a male stripper is a full-time job, every day and every night. For some people, this is true, but not always the common case. Most male entertainers strip for an extra source of income or for the love of performing. This may be due to an acting or dancing background, which many of them already have. Many male strippers learn to perform on the job, the isn’t currently a stripper school available for guy to attend.

For most male strippers the truth is, this is their second job. This is their weekend job, their “FUN” job. This is the job that lets them express themselves in an entertaining and playful environment like a hens night.

Most of the guys start or end their day with a session in the gym, with the middle of their day filled with their day jobs, study or care duties. The evenings are for food preparation and relaxation, usually paired with watching pay for view TV.

The top 10 Things Male Strippers do during a lockdown

  • Watch Netflix / Stan – pay for view television.
  • Home training sessions / working out sessions.
  • E-Shows & online strips.
  • Creating social media content Facebook, Tik Tok & Instagram.
  • Cooking and food preparations ( meal prep ) 
  • Creating and updating new routines.
  • Update music playlists.
  • Outdoor exercise and or walking their dog
  • Gardening
  • Online Shopping