Hens Party Brisbane

Hens Nights are meant to be fun and exciting. It’s a milestone in a woman’s life. If you’re organizing a Hens Night for a friend, you have an unspoken duty to make the party a truly unforgettable one. Fortunately for you, we have compiled 50 of the best ideas for a hens night in Brisbane.

Check these out! We’ve got an option for just about every kind of fun people you can have in mind.

Our Top 50 Best Hens Party Ideas in Brisbane

For a Raunchy Hens Night in Brisbane

Would you and the sisters fancy a night of half-naked, sexy men with the physique to match? If your answer is yes, then book your very own Magic Men Hens Night Special! Exotic dance moves, handsome men, and cocktails all come together in one unforgettable Hens party package.

Hens Night Special Package

  • 3.5 hours Unlimited Drinks
  • Package includes all basic spirits, sparkling, beer, soft drinks & house wines
  • * NEW 3.5 hours of Bottomless Cocktails (VIC only)
  • Hot finger food served by topless waiters
  • Reserved seating (Silver) for award-winning Magic Men show
  • Your hen gets brought up on stage (optional)
  • After-party entry into Rnb Club

Optional Extras:

  • Private strip show for your group 
  • Limo transfer the venue
  • Upgrade seating to Gold or Platinum 
  • Burlesque/Twerk/Lap dance lesson
  • Nude Art Class 
Available VIC, NSW & QLD
Price: $99 per head | Time: 6:00-9:30pm
Normally $120

Magic Men “Feel The Magic” TICKET

  • Glass on champagne or drink on arrival
  • Hot finger food served by topless hunks
  • Reserved seating (SILVER) for the award-winning Magic Men show
  • Hen gets brought up on stage (optional)
  • Complimentary bday/hens invites
  • After party at the club to dance the night away

Optional Extras:

  • Burlesque/Twerk/Lap dance Lesson for your hens group
  • Nude Art Class 
  • Upgrade seating to Gold or Platinum 
  • Limo transfer the venue 
  • Private strip show 
Available VIC, NSW & QLD
Price: $50 per head | Time: 6:00-9:30pm
Normally $70

Limo and Show Package

  • Get picked up from approx. 5:30 PM in a luxury limo
  • Enjoy a 1 Hour Limo Cruise arriving at the Magic Men Feel The Magic Show 
  • Complimentary bottle of sparkling (BYO permitted onboard also)
  • Arrive at the nightclub and have reserved Silver Seating to watch the Magic Men show
  • A drink on arrival at the show venue
  • Hen gets brought up on stage (optional)
  • After party entry to the Rnb club (venue turns into a nightclub after the show)
  • Complimentary hens night invites

Optional Extras:

  • Private strip show for your group 
  • Upgrade seating for the show to Gold or Platinum 
  • Add a 3 hr beverage package
  • Nude art class 
  • Burlesque lesson
Available VIC & QLD & NSW
Price: $99 per head (min 10) | Time: 5:30pm
Normally $120

Enjoy three hours and a half of non-stop partying, music, and dance courtesy of Australia’s BEST MALE DANCE GROUP.

The moment you step into the club, you’re greeted by handsome, well-built, and topless waiters bringing you unlimited finger foods to snack on. Would you like a drink? Well, the Magic Men Hens Night Special lets you only free-flowing drinks with NO LIMIT for three and a half hours! Just give that hunk next to you a nudge, and he’ll bring your drink to you!

It doesn’t even matter what you want to drink – the entire package covers basic spirits,sparkling wines, beers, soft drinks, and house wines.

Of course, the Hens Night Special is never complete without the stars of the night – The Magic Men!

It doesn’t even matter what you want to drink – our Brisbane hens packages cover basic spirits, sparkling wines, beers, soft drinks, and house wines.

Of course, the Hens Night Special is never complete without the stars of the night – The Magic Men!


You and the friends get to be reserved Silver Seating to the Magic Men “Feel the Magic” showcase, a 120-minute show featuring the best male dancers Australia has to offer. This is two hours’ worth of electrifying dance moves, courtesy of Australia’s most sought-after male dance ensemble!

If your Hen agrees, she gets the VIP treatment on top of the stage with the Magic Men. She gets only the best and most intimate care and attention from the hunks of the Magic Men.

When the lights go down and the show’s over, you and the sisters are then invited over to the after-party at the RnB Club. A fitting end to your hens night experience, you can dance the night away until the party’s over at the after-show Rave! 


You can even up the ante by booking an exclusive limousine cruise an hour before the show is about to start, with free-flowing drinks and some stops for photo opportunities on the way to the bar for the Magic Men show.

Do you want to see the Magic Men even closer on stage? Upgrade your ticket to Gold or Platinum seating for that unforgettable experience!

Male Stripper Package 

Make the experience more intimate by booking one of the handsome Magic Men for a private strip show. Your Magic Man will drop by your party, and give you 15-20 minutes of his professional dance routine. For an additional cost, you can also book a topless waiter to serve you food and drinks for the entire party.

The Wildboys Afloat Hens Night package is one of the most unique bachelorette party packages in Brisbane. For starters, you’re not even standing on terra firma when you’re having one wild night with the girlfriends!

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind river cruise with your closest friends courtesy of the Wildboys! Boarding is at 6:30, so be there on time or the ship might leave without you. You certainly don’t want to miss this revolutionary experience.

Once you’re aboard, you’re immediately greeted by some of the best house music courtesy of the disc jockey on duty. This guy’s repertoire is quite comprehensive

– in addition to the latest tunes to rave to, you’re also treated to some classic favourites. All these to give you the best entertainment you could ask for on a Saturday night!

All of these take place with the picturesque cityscape of Brisbane and the Brisbane River itself as a backdrop. So, grab your beer, or a glass of wine, and don’t forget to take some selfies!

Drink to your heart’s content – the beer and wine are free-flowing and without limits.

Ready to serve you are the Wildboy waiters, handsome and well-built mean ready to do a dance number with you while the Wildboys are getting ready for their mind-blowing stage show.

The highlight of the night – The Wildboys! These are some of the top-rated male strippers in Brisbane, and they’re yours to dance and party with when the show begins. Feel free to get up close and personal for a photo or two – they’ll be more than happy to oblige, and at no extra cost.

The package also comes with a buffet sit-down dinner!

In a nutshell, the Wildboys Afloat Hens Party is a complete package of delicious buffet food, unlimited drinks, and hot male strippers to keep the night steamy and exciting!

Would you like an art lesson for your Hens party, or would you rather have a costume cum strip show? Whatever you prefer, the Hen’s Knight Hens Party will give you what you want. All you need to do is ask.

The Hen’s Knights life drawing Hen Party combines two unusual bedfellows into one unforgettable party. Art, booze, and eye-catching male models combine into one Hens party you definitely should put together for your bachelorette friend.

The Hen’s Knights are very attentive and patient men willing to strip naked for your and your friends. While some sit in front of you

ready to become your latest artwork, others stand ready to refill that glass of champagne.

Throw all shyness out the window! The Hen’s Knights are there for you to enjoy the company, and to create the perfect Hens Party.

Have you always thought that art is not something you can cultivate as a talent? Well, let a few glasses of champagne cure that! Soon enough, you’ll be happily doodling on your paper – nothing beats the combination of bubbly and an extremely handsome young man in front of you to wake up the artist in you!

The Hen’s Knights Hens Party is the perfect venue to not only enjoy a milestone celebration with your closest friends but also to discover a new skill!

Here’s the best part – the Hen’s Knights life drawing classes are only the tip of the iceberg! If you’ve got an idea of your own, they’ll be more than happy to hear you out!

Uniqueness is a common attribute among the options that we’ve listed for you here. The Aussie Twerk Hens Night is not an exception!

When you say Hen’s Night, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Dancing, of course, except that some hunk is doing the dancing for you while you do the cheering. 

Well, the Aussie Twerk Hen’s Night does it very differently. If you’ve been to many hens nights already and would want to give your friend something fresh, you would want to give this party a look.

As its name suggests, the Aussie Twerk hen’s night package gives women the spectacular and confidence-boosting opportunity of learning how to do the twerk!

Simple as it looks, the twerk is a very complex dance move that requires a lot of talent for muscular control and no small degree of confidence. Aussie Twerk boasts of a highly competent and very talented pool of instructors that will impart all of their knowledge on how to do the twerk to you for your Hens Night.

What you get then is a package that’s totally one of a kind, full of fun and energy, and a memory that you’ll cherish in the future!

The party is more than just learning how to twerk, of course. Once you get the basics down, you and the girls get to do a dance-off to see who could do it better! There are games and mini-competitions as well!

At the end of the party, your bride to be gets an exclusive free class pass from Aussie Twerk, and her choice of a Team Cap or Top.

Want to end the party in a racy mood? You can book a male strip show, at an additional cost.

Cold and hot are rarely used to describe one single event, but this hens weekend party from My Ultimate Hens bears the distinction of being able to do just that!

The party begins with a 2-hour drink at one of My Ultimate Hens’ fabulous apartments in Brisbane designed specifically for a hens party. Treat yourself and the ladies to stunning river views and a breathtaking landscape view of sunny Brisbane.

When everyone’s arrived, pop open the champagne or bubbly, but don’t pour it yet! Let the hot topless waiter do it for you!

For two hours, this guy will keep you company, serving drinks and food, and hosting titillating and exciting games made only for the hen and her ladies!

Wait, there’s more! Just as your sexy waiter begins to leave, an equally stunning fireman comes barging into the room and treats everybody to a naughty and racy strip show. However, he only has eyes for the Hen, whom he then proceeds to “kidnap” with all the ladies giving chase. Rein those horses in, for the chase ends up in a red carpet leading to a luxury limo ready to take you on a cruise around Brisbane!

Hopefully, you’ve stashed those champagne bottles before you gave chase. You’re about to embark on a picturesque cruise, complete with photo-op stops along the way.

The cruise ends in one of the hottest nightclubs in the city. As part of the Ultimate Hens Fire and Ice Weekend package, you’re given VIP status for the next two hours, complete with free-flowing drinks on ice, and non-stop dance and food for all the ladies to enjoy!

Would you like to continue partying? You have a choice – stay inside the booth after 2 hours, or move on to another nightclub for another dose of VIP treatment.

Hangovers are part and parcel of the party lifestyle. Not to worry, we’ll fix you up with some brunch and the “hair of the dog” with the drink of your choice.

Here’s another chance for you ladies and your Hen, your bride-to-be, to learn a new skill or a new dance step!

Hanger 66 will make your Brisbane Hens party truly a memory to cherish with a combination of dance lessons, fun and games, and the indispensable male strip show featuring some of the most endowed living sculptures in Brisbane.

If you’re not a night person, you can start the party with a morning pole fitness session featuring one of Hanger 66’s highly experienced instructors

This is not your usual dance lesson – it’s mandatory to include a platter of fresh fruit, and a bottle or two of Bubbly to get the energies moving!

Some Hens may think that is kind of a mild way to celebrate Hens Night, and that is perfect! That’s because Hanger 66 has a wilder package in store – a full-blown pole dancing session complete with fishnets, makeup, exotic dance moves, and the hot, topless waiter standing by to serve you.

As the lights are dimmed and you learn the moves, you can even choose to have one of the venue’s hottest strippers come and give you a show!

This package guarantees that you leave the Hens party as a more naughty version of yourself, which your husband will definitely love on your big day! In the meantime, however, enjoy this extraordinary experience of a Hens Night celebration, courtesy of Hanger 66.


Hens nights don’t need to be too boisterous, as some people have different preferences. Some women like to have private parties in settings that are not too noisy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have fun!

This is where the Foxy Hens’ Life Drawing Nude hen parties come in.

You’ve already heard about life drawing nude parties. An art teacher visits your venue and proceeds to give you a lesson on life drawing. Your model for the day – a ripped, muscular man with a charming personality, willing to get into any pose

that fits your fancy. Would you like him to wear a costume? No problem, just let Foxy Hens know before your party!

Now, take the experience to further heights with a body painting sesh. Get off those pens and papers, pick up the paintbrush, and paint on the life-sized, breathing model the way your imagination is telling you to. Get the sisters on as well, and see what hilarious results you can come up with at the end of the session.

Keep the party fun and energetic with bottles of champagne, served to you by scantily clad male waiters hovering over the ladies during the whole party. Feeling naughty? You can turn up the heat by requesting fully naked waiters instead of the half-naked kind for the party!

Foxy Hens offers you a lot of flexibility for your Hens Night parties. Whatever theme you got in mind, they’ll be more than happy to cater to your preferences.

For a Fancy Hens Night in Brisbane

As we’ve said earlier, hen’s nights don’t need to be too fancy or too eye-catching. If you want a more intimate celebration of your last day of being a maiden, you can ditch the nightclub parties and have a classy, closed-doors party with the ladies of your life.

Nothing speaks of more class than “high tea” parties courtesy of the beautiful spaces at the Darling & Co. Dress your best, set the booze aside, and start your Hen’s Night celebration with tea and canape at the Darling & Co.

High tea is perfect for intimate conversations, and the imparting of knowledge from mother to daughter, or from aunt to niece, on the rigours of married life. You also get to learn about the history of tea, and how nobles in England indulged.

Which space should you hold your Hens party at? Not to worry, as your host for the night lets you pick one from three spaces designed specifically for more personal commemorations.

There’s the Unforgiven space, which hosts a small bar and smart lighting that minimizes brightness for a more cozy ambience. Take your pick from the multiple boutique spirits in the bar, and settle down for a conversation with the ladies over candlelight.

Would you like to boogie? You can pick The Garden. As its name suggests, the room’s design takes inspiration from botany. Green furniture complement white-and-grey draperies and mantels, all of which are accented by warm and bright white lights intertwined with vines on the ceiling. Best of all, the Garden can be rearranged to leave an open area for the dance floor.

Last but not least is Swayze’s Backstage. Perfect for fine dining banquets and cocktails for the ladies, Swayze’s Backstage is ideal for the hen who fancies a little more exciting celebrations than high tea but without the pomp of a nightclub affair.

Another option that you should consider when you’re looking for a simpler yet stylish way of holding a Hens Party for your wife-to-be friends is the Northshore Harbour Hens Brunch package.

This package lets you enjoy the stuff that Hens Night Parties are made of – free-flowing drinks, endless foods, and a venue that will make your party the envy of the neighbourhood. The Northshore features a waterfront restaurant with amazing views of the river and the cityscapes of Brisbane.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind cocktail experience with the ladies even in the light of day, if you so wish. Two hours of fun and laughter in a setting that’s sure to be as captivating and memorable enough for a Hens Night (or day) party. In these two hours, you can drink to your heart’s content – choose between tap beer, the house red wine, the bubbly white wine, or soft drinks, if you don’t want to drink alcohol.

You can up the luxury and fun factor by booking an inclusive limousine cruise for the entire gang. If you feel like the day has gone by tamely, you can stoke the fire with a VIP reservation at the nightclub.

We’ve given you one option for a Brisbane Hens party in a brunch setting. We’re giving you one more so you can make a comparison. What makes this package different from the previous one? For starters, the package features unlimited drinks and an amazing selection of food.

Take your pick from two drink packages covering a selection of house wines – the red and bubbly kind – and beers straight from the tap. If there’s someone in the retinue who doesn’t imbibe alcohol, they can pick soft drinks and fruit juices instead.

Drink packages are good for at least 2 hours and at most 4 hours – you just need to make your selection!

These drink packages are supplemented by a full menu of food, including pasta, French fries, tacos, burritos, canapes, and food platters. If you want a three-course meal, you can choose the Feasting Table package instead.

The great thing about this option is the ability to request food that is suited to each person’s dietary requirements. Is someone in your guest list known for lactose intolerance? Contact the venue in advance and arrange for dairy-free servings!

This unique trip is designed for those who love to drink wine but also love to visit the countryside. What better way to combine these two preferences than a countryside tour to three wineries, with lots of free wine tasting along the way?

Get your ladies together and join a Cork N’ Fork private winery tour. Satisfy your dreams of being a wine connoisseur through this all-inclusive tour package that lets you sample wines pressed at each of the three wineries on the itinerary. You also get full access to the entire facilities, where you’ll learn how wine is made the traditional way.

To finish the day, you get to splurge on a two-course gourmet lunch. This lunch will take place at one of the three wineries, each of which boasts picturesque landscapes worthy of Instagram photos.

Wine tasting can make you both thirsty and hungry, but you need not worry. The tour includes snacks to be served in between wineries aboard the bus. Should you feel the need to munch on some nibbles, just say so and the guide will set you up.

Of course, tours are not complete without photo opportunities, so the tour includes stops at the Mountain lookouts. Snap photos to your heart’s content – these are memories to be cherished!

If luxury is what you need for your hens night (or day) celebration, then the Kookaburra River Queens boat cruises are ideal for you.

The three river cruise packages the company offers are a perfect combination of visual, auditory, and culinary delights. The Lunch River cruise provides a combo of jazz music and an ala carte menu from the resident chef. The Dinner Cruise, on the other hand, showcases contemporary house music courtesy of the in-house DJ and the same ala carte menu in the Lunch cruise.

The High Tea Cruise package offers a more decadent culinary experience. Participants can indulge in high tea and sweets from a 3-tier stand. They can further the experience by adding either a food platter package, or the Ultimate Beverage package.

The cruises all feature the sights that make Brisbane exceptional – the Botanical Gardens, Kangaroo Point Cliffs, the Brisbane Wheel, and the Story Bridge.

For a more personal experience for your hens party, you can also book an exclusive cruise for your group. Customize your hens night package by combining the packages that Kookaburra River Queens has to offer.

If you’re looking for a different kind of excitement for your Hens celebration, then the Horse Racing Hens Night package is the right offer you should take.

Join fellow racing enthusiasts at the Doomben Race Course, where many of Queensland’s premier horse racing events take place. Pick your favourite horse, or ask someone you know for a tip on which participant you would want to cash in for your Hens party betting.

Book the VIP seating for yourself and your closest ladies

The VIP treatment package comes with complimentary food and unlimited drinks, and a great view overlooking the racecourse. Make sure to put on your best dresses for the event – you’re the stars of your little show in your premium seating.

There’s nothing else to do at the racecourse but to sit back, sip some bubbly and watch the show. Feel free to cheer as loud as you can for your winning thoroughbred while you munch on some nibbles brought to you by the in-house catering service.

Who knows? You might get lucky, and pick the winning horse of the day!

If there’s anything guaranteed by this package, it would be the unique experience you’d forever cherish in your memories of your Hens Night celebration.

Another Hens Night package that’s designed for those who loved to chill in the great outdoors. The concept is simple and low-key but has the potential of being a unique Hens party celebration.

Low lying tables, rugs and blankets covering the floor, cushions to sit on, and a variety of views to look at – all of these are yours to grab with the pop-up picnic Hens party package.

First, take your pick from three pop-up picnic packages that are perfect for up to 6 people. Each package has its own set of inclusions in addition to the items mentioned above.

The Glam Luxe pop-up picnic package, for example, features a personalised A4 welcome sign, a dried flower arrangement for your tables’ visuals, and a drink and cake station.

All Brisbane hens packages are inclusive of 3-hour use of the venue. You can bring your drinks and food to the picnic with no limit attached. The venue will set up your tables for you, as well as provide your glassware and plates. They’ll also take care of collecting and washing the dishes for you once you are done.

Want to look fabulous for your Hens Party? Let Amanda Higl and the crew blow your mind with eye-catching makeup and incredible hairstyles that will make your group the envy of the night.

Amanda has built a reputation as a top-rate makeup artist with 20 years of experience in the industry. Your Brisbane hens party is but a normal inclusion to her arsenal of skills. All you have to do is book a session for yourself and the ladies, and let the team do their magic.

While incredibly professional, Amanda and her team of professional makeup artists are chill enough to let you enjoy a bottle of bubbly while make-up and styling are ongoing. Consider this a warm-up for the next part of the party, so to speak.

When the styling is done, you’ll want to take out your phones and snap some pictures of your dazzling look for your Instagram and Facebook profiles!

Of course, to give you a memento you can take home from your makeup session, Amanda’s in-house photographer will give you and the gals a photoshoot to showcase your looks, and to make you part of the portfolio.

You’ll look and feel like big stars once Amanda has done her magic to your hair and makeup.


We all love our skin, but do we know that some of the products that we use for skincare actually harm it more than benefits it? If you spend the night researching this, you’ll find a lot of information that could make you cringe!

Nothing is a better gift for a beauty-conscious hen than a class on making natural and safe skincare products for her Hens party!

Join your instructor, Penny, for a single night of education about how you can create chemical-free skincare products using easily obtainable ingredients 

 from the supermarket. What you’ll get out of your booking is the knowledge that is crucial to your skincare routine, and beneficial to the environment at the same time.

The class makes an emphasis on do-it-yourself and recycling, so you can save money on materials for both your skincare product and the product containers that you will use.

You might even find a great business idea that you can sell online once you are married!

Get together with at least four of your friends, and book a DIY skincare-making class for your Brisbane hens party now.

Candles are a part of our lives in one way or another. We use candles during birthdays, baptisms, and even marriages. Would it not be apt for you and the girls to learn how to make candles for your Hens Night celebrations?

Well, with ClassBento Team’s Soy Candle Making Class, you can acquire that skill as a Hens party gift for yourself and your closest girlfriends.

The Soy Candle Making Class features a very knowledgeable teacher who knows how to make such a technical subject as making candles feel like child’s play. You

 and the ladies will understand the intricate process of making candles from wax, as well as know about the different materials, tools, and environments needed for this endeavour.

Do you like scented candles? You’ll learn how to make these too with this Soy Candle Making Hens Night Package!

At the end of the day, you’ll acquire a skill that you can pursue as a hobby to improve the interiors of your home as well as a skill that you might be able to make money from in the future.

ClassBento Team’s Soy Candle Making Class is good for one day and requires at least six people to attend. Signing up also means you’re contributing to a good cause – the organization donates parts of its earnings to Dementia Australia.

Feel like a queen in this extraordinary Hens Night package. This is a small, family-owned business that has otherwise carved its niche out of a very competitive events market. Looking over the company’s website, it’s not difficult to understand why.

The company caters to a wide range of events, including your Hens Night! Wherever your venue may be, Queen of Crowns will transform that place into a space worthy of royalty. Decorate your space’s walls with real, fragrant, and beautiful flowers that you can touch

This provider is also very flexible. There are a variety of designs to choose from for your flower walls. Take a look at their website and make a pick!

Of course, as a mobile events service, you can simply call and book a date, and they’ll drive over to your venue on the night of your Hens Party. When your event’s done, they’ll also be there to pack it down for you! It’s a perfect, headache-free events package for such a special night as your Hens Party.

So, get ready to wear that crown of flowers and be the Queen that you deserve to be at your Hens party.

Hens Night and cocktails go hand in hand! In fact, no party should be complete without a cocktail or two made in-house.

With a multitude of information available online, it is inevitable – and a good idea – to want to go down the “do it yourself” or DIY route with cocktail-making. It helps you save money, and it opens up a world of opportunities for yourself and your friends to be as imaginative with your drinks as you can manage.

Going DIY, however, comes with a trial-and-error phase. You’ll go through 

numerous experiments before you can come up with a cocktail that you can call the pinnacle of perfection. Since you’re having a Hens Party anyway, why not simply organize a cocktail-making class instead?

Brisbane Mixology’s cocktail-making classes will bring the lessons to your venue, or home if you so prefer. Classes are all-inclusive – the organizer will bring the ice, glasses, and spirits, as well as an instructor. Drinks are free-flowing as well for the 90 minutes that the class will take.

Take the guesswork out of cocktail-making with this matchless Hens Night Party package. If you do decide that you need a bartender, they can hook you up with one as well!

This list has so far covered wine tasting and cocktail-making. This time, gin tasting enters the fray, courtesy of Dutch Courage of Brisbane.

Calling itself the “sophisticated way to enjoy gin,” the Gin Therapy package lets you sample several gins over a platter of cheese and other nibbles. This is one great way to enjoy an idle Sunday afternoon… or a Hens party.

This is how it goes – when you arrive at the venue, the bartender will give you a choice from four gins in the Gin Therapy menu. Your choice comes with unlimited

ice and a bottle of Fever Tree tonic. What you do is make cocktails out of the gins that you choose, and taste your creations if they are palatable to your buds.

The venue will also provide you with notes in which you can write down your thoughts on the gins of your choice. If you’ve always wanted to be a liquor reviewer, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

While you imbibe in your Gin Therapy choices, you can nibble on a board stocked with cheese of your choice.  Charleston Jersey brie, Milawa King River Gold, gin-poached apple, quince butter.. name it, they have it!

Cupcake making is an intricate art. These munchies look simple at first glance, but there’s almost a science behind the creation of each cupcake in your dessert corner. What better time to learn how to make these delightful little cakes than your Hens Party?

Learn the skill from your very experienced instructor, Jackie. You don’t even need to worry about your level of experience, as the classes are tailor-fitted for the absolute beginner. You’ll learn everything you need to get started on your cupcake-making journey – recipes, tools, ingredients, and even suppliers!

Contemporary Cakes has also partnered with the Ronald McDonald House Charities cause, which means your enrollment in the classes is also helping out a child in need. Jackie provides cakes for the Ronald McDonald House South Brisbane for each class that she hosts.

Take a look at the various beginner classes offered by Contemporary Cakes, and choose one that fits your palates, and your level of interest.

All of us have a sweet tooth that only chocolate can satisfy. For some reason, the dark, bitter concoction feels like heaven the moment a piece touches our lips, melts into our tongue, and goes through our taste buds. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how such a delectable morsel is created?

That’s exactly what you’ll get out of a Chocolate Country workshop, which also doubles as a great idea for your Hens Night!

The instructor, Julie, has a wealth of information drawn from long years of experience in the chocolate industry. 


Under Julie’s watchful eyes and wisdom, you’ll learn how to create your own pieces of chocolate that you can make to give away as gifts or to simply satisfy that momentary craving for the delicacy.

You’ll leave the class a totally new person, and extremely sated by the free helpings of chocolate that you’ve created by your own hand.

The skill of cooking has traditionally been the domain of women, and ladies have been exceptionally good at it for centuries! Perhaps, the best gift that you can give to your bride-to-be friend is a cooking class, one that can give her the unparalleled skills of a master chef?

This is the perfect Hens party for those who love to cook or those ladies who would like to start on the journey. Golden Pig’s cooking classes go beyond the generic cooking class – you can learn a wide variety of cuisines courtesy of the in-house instructor!

Just how comprehensive are the Golden Pig’s cooking classes? For starters, you can learn, French, South Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, and Argentinian cooking. Just pick one that you think your Hen will be very interested in, and you’re good to go.

This culinary class also arms you and your friends with the basic skills of gourmet cooking, a skill that’s sure to serve you in good stead in the future.

For an Adventurous Hens Night in Brisbane

This Hens party package takes excitement to a whole new level. Get together with your ladies – and maybe some men if you like – and get ready to engage on an honest-to-goodness archery battle!

Depending on the package you pick, you could play for an hour and a half, or 2 hours and a half in the field of your choice. Yes, you read that right. You pick the place you want to have your archery battle in, and Archery Attack will come to where you are. They’ll set up the game field for you, as well as provide you with the necessary equipment.

All you need to do is listen to the pre-game briefing, where you’ll learn about the rules of the game and some shooting techniques. Before the real deal, you can have a go at target practice to warm up. After that, it’s time to play!

The Archery Attack crew knows how to configure the field to provide a maximum challenge. You’re guaranteed to leave the games breathless, and itching for more. Not to worry – you can go beyond two and a half hours if you want, for an additional price.

This Hens party package hits two birds with one stone – you get to have a fun and memorable Hens Party, and work out a sweat at the same time!

Designed to accommodate at least six people, Maniax’s private axe throwing session gives you and your group a chance to properly learn how to throw an ax, and to test those new skills in a private tournament!

The session begins with a lecture by the “Axe-pert,’ the in-house axe throwing coach, on safety rules to be observed while on the venue. After that short introduction, the Axe-pert then proceeds to teach you not one, but two ways of hurling an axe from a stationary position.

The lesson starts with a demonstration, and then each person in the group gets the opportunity for one-on-one coaching during target practice. 

Each member gets the chance to hone their skills until they are confident that they can hit the targets.

Once everybody has got the basic throwing skill mastered, it’s time for the event highlight – the tournament! Using your newfound skills, each of you gets the challenge of besting the other people to gain the title of axe throwing champion!

The venue is available 7 days a week. Each session takes 2 hours maximum. Feel free to have a drink or two, as Maniax is also licensed to offer alcoholic drinks to guests. Be sure to drink moderately though – those axes are sharp!

If you find driving at high speed to be your cup of tea, then the Slideways Go Karting hens night package is the one for you.

Slideways Go Karting Brisbane offers you the opportunity to pilot a kart through the twists and turns of its 425-meter track, which has two storeys as well. While the track looks a bit intimidating to newbies, you’ll find later on that access is open to anybody regardless of skill level in Go-Karting.

Slideways Go Karting maintains a huge fleet of karts, with Cadet, Intermediate, and Pro level Karts available for use. There are two types of sessions to pick from.

The first one is the Family session, designed for people who would like to try Go-Karting but without the skill requirements of the Pro sessions.

On the other hand, the Pro session lets you experience the full power of the Pro Kart.

Slideways Go Karting has invested heavily in safety. The track has safety barriers and is illuminated by LED lighting for visibility. All drivers are required to wear helmets and use seatbelts, which are all available for free. Drivers are also given a short briefing before racing starts about safety and rules while on the track.

The Gold Coast boasts some of the most beautiful islands and captivating wildlife. What better way to explore this than to ride a jet ski at full speed around the strip?

This is exactly the experience in store for you on your hens night, courtesy of Jet Ski Safaris.

Don’t get intimidated by the jet skis even if it’s your first time. Jet Ski Safaris does not require experience in order to take on its adventurous offers. Beginners can take the 30-minute practice ride, or the 30-minute safari with a short practice ride to learn the ropes. Staff will keep a watchful eye on you, and provide assistance when necessary.

If you feel like you’re good enough to ride the jet ski for a longer time, take your pick from a 1-hour, 1-hour-and-a-half, and a 2-hours-and-a-half safari. Jet Ski Safaris experienced guides will take you through little-known routes through the Gold Coast – from untamed mangrove forests, flood plains, and a fully inhabited island with enough plants and animals to stir the photographer in you.

In addition to riding jet skis, you can also make stops at the islands in the trail to have breakfast, swim a little bit on the waters, or have a cold drink.

Take your thirst for adventure to new heights by abseiling at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs for your hens party with Riverlife Brisbane.

Conquer your fear of heights, because there’s nothing to fear as Riverlife Brisbane provides you and your party with full instruction on how to abseil properly from the top of the cliff to the parkland below.

Your adventure begins with a pep talk and a briefing on safety measures to be observed. After this short discussion, you’re issued your safety equipment and conducted over to the abseiling point.

As this adventure attracts many people from all around Australia, you might have to wait a few minutes until it is finally your turn to descend the cliff. Treat yourself to a breath-taking panoramic view of the Brisbane River while you queue for your turn.

Adrenaline starts pumping in as you hear your name, but it’s alright. Riverlife’s safety personnel are trained in keeping your rope secured. All you have to do at this point is to just descend the cliff using the rope under the guidance of Riverlife’s instructors. You’ll even find that going down 20 meters from the top is just a breeze!

The package includes the use of safety equipment – the gloves, harness and helmets. You’re also given a complimentary bottle of sunscreen as well. If you want to change or shower, facilities are available too.

Just when you thought abseiling from a height of 20 meters is the highest you could take your sense of adventure, you find out about Skydive Ramblers’ skydiving hens party package!

For your hens party, you and the ladies can take part in Tandem Skydiving. In this mode of skydiving, each of you will be strapped to an instructor. This instructor will be the one doing the jump for you and will take care of everything like pulling the parachute at the right time. All you ladies have to do is ride shotgun, and enjoy the flight down from exit altitude.

When you land, you will receive a certificate and a complimentary T-shirt from Ramblers. You also receive a discount voucher you can use the next time you want to do Tandem Skydiving again! Consider it a wedding gift from your instructor.

The more adventurous can enroll in skydiving lessons, or, if they already know how to sky drive, they can book a sport skydiving session with friends!

For a Pampering Hens Night in Brisbane

Wedding plannings can be stressful, and you, as the bride-to-be, deserve to be pampered. Head on over to the Sakura Day Spa for a much-deserved wellness treatment.

You’ll be amazed at how many packages that you can choose from for your hens night pampering. Take a look at their Sakura Escape package, which the spa boasts as its “ultimate indulgence” offering. This is a full 4 hours of pampering, including an hour’s worth of Sakura Day Signature Massage, a Signature Facial, and a complete pedicure and manicure suite.

Complete your 4-hour experience with either the Asian Scrub, the Body Polish, or the Body Wrap. The Body Wrap lets you pick between chocolate or vanilla wrap.

Feel free to browse through the numerous packages the spa offers on its website. No matter what your choice is, only one thing is for sure – you’ll leave the Sakura Day Spa relaxed, invigorated, and ready for the challenges ahead.

Group bookings also include a complimentary kimono, a bottle of bubbly, a serving of strawberries, and a complimentary voucher for the hen. 

Every bride to be deserves to look fabulous for her hens party, and Blissful Beauty is a perfect choice. This team of highly talented makeup artists will not only help you achieve that look for this special night. They will also bring the salon experience to your home!

The team can work with any look you have in mind. All you need is just provide the team with some pictures as references. Once they determine what needs to be done, all you have to do is just sit back, relax, and let the artists do their work.

Would you like to know how you can achieve a professionally made-up look for your next event? Book a one-on-one makeup lesson with the Blissful Beauty glam team. These professionals will be more than happy to impart their knowledge on new makeup techniques or refine your current makeup kit.

Put everyone on the same page with a group makeup lesson! The team will teach the same techniques as with the one-on-one class, but this time, your ladies will also learn the same thing. This is a great way to celebrate, in part, your hens night!

Choose one out of an expansive portfolio of spa treatments for yourself and your lady friends for your hens party. You could try Stephanie’s Signature Treatments – four unique treatments that draw inspiration from ancient massage techniques but are infused with a modern touch. Each treatment combines numerous spa disciplines like exfoliation, massage, and immersion.

Stephanie’s also offers group and corporate spa packages. Pamper yourself and your ladies with therapy and a hot stone massage

waiting by the side.

You could also sample the hotel’s French High Tea offerings, or relax at the lounge with your friends. You could also go up to the Pool Deck and Jacuzzi for some poolside fun. In the end, you get a take-home gift from the spa after the conclusion of your service.

Wanting to get a message but you or the ladies are too busy to visit a spa? That’s not a problem! Relax and Rebalance offers its mobile massage pamper packages for women just like you! They’ll bring the spa right to your home.

All massage packages let you choose between deep tissue or Swedish massages, and are inclusive of the hotel towels you will use for the session. Each package also features something unique for the hens and the ladies in the group to experience.

For instance, the Strawberry Massage Pamper package gives the group a free bottle of strawberry champagne and a bottle of Strawberry oil and cream. On the other hand, the 2-hour Massage Pamper package finishes the Deep Tissue or Swedish massage with acupressure treatment for legs and feet, as well as a foot scrub, an Indian head massage, and hair treatment.

The mobile spa even offers a pregnancy massage, perfect for hens who are already expecting their first baby!

Take the pampering even further by adding cocktails to the mix! Relax and Rebalance offers this unique package that fuses massage and cocktails with the use of fragrant oils.

For this pamper package, the spa’s masseuse makes exclusive use of “cocktail-boozed fragrant oils.” These are mixtures of massage oil and cocktails made from liquor and other ingredients. Take your pick from four available combinations – Mimosa & Pink Apple, Mint Mojito, Sex on the Beach, and Strawberry Daiquiri.

This hens night pamper package offers your group two massage treatments. You can choose to have a pure massage treatment or a massage treatment paired with a scrub service. Both packages include fragrant oils and hot towels and require only 45 minutes of your time.

Ladies love nothing more than being made up. If a makeover is what you have in mind for the perfect hens party, you won’t go wrong picking Rixon Hair for this activity.

Rixon’s service menu is quite comprehensive. A firm believer in innovation, Rixon Hair Salon is constantly adding new services and products to its salon. The result is a myriad of choices for you ladies to pick from for your hens party.

Would you girls like to reinvigorate your tired and dry hair?

The popular Kevin Murphy treatments are available at Rixon Hair. Is a colour treatment more appealing to you? You can pick from various choices, including foils, balayage, full head bleach, and color correction.

Go on ahead and book a mini makeover service courtesy of Rixon Hair. If it is your first time booking, take the time to call and consult with the salon to determine the correct colour service or treatment for your group.

The sole purpose of a hens night party package is to allow the bride to be to unwind and have fun for her last night as a maiden. Yoga, it happens, is perfect for that goal!

Private yoga Brisbane offers private yoga lessons for small groups of people. You can pick the place for your class to take place. It can be your home or a venue that you’ve booked for your hens party.

The best thing about a private lesson is that the teacher can spend as much time with every person in the group as needed. Suppose you decide to have yoga sessions done privately between yourself, your friends, and the instructor. In that case, you’ll pick up more learning in the limited time allocated for you.

If you want the party to be more engaging, then Private Yoga Brisbane’s Healthy Hen’s Party package is the best choice for you. In this package, you can customize your experience to maximize the fun factor in the party. The goal of this party is not just to learn yoga but also to connect and enjoy the day with your friends, family, and colleagues.

More Hens Night Ideas in Brisbane

The outdoors can be a great place to bond with friends and family. People, however, are discouraged from activities like camping because of the equipment required. However, you need not worry about your hens party because Bell Tent Hire can create that unforgettable outdoor camping experience for you!

Choose one of three available packages: the Bronze or the Starter Pack, the Gold package, or the Silver package. Gold is the most luxurious of the three, with air mattresses, linen, LED lanterns, and floor mats, among others, thrown into the mix.

On the other hand, the Silver package adds in only the air mattresses and floor mats. Finally, the Bronze package, being the most basic, includes only the tent. However, this package gives you the flexibility of furnishing the tent according to your preferences.

You don’t even need to worry about the weather because all tents provided include a heavy-duty groundsheet and a storm flap. They’re also made of cotton and canvas, two materials that have warmth-retaining properties. All tents can also be converted into sunshades!

You might enjoy the sight of a male stripper in a fireman costume giving you a strip show, but how would you feel about riding a real fire engine for your hens party? This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you ladies should go through, and that is possible courtesy of The Hire Engine!

Turn heads around as you arrive in style to your hens party venue onboard a real fire truck, or cruise the streets of Brisbane in style with the ladies throughout the night. These fire trucks will be your “limo” for the night, complete with a built-in sound system!

Bring up to 18 people for your hens night. The package includes up to two fire trucks, with each fire truck accommodation up to 9 people maximum. The drinks are on you, but the Hire Engine will provide the cups and ice for your group.

These trucks are retired fire engines but still retain the functionality needed for their occupation. Just in case you think that adding a shower from the hose is a great idea..

Bring the bar to your hens night with the Little Rum Runner’s hens night package!

This exceptional hens night party idea includes the use of a small and portable bar cart. This bar cart is where the dedicated mixologist assigned to your event will be creating the tasty cocktails that you and your ladies will surely enjoy.

This means that no matter where your venue is, Little Rum Runner makes sure that there will be a bar for your drinks.

Aside from the bar cart, the package also includes the use of a cocktail barrel. Have your drinks pre-mixed in bulk and poured into the barrel. All you and your guests have to do is just open the tap to get your drinks straight from the barrel. The barrels are also ideal for other beverages, most especially beer.

These barrels are made out of pure French oak, while the taps are made of copper to avoid rust that can otherwise contaminate your drinks.

Personalization makes for a truly unforgettable event, and most notably a hens night. Knowing that fact, Isles Lane Bar and Kitchen has come up with some customizable packages that can be laid out according to the client’s exact needs.

All you have to do is make a call to the staff in charge at Isles Lane, inform them of your plan and needs, and they’ll cook up a personalized package for you. This package will include food, drink, accommodation, and other conditions relevant to a hens night party.

Sit back and enjoy the pleasant ambiance in the Isles Lane space. 

Isles Lane Bar & Kitchen features a revolving menu that’s updated weekly. The restaurant patronizes local businesses and prioritizes ingredients sourced from local farmers in Brisbane and other areas in Queensland.
The restaurant also boasts a comprehensive wine light and an expansive roster of craft beers for your enjoyment.

Everything is already taken care of when you choose Isles Lane as the venue for your hens night. All you have to do is enjoy the night, nurture relationships, and create memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

 Nothing brings people together better than music. Music is a universal salve, so to speak. For your hens night, nothing gives better entertainment and more fun than a karaoke machine. Who doesn’t love to sing?

Head on over to the Strike Bowling Gallery, and bring out the Beyonce or the Phil Collins in you in the karaoke room. The karaoke machine is loaded with an updated song list from all eras of music. So, there’s always a song for each person to sing no matter what their preferences are!

The karaoke room also comes with a set of props that’s always nearby. 

All you have to do is whip out your phone, grab a prop, and snap some Instagrammable images. Take selfies to your heart’s content! A hens night party like this only comes once in a lifetime, after all.

The karaoke room is also close to the well-stocked bar of the Gallery. Grab yourself some burgers and sandwiches. Take your pick from in-house cocktails, beers, margaritas, and martinis. Take everything you need to make your hens night at Strike Bowling Gallery a truly unforgettable experience!

Looking to get impressed? Have a hens night with the fantastic magician Nathan Hedger! A lot of tricks up his sleeve for the ladies.

Nathan Hedger specializes in magic performances and tricks that are designed specifically for the adult mind. He will dazzle the ladies with his magic tricks, leaving everyone wondering how he did just that. He’s not your run-of-the-mill street magician as well – he has his own tricks that are unique and not found in any other magician you might have known.

Nathan is world-renowned, performing not only in Brisbane but all the way to the United Kingdom! What makes him unique? You’re about to find out.

Book him for your hen’s night, and your guests will have the proper magical entertainment that is unique but fun at the same time. Magic is not something you talk about, after all, but something that you have to experience!

Do you know what is the most exciting way of commemorating a hens night? That would be a sex toy party! Very adult in nature, but we are all adults here, right?

The party features a very engaging host who will give you a very educational look at what sex toys are and what they can do. This is a very up close and personal experience, so get ready to be blown out of your mind.

There will be dozens of sex toys available, so everyone has a chance to sample more than one. Sex toys do enhance the most intimate of relationships, after all. This is a chance to get to know them and understand how they can keep the fire alive.

So, find a venue that can give you the privacy that you need and prepare yourself for a heart-pumping journey into the world of sex toys.

Let us show our pride in the Rainbow Hens Night – a party designed for the LGBTQ community! We all know how pride parties go. There’s lots of fun and energy and love from all around you. The best thing with My Ultimate, however, is personalisation.

Build your own package by first selecting your eye candy. Would you like sexy gals or hot guys to grace your event or both? Would you want to experience an adventure or a laid-back weekend party? Take your pick!

Another great thing about the Rainbow Hens Night package is that you don’t have to confine yourself to one city. You can go to the Gold Coast, Melbourne, or Sydney! Of course, if you want to remain in sunny Brisbane, that’s a great idea as well!

The last step is to pick the activities that you’d like to experience on your hens night! My Ultimate has plenty of options to choose from. Take your time. Don’t rush, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You must make nothing less than the perfect choice!

Do you feel like getting a glimpse of your future life as a wife? Go ahead and invite Michelle Cook, also known as “The Witch of Moons Lane,” to your hens night! She’d be delighted to drop by and do tarot card readings for a half hour or more!

The Moons Lane hens party package requires a minimum booking of 2 hours. The proprietary spiritual high tea is also available upon request.

You’re free to bring lots of drinks and nibbles to the party. Tarot readings are not somber affairs and should be as fun as hens party should be! It’s a great way

for friends and family to bond so stocking up on booze and munchies is definitely a great idea.

At the end of the event, the bride to be receives an exclusive gift from the Witch of Moons Lane.

Our final idea is another hens night package with fortune-telling thrown, but this one is a very flexible package that can correspond to almost any kind of need.

The Mystic Party is a mobile events package provider offering professional psychics, readers, and healers to spice up any kind of party. These mystics will bring fun and thrill to the party by communicating to each attendee what the spirit world is trying to tell them regarding the three phases of their lives!

Even if you don’t believe in fortune-telling, these readers’ engaging technique at reading can still give you an interesting experience you can take home with you.

There are a variety of ways that you can organise your hens night party with Mystic Parties. Aside from fortune-telling, you can throw in a high tea party into the mix. You can even organise a Mystic-themed party where you and your attendees can learn to read everyone’s fortunes.

Mystic Parties can cater to both small and large groups of guests.