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100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney (Day & Night Updated for 2021)

How To Spend a Day or Night in Sydney: 100 Party Ways for Hens

03 Nov 2020

Planning a hens night in Sydney? You’ve come to the right place! We have all the information you need to plan your bestie’s hen party. From games and activities, to what food and drinks are on offer, we have it all covered.

Get some great ideas for your next big celebration. Whether you want something relaxed or full of action, there is something here for every bride-to-be. So take a look at our list of hens nights and find one that suits your needs perfectly! And if you can’t find anything that takes your fancy then get in touch with us – we’re always happy to help out!

We hope this makes planning easier than ever before so you can enjoy the experience as much as possible. Let’s jump right into 50 hen’s night party ideas in Sydney (followed up by 50 ideas for the day).

50 Hen’s Night Party Ideas

Magic Men 50 Hen’s Night Party Ideas

If your hens night takes place on a Saturday evening, there’s no better idea for the party than the Magic Men’s “FEEL THE MAGIC” show!

Voted as Australia’s best male dance group, the Magic Men will regal you with their modern dance routines mixed with traditional male stripping performances. Enjoy a night of costume fantasies, free-flowing drinks, and hunks who lovingly dote on you, bringing finger food and beverages. You can even join the after-party once the Magic Men show is over.

Enjoy three hours and a half of non-stop partying, music, and dance courtesy of Australia’s BEST MALE DANCE GROUP.

The moment you step into the club, you’re greeted by handsome, well-built, and topless waiters bringing you finger foods to snack on. If your group wants unlimited drinks, they also have a drink package that gives you free-flowing drinks with NO LIMIT for three hours! Just give that hunk next to you a nudge, and he’ll bring your drink to you!

It doesn’t even matter what you want to drink – the entire package covers basic spirits, sparkling wines, beers, soft drinks, and house wines.

Barenights is one of Sydney’s most popular planners of hens night parties. Their hens night package is a comprehensive offering. For three hours, you can splurge in unlimited drinks and endless finger foods. You get free candy with every order, courtesy of the topless waiters who serve the food and drinks to everybody at the venue.

The drinks package covers soft drinks, basic spirits, wine, champagne, and beers.

2 hours of the event is covered by Barenights’ award-winning male strip show. As a hen, your tribe gets Silver seating for this one-of-a-kind showcase that is sure to blow your mind away. If that is not enough, you get access to the after-party once the lights for the show go down.

Magic Men Show Melbourne

When it comes to hens night packages, the Men In Action are indeed in their element. These hunks have the talent, the looks and the physique to turn an idle Saturday night into a raving party!

Customize the action to make sure that you organize a party that your hen will thank you for for the rest of her life. Would you like the party to take place at one of Sydney’s largest nightlife venues? Would you rather get the action at your own venue? Everything is up to you!

All packages include unlimited drinks, topless waiters, and access to the award-winning show.

Each woman has a dancer within that she longs to let out given the slightest opportunity. Get the confidence to dance to the popular tunes by Nicki Minaj and Beyonce with the Real Escapes Twerk It Dance Party.

There’s a bit of a challenge here for the hen and the ladies. You only have an hour in which to grasp the basics of this sexiest of dances. Fortunately, you’re in good hands. Real Escapes has the most experienced instructors in town. With their fun-oriented approach, you’ll find that you’re actually doing the basics well.

Do you want to know who does the twerk the best? You and the ladies can have a dance-off near the end of the event. After the class, the hen receives an exclusive gift from Real Escapes and a VIP pass for the Sydney Club.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Warning – this show is for adults only! Puppetry of the Penis’ private parties are hosted by a man with extraordinary puppetry skills. His tools? His private organ! This puppeteer has the skills that can either knock the ladies off their feet or wonder just how this man can manipulate the phallus into such hilarious and unusual shapes.

Nevertheless, Puppetry of the Penis offers a rare kind of experience full of fun, laughter, and champagne. Any hen looking for a not-so-ordinary means of celebrating hens night will definitely find this package to her liking.

The Imperial Hotel is back and is better than ever with new spaces to celebrate momentous occasions like a hens party. If you want your last night as a maiden to go off with style, you won’t go wrong picking the Imperial Hotel for your venue.

Have a cocktail party at the Priscillas, where you can drink, dance, and dine to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for something that’s Italian in Spirit, Imperial Up is the place for you. This is where you’ll find decadent style in abundance, down to the gold-plated pizza oven in the kitchen.

Just in case you’re concerned – the Imperial Hotel caters to all sides of the dietary spectrum, from the vegan to the carnivore.

Bring out the wedding singer in you! This is your chance, and be sure to grab the opportunity by booking your Hens Night party with the House of Hens.

For two straight hours, your tribe gets exclusive of a private karaoke room. Make sure everyone sings! No one else is listening, so there’s no reason for anybody to feel shy about belting out those high notes. If there are still inhibitions, the 2-hour unlimited drink package should fix that.

Heighten the excitement even further when the party games begin. The topless waiter who serves you food and drink will be more than willing to participate and add a little sexiness to the affair.

This great package, courtesy of Go Bananas World, offers you the unequaled experience of experiencing not one but three of Sydney’s nightlife venues. You also get to do so in style, with the Party Bus ferrying you across three multiple venues throughout the night.

The party bus will pick you up at your accommodation at 7:30 in the evening and transport you to your first venue. The bus is yours exclusively until 3 am! Make the most out of this hens night package, with VIP pass to all three bars. You get to pick these places as well.

A party photographer will also be around to immortalize every moment of the experience. Talk about going out of singlehood with a bang!

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney

If your hen feels slightly nostalgic about 70s movies and music, then the Double Deuce Lounge is the place for your hens night party.

Inspired by a fictional pub from the movie Road House, the bar will transport you to a different time the very second you enter its premises. Sizable posters of 70s giants like Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and James Brown dot the walls of this rustic bar.

Sample a range of 70s cocktails mixed and served to you by the Lounge’s highly experienced team. If you’d like to bend time and taste something recent, you can try the wine and beers instead.

The Double Deuce Lounge is perfect for that laid-back environment needed for a low-key, intimate hens night party.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Party Boat

Vagabond is one of Sydney’s trusted cruise companies. With over 30 years of experience under its belt, the company is one of the most ideal hosts to help you celebrate your hens night.

Build your hens night party package with the help of the dedicated Event Coordinator that the company assigns to your account. The Coordinator will walk you through the features of the package that you might be interested in. Take this opportunity to browse through Vagabond’s portfolio of food and drink menus, as well as its expansive fleet of cruise vessels.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve selected, it’s time to close the reservation and wait for the evening of the hens night cruise itself.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Be loud and bright with the celebration of your hens night! Sydney Drag Queen’s hostesses are more than just event MCs. They are a total package!

For your hens night, they can host games like Drag Bingo and Drag Trivia, plus the gaggle of games popular with hens parties. They can also host karaoke if you and the ladies fancy a night of singing, drinking, and dancing. These hostesses can also make stars out of the hen, just for this one special night of her life.

Best of all, they are performers as well. Do you have a song in mind? Ask your hostess, and she can definitely sing that for you!

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Restaurant

Would you like a taste of Japanese cuisine and nightlife without leaving the borders of Australia? Goros at Surry Hills is the place for you and your girlfriends to go for that! This Japanese restaurant offers a few unique features that can help make your hens night an evening to remember.

The restaurant offers an expansive menu of Japanese dishes as well as combos of burgers and sandos. The drink library is comprehensive and includes wines, bubble teas, classic cocktails, and Japanese-inspired cocktails. Want something strong? Try the saki and whiskey combos, of which Goros has a lot to offer that they have their own menu.

Bring out the singer in you with the free karaoke rooms, or party till the morning light to the DJ’s impressive array of house music.

Cocktails always make a hens night party a lot of fun. Put pole dancing into the mix, and the party becomes a spectacle! This is perhaps the fact that drove My Ultimate Hens to create this special hens night package for ladies about to settle down into married life.

You know the party has begun on the right note when you’re greeted with a glass of bubbly the moment you arrive at the dance studio. This is just to get the vibe going, of course. While you’re on your first glass of champagne, the accessories you’ll be using for the dance lesson are laid at your feet.

Before you know it, you’ve already started your pole dancing journey. The instructor has some exciting moves to teach everyone in the team, so pay attention. When the lesson’s over, you’ll all be amazed that you can actually dance on the pole without knowing it!

The party does not end with the conclusion of the lesson, of course. Your next trip is to the restaurant, where you have a table reserved for you. Enjoy a sumptuous meal and lots of cocktails to cap the night off.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Cruise

Spice up your hens night with a cruise down Sydney Harbour. The skyline of this magnificent city for an excellent backdrop for photos. You’ll need pictures to mark this milestone of your life, so why not book a cruise with Goodtime Harbour Cruises now for your hens night?

Goodtime will take you aboard a sizeable harbour cruise boat for 3 hours of music, food, drinks, and endless memories. The package covers all the drinks that you could consume for one night. You also get access to a sound system and be your own DJ. Alternatively, you could also ask the company to book a DJ up for this one night of your life.

The package includes a finger food suite that consists of six canape variants. For an additional cost, you can also add a BBQ or a buffet to your reservation.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Pick from three set packages, or customize each one to further suit your hen’s preferences. All of that is possible with 5Star’s hen party cruises.

Take exclusive control of one of the company’s party ships. All you need to do is organize 20 people to get the most value out of the cruise packages. You can choose to interchange inclusions as you please. You can have a full-on buffet menu, an entertainment or karaoke system, and your choice of drinks in one single package.

5Star Cruises wants to work with your budget and can help further customize your package, so it does not break the bank.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Enjoy a complete package of music, food, drinks, and Instagrammable sights with the Harbourside Hens Party Cruise.

Harbourside Cruises provides hens exclusive use of the Harbour Spirit catamaran for this 3-hour luxury cruise down Sydney Harbour. There are plenty of activities to enjoy from the package – house music courtesy of the Party DJ, a meal of fresh canapes served with desserts, and a drinks suite ranging from beers, wines, and sparkling.

Whip out those phones and take photographs of the sights that define Sydney – The Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the city skyline.

Get that butt moving with Aussie Twerk! For your hens night party, you’ll have the rare opportunity of learning this popular dance move. Aussie Twerk has been voted as one of the best hens party options in all of Australia since 2008.

Get together with your closest friends and become the Twerk Team for the day. Aussie Twerk’s instructors are highly experienced. Their teaching will allow you to perform the dance move in no time! There’s nothing too fancy in this class, however, because you’re still beginners. Your teacher will give you a noob-friendly combination to practice on.

After the lesson, you and your friends get to do a dance-off and see who can twerk the best!

Indulge in the sweet taste of India at the Tandoori Palace, one of the top 10 Indian restaurants in Sydney!

Treat your hen and your tribe to a sumptuous, full-course Indian dinner with 3 entrees, one main dish, and three side dishes for each member of the group. Take your time, and enjoy the meal. After dinner, it’s time to head over to the karaoke for a night of singing and dancing.

You can upgrade the experience with a 3-hour beverage package. For this additional cost, you can enjoy free-flowing drinks both at dinner and at karaoke. Large groups also come with a complimentary Drag Queen karaoke host or a Belly Dancer. Both are available upon request.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Champagne in a Bus

Travel in style and privacy with Sydney Party Limos’ Party Bus. The ideal vehicle for a mobile hens night party, the Party Bus features amenities worthy of a stretch limo.

This is more than your luxury limousine, however. Once inside, you could say that you’ve been transported to a different world. The car has a dancing pole in the middle of the vehicle. You can find large TV screens dotting the side of the Mercedes Sprinter while laser lights rapidly moving around. There is even a smoke machine available!

Complimentary bottles of champagne wait inside the vehicle for the tribe to enjoy.

Dynasty Karaoke combines the best of China with the indomitable spirit of Australia. Authentic Chinese cuisine and high-quality karaoke are ready for you and the tribe to partake in a fun-filled hens night party full of music and entertainment.

Sing in private with the deluxe VIP rooms, or mingle with the crowds in the open lounge area sporting a massive 8-square meter LED screen. Aside from karaoke, you can also play competitive darts with your friends, watch the latest sporting events or simply drink beer at the lounge bar.

Dynasty Karaoke also features an in-house restaurant offering Chinese dishes.

Do you like to dance but want to learn something other than contemporary dance? If so, you and your tribe will be right at home in the Sydney Vintage Dance Studio.

As its name suggests, the studio specialises in providing instruction on vintage dance steps from the 60s until the 90s. It is incredibly popular with those individuals who like to learn styles like feather fan dancing, burlesque, 60s go-go, and many others.

For your hens night party, the studio will organize a 90-minute dance instruction in the style of your choice. Your instructors will provide the necessary wardrobe and props. They’ll even bring a bottle of champagne for your dance lesson for an additional cost!

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Can’t make up your mind on what you really want for your hens night? Hens Harbour Playhouse Sydney can help with that. It has a variety of packages to choose from. Each of these packages is sure to result in a hens night party everyone will be talking about in the weeks, months, or even years to come.

You can choose to board a luxury catamaran vessel primed for the exclusive use of your tribe only. If you prefer to feel terra firma at your feet, you can choose the private dining experience. Hens Harbour also offers life drawing, pole dancing, and burlesque dancing workshops for those who would like to learn something new.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Waterfront

Celebrate your hens night in a lavish waterfront venue, courtesy of OzParty. The events planning company will be with you from start to finish to make sure you get only the night that you deserve, and nothing less.

What you get is a five-hour event, split into a 3-hour private party and 2 hours of dancing at one of Sydney’s most popular nightlife spots. You get an entire waterfront venue all to yourselves for this party, which also includes unlimited drinks and canapes. All of these are served by hot topless waiters, while a drag queen host keeps everybody entertained.

A professional photographer is also nearby, snapping photos of your event that will be delivered to you within one week after your party.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Personalisation is the answer to a stress-filled hens night planning. Go beyond the ordinary, and you are sure to come up with a party no one in the group will ever forget!

Start by deciding on a destination. In this case, you’re in Sydney. Your next step is to go over the activities that are put up on the offer. Pick the one that you think your hen is sure to appreciate. Your last step in the process is to choose the “hen house” – the venue for the actual affair.

Here’s the best part – Go Hen has numerous options to consider. Whatever your hen’s preferences are, there is sure to be a hens night activity on the roster that will suit her and your tribe.

Here is one package that lets your bride-to-be enjoy her last night as a maiden in style! If your hen is a woman of culture with a high sense of entertainment, why not take her to the Sydney Opera House for her hens night party?

Check out the Sydney Opera House’s schedules and find a show that you think she will like. There are over 40 shows taking place in the Opera House every week. Take your time choosing, but don’t forget to book in advance so you get a slot in the date and show you select.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

The Sydney Hotshots are infamous for their stage shows. They’re also known for their fabulous hens night party celebrations as well! Set your bride-to-be’s Saturday night on fire with the Hotshots stage show.

You can start your evening with a “harmless” dinner at some restaurant. You could spend a couple of hours there eating and toasting a few glasses of wine. This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’re done, it’s time to head off to the Sydney Hotshots show.

Enjoy the attention of being doted on by half-naked models taking in your every order. Get some more alcohol in everyone’s system and spice the night up while you wait for the Hotshots to take the stage. When the show’s over, the fun goes on in the inevitable after-party to which your tribe has an entry ticket.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Foodies

You’re in total control over your event with Secret Foodies. With their help, you can organize nothing but the best hens night party for your tribe.

Throughout the process, Secret Foodies will help you to pool together everything that you need to pull off a successful hens night event. This includes managing your budget and making the necessary contacts with service providers. They can scout out your venue for you or contact any entertainer you have in mind for the hens night party.

With Secret Foodies at your side, you have a truly professional service helping you come up with a hens night party everyone is sure to remember. Your tribe will thank you for it.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Chefin guarantees a very unique gastronomic experience for the tribe. This is made possible thanks to the diverse skills that its team of chefs brings to the table. The best part is – they’ll come to you wherever your event may be.

Each chef in the Chefin team boasts of an exceptional cuisine that you won’t find anywhere else in the world but Sydney. They have distinct specialities, from Chinese food to Hungarian cuisine to dishes made from ingredients you only find in the wild!

Bring this rare culinary expertise to your event by simply giving Chefin a call.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Bar

Jangling Jack’s is the prime example of a laid-back, out-of-its-time bar that hens and tribes who fancy a retro vibe will certainly feel at home in. From the 70s soundtrack to the quaint yet original items on the menu, this place is perfect for a scaled-down celebration of a hens night dinner.

Sample the house tequila cocktail, which combines silver tequila, pear, lemon juice, amontillado sherry, and orange bitters into a fiery concoction that’s perfect for appetizers. Sip your beer while nibbling and pinching on boneless fried chicken or the andouille pork sausage.

The small bar has some interesting choices, which makes up for the fewer options on the list.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

This totally chic weekend getaway is the perfect send-off to a maiden that’s about to tie the knot with the man she loves. It combines the cheeky fun of a Bachelorette Party on a private pad, complete with topless waiters and a strip show, with the luxury of a 4-hour catamaran cruise in the waters off Sydney Harbour.

The party begins when you board the catamaran vessel for the leisurely cruise off Sydney. Pop open as many bottles of bubbly as you want. Drink in the panoramic view of the Sydney cityscape in the viewing deck of your private vessel. Dive and swim in the waters below if you wish, or stay inside the boat enjoying its various amenities.

After the cruise is over, the entire tribe transfers to the exclusive apartment for the bachelorette party proper. Enjoy the services of a topless waiter who’ll serve you drinks and food and participate in the hen’s party games.

Drinks and food are strictly BYO. You also get a VIP pass to any of Sydney’s nightlife venues that you could visit after the private party.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

The most enormous space in Sydney is all yours to occupy for your hens night party at The Med Sydney. This luxury venue specialises in hosting hens night celebrations, which means you’ll get precisely the party that you’re looking for when you team up with The Med.

Go all out with the Ultimate Hens Party Banquet Dinner package, which has a comprehensive list of inclusions. There’s a Life Drawing Class, followed by Burlesque and Cocktail Making classes. Attendees will find themselves entranced by the hunks of The Med’s Male in Uniform Strip Show while they binge on food served by attractive topless waiters.

Check out the other packages at The Med as well. There’s something here for every budget for a hens night party.

Adult Bay specializes in providing bespoke services for any kind of party, not just hens parties. They have a dedicated team of shirtless waiters that you can hire for your hens night party. Your event will surely be the talk of the town when you have Adult Bay’s topless waiters gracing the occasion.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Bartender

The waiters can do more than just serve food and drinks to your guests. Highly talented, each of the waiters can provide entertainment and host your event. You can also employ these topless waiters as butlers, tasking them to greet and make guests at home right after arriving at the event. They can also mix cocktails as well!

Your hens night will be anything but boring with Centrefold Strippers. If you want to go all out on your hen’s last night of maidenhood, this is the company you should be trusting with your party needs!

Centrefold Strippers offer four cruise packages for hens night celebrations. The cruises take 3 to 4 hours each and has several inclusions ladies will surely love. They have most brands of beers that are popular with the ladies. A male stripper wearing only a G-string also comes in for a raucous strip show that will leave everyone in awe and feeling a little flushed.

Gourmet meals and banquets are in store for all that attend the party, as well as topless waiters and music.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Does your hen like to travel? Would you and your friends want to organize a trip no one will ever forget for the hens night celebration? If your answer to these questions is “Yes,” it’s time to grab the phone and ring Hummerzillaz up.

As the name infers, the company has a fleet of hummers for hire. For your hens night celebration, your tribe can board one of the hummers and drive around to the famous spots in Sydney. Inside, each vehicle is decked out with features like a disco-grade sound system and a full bar!

Your tribe will undoubtedly turn heads around as you arrive in the Hummer – a vehicle that’s associated not only with style but also with toughness and resilience.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Bask in luxury and style with the Oz Limo Hire! The Oz stretch limousine will take away all worries about traffic or availability of transportation from your venue to your home. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the activities, and go home feeling happy at how the night went for your hen and yourself.

The company has an expansive fleet of vehicles for hire. These include Stretch Hummers that can seat up to 24 people, smaller Hummers with a capacity of 14 people, and two Chrysler stretch limos.

Oz limo Hire also caters to other events, like weddings and birthdays.

Offering a waterfront view, Home is the ideal venue for those who’d like to celebrate Hens Night with the beautiful cityscape of Sydney within a glance.

The venue’s staff has served all sorts of customers and celebrations. It is highly experienced, plus the place itself has several remarkable amenities. These include a digital surround system, an outdoor lounge, and booths for DJs to play music in for your party. You can book a room, a bar, or a dance floor for your hens night celebration.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Don’t let the room’s rustic appearance fool you. The Chimney Room at The Captain’s Balcony is fully furnished with the amenities needed for a modern and enjoyable hens night party.

The Chimney Room is perfect for that intimate environment ideal for a hens night celebration with its private bar and other equipment that make the space self-sustaining. Guests get access to exclusive wireless Internet, a flatscreen TV, and a projector, among others. For presentations and performances, you can use the PA system and your own music.

The Captain’s Balcony also allows its own catering, as long as the caterer is approved by the venue. In any case, the venue also provides alcohol and in-house catering upon request by the organizers.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

After undergoing a makeover, the I Darts Zen is now known as the Zen Bar. The Alize Room remains one of its top karaoke rooms open for corporate and personal events.

The room only has a capacity of 5 people with COVID-19 social distancing observed. This makes the Alize Room the perfect venue for a more laid-back and intimate hens night experience. Get together with the closest members of your entourage and enjoy a night full of drinks, karaoke, and pure entertainment!

The bar serves drinks and food from its in-house restaurant.

The Wonderland Bar hosts a high tea party every fortnight. You can choose to join this party or organize a private high tea event for your tribe instead. For this, the Wonderland Bar offers the use of four large spaces that can seat up to 25 people.

In addition to a high tea package for your hens night, the Wonderland Bar also offers cocktails, an extensive liquor collection and in-house catering. You can also work with the management to transform one of the two blank canvas spaces available. You can turn these spaces into a bespoke event venue for your tribe’s special night.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

The Lap of Luxury is a luxury entertainment venue perfect for the first part of your hens night celebration. Step inside into a room of bright lights, smoke machines, and an excellent sound system to keep everybody entertained.

Pour a glass of bubbly, sit back, and watch the hunk of the night strut into the room and fulfill your hens’ fantasies. You name it, they got it – a fireman, a policeman, soldier, and even stock trader! There’s even a dance pole in the middle of the room if the hen wants to join.

At the end of the performance, the tribe can step outside and board a stretch limo to continue to party for one more hour. The limo will take everybody around Sydney, with many photo-op stops along the way. This trip ends at a premier nightlife venue, where everybody has VIP tickets reserved.

This hens party package is an ideal choice for a tribe that wants to learn the art of seduction. Under the tutelage of a hip yet highly experienced instructor, the hen and the ladies can learn the art of burlesque dancing. The lesson takes an hour and includes a bottle of bubbly. The wine can help get the bombshells in you out of the dark.

When the lesson ends, it opens up to another part of the celebration – a sumptuous dinner of delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. Toast the hen, and eat to your heart’s content. After the celebratory dinner, it’s time to leave and head on over to your chosen nightlife venue for your VIP access to the after-party.

This package gives you access to a combination of free-flowing liquor, sultry fun and an unforgettable night of endless partying, courtesy of My Ultimate Hens.

Head on over to one of Sydney’s top nightlife venues. Don’t worry about the crowds because you’re granted the use of a private lounge for three whole hours for your hens night party. The package also includes a private bar with all the drinks that you can ask for. Finally, you are joined by a highly experienced burlesque dancer who’ll teach you all the moves, with all the costumes provided for.

The tribe also gets VIP access to the venue, which they can redeem after the 3-hour private event and join the after-party.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Take the hen and the tribe to an exclusive Bachelorette Pad and get ready for a classy yet memorable hens night celebration.

The fully furnished Bachelorette Pad is the perfect venue for a private burlesque dance lesson. First, however, people need to get some liquor in. Crack open that champagne and pass the bubbly around to get the night started. When everyone’s had their fill and are feeling a little bit mellow, that’s when the dance lesson starts!

Feel free to take snaps of everyone as they learn the trade from an experienced instructor, who’ll come over to the venue with her music and accessories for everyone to use. Take advantage of that 1 hour of dance lessons – it’ll be over before you know it.

After the lesson concludes, it’s time to head over to the in-house restaurant for a fabulous 2-course dinner. After dinner, you can either head off to the rooftop bar or to a Sydney nightclub of your choice.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Dinner

You all may want to party hard later in the night, but if you would like to have an intimate dinner first with closest friends and family, the New Hampton Hotel is the place for you to go. The Vault is the perfect dining space for that private dinner, complete with one of the best dinner menus in town.

The Vault is fully decked out with the needed facilities for a private hens night party. It has a PA system that all can use for the speeches that the ladies are sure to say about the hen. Would you like to surprise the hen with a slideshow presentation? The Vault has the projector that you will need!

Not even an intimate dinner is free of alcohol. The Vault has a full bar of cocktails and other beverages the tribe would like to order.

The Hens Wonderland Sydney package from Get Loose is perhaps the most comprehensive hens night package out there. The whole activity consumes not 3 hours, but 5 whole hours of fun and laughter, drinks, and adult male entertainment.

The party kicks off exactly at 4 pm and will begin with a slew of three lessons for the next three hours. These lessons are the Nude Drawing, Burlesque Dancing, and Cocktail Making lessons, with each taking 40 minutes. At the end of the last class, it’s time to begin the 3-course dinner featuring delicious Mediterranean cuisine!

Enjoy some eye candy while you eat with the Adult Male Revue show featuring some of the finest hunks in Sydney. You can even add one of three add-on entertainments – Puppetry of the Penis, Full Monty Strip Show and a Nude Magician.

50 Activities During the Day

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney
The Squire’s Landing is the perfect venue for a lunchtime date, a dinner get-together, and, of course, a hens night party. The establishment features unparalleled panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour, including the famous Sydney Opera House, the iconic Bridge, and the city’s picturesque waterways.

The Squire’s Landing has a total of five rooms, each of which offers many benefits for the customer. The most ideal is the Upper Deck, which provides a fully 360-degree panoramic view of the restaurant’s surrounding areas. Perfect for people who like to take pictures with great backgrounds!

Pick a menu from a total of five choices, and stock your liquor from the expansive portfolio of craft beers offered by the venue. The craft beers in the portfolio are each named after a phase of the life of James Squire, a deported convicted now known as Australia’s first beer brewer.

You won’t go wrong having your hens party at The Squire’s Landing with its vast space for parties, an impressive collection of home-brewed beers, and lavish menu.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Boasting a rustic appearance and excellent waterfront views, the Boathouse is the perfect setting for a hens night party in Sydney.

The best way to have a hens party at the Boathouse is to get up early and sample its breakfast menu. It consists of mouth-watering staples of the Australian breakfast. Crowd your plate with delicacies such as bacon and egg rolls, poached eggs, Ricotta hotcakes, smoked salmon, and buttermilk scones, among others.

Warm your belly up with a choice of hot chocolate, coffee, and a selection of tea. The Boathouse also offers cold drinks like milkshakes, smoothies, iced latte, and iced coffee.

As this is your hen’s party, it wouldn’t hurt to have a drink or two after breakfast as you enjoy the waterfront view in front of the Boathouse. Take your pick from beers, sparkling, whites, and reds.

Breakfast at the Boathouse is the perfect start to your hens night celebration. You could follow it up with a stroll or a visit to any of Sydney’s iconic attractions.

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If you and the hens would like a five-star experience for breakfast or lunch, then the five-star Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney is definitely the place for you to go.

You can start by sampling the signature dishes of the Mode Kitchen & Bar, located on the first floor of the plush Four Seasons Hotel. One of these is the Coorong Angus T-Bone steak, featuring a 21-day old aged South Australian meat. Enjoy 1 kilogram of tasty goodness with a glass of house red.

Sweeten your after-breakfast taste with a dish of the Mode Kitchen & Bar’s Frozen Pavlova – a combination of coconut meringue, passion fruit, mango, and coconut sorbet. The Mode Kitchen & Bar is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily from 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

Would you like to take a dip at the pool for lunch? Then come and visit The Cabana. The Cabana features a poolside restaurant offering sandwiches and other munchies you can enjoy in between swimming. Take a pick from the cocktail menu, and lunch is complete.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

One of Sydney’s most popular water cruise providers, Rockfish Catamaran Charters offers an exclusive hens party package as well. Take your pick from one of the three catamaran vessels the company has to offer and book your hens night party.

Invite up to 30 people for a 4-hour cruise down the Sydney harbour. Tell them to get their swimwear ready as they have the freedom to dive into the waters below. If they’re not into swimming, they can stay onboard the vessel to eat, drink, and party. The boats are all equipped with Surround Sound systems with both Bluetooth and AUX connections available.

The Charters also offers the services of an in-house host that will ride the boat with you and provide assistance for parties. For eye candy, you can book the services of topless waiters at an additional cost.

You can bring your own food, drink, and music. The cruise also offers optional antipasto and cheese platters and BBQ lunch and dinner packages charged per head.

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Do you feel the need for speed? Join Fastlane Karting for a day (or night) of racing for your hens night party!

Besides racing at the kart lanes, Fast Kartlane also infuses inclusions to your party package. If you don’t want to bring your own food, you can choose to have the venue cater to your event instead. There’s also a mandatory drift session where you’ll learn the basics of this fantastic racing technique.

To preserve the memory, an in-house photographer is on-site to take snaps that you can upload to your social media, as well as for Fastlane Karting to post on their official accounts.

Bragging rights is an indispensable part of a high-adrenaline activity like Go Karting. At the end of the party, the achievers in your group are awarded trophies they could display at home. These trophies can also serve as the memento of your last maiden night on Earth.

The party also covers spectators or members of your group who don’t want to race.

Finally, Fastlane Karting ensures that the venue is exclusive for your use when you book your hens party. You get to enjoy full use of the facilities for your enjoyment for the entirety of the occasion.

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Diversity is the name of the game. Whatever your choices are for the perfect hen’s party, you are 100% certain in realizing that when you team up with Real Escapes. This hip events provider has not one nor two choices to pick from – a total of thirteen packages, all of them designed to achieve the best hens party you can think of!

Would you like to learn how to do the twerk? No problem, because Real Escapes has a package just for that. Suppose you’d like a less steamy session but still educational. In that case, you can pick the Flower Crown tutorial hens party package instead!

There are many other packages to look at from Real Events. Still, the excellent part is that you can personalise the celebration further. All you need to do is call the events organizer, provide them with your details, and they’ll take care of the rest for you.

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Playing paintball is one of the sportiest and most exciting modes of celebrating a hens party. Delta Force is definitely one of the best, if not the best, organizers of paintball matches in Sydney. Go ahead, book a game with them that you will definitely not regret.

There are only two sessions of paintball combat hosted by the provider – one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Get together with the group and decide which schedule you’d like to partake in. Once you’ve chosen a slot, all that remains to be done is downloading the registration form, booking an appointment, and showing up as scheduled.

Games at Delta Force consist of three straight hours of paintball combat, pitting one group against another in adrenaline-pumping matches. Each team is given a marshall, whose duties are threefold – to ensure the team members’ safety, make sure everyone follows the rules, and provide advice and inspiration.

The registration fee includes full combat gear – vest, helmet with visor, and full-face mask. Delta Force wants to make fun and competitive games, so the team with the most achievements gets trophies at the end of the session. The venue also awards accolades for those with the most accomplishments during the games.

Whatever you want to experience in Sydney, Experience OZ will be your supportive and faithful partner in your journeys.

Experience OZ is an all-inclusive travel website specializing in trips to various destinations in the country. You can start by choosing your destination – in this case, Sydney – and pick a package from one of the myriad options the website presents to you.

Build your own travel package by choosing what activities you would like to book in Sydney. Would you like to see a panoramic view of the city from one of its highest buildings? Book tickets to the Sydney Tower Skywalk. Would you instead learn how to surf? Schedule a 2-hour surf lesson at Bondi Beach!

Whatever you pick, Experience OZ will make sure you get the best hens party travel package for yourself and the ladies.

Hens nights are special occasions that you will want to celebrate in as meaningful ways as you can find. The Artful Hen combines all the qualities of an ideal hens night party for you – eye candy, fun with the ladies, and art.

The package includes art supplies, bottles of bubbly, and the eye candy hunk who’ll be your work of art for the day. Your instructor is not your usual professor, but one who knows how to make an art class engaging and fun! Make it even more enjoyable with a glass of sparkling or bubbly to bring out the artist in you.

If you find this the right combination for a hens party, hit Artful Hen up and make a booking. Packages can cater to groups of all sizes.

Known for its signature canape parties, the Talking Turkey offers some of the best value for the price when it comes to private parties like hens nights.

Talking Turkey’s resident chef claims specialisation in personalising menus according to how much a client is willing to spend. However, the most crucial part is in keeping the nutritional and culinary value of the food served. In other words, Talking Turkey offers to create sumptuous menus that will leave everyone seated no matter what the budget is.

Your hens night party package will always include a consultation with Chef Santosh, who will suggest what items to include to maximize the limits of your budget. Everything needed by the catering team is already paid for with your booking, including utensils, disposable napkins, and the services necessary.

Canapes are prepared fresh at the venue.

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Here’s another adventurous way to commemorate your hens night. Archery Warz offers a very expansive list of packages intended for ladies who want to go out of maidenhood with a bang!

Enjoy a game of bow tag archery, bubble soccer, or a combination of both! Bubble Soccer is a very challenging game in which players play European football while wearing giant bubble suits! On the other hand, Bow Tag archery tasks players with hitting their competitors with a safety arrow from a distant position.

Each booking includes necessary equipment like recurve bows, bubble suits, safety arrows, goals, and cones. To make sure everyone is on the same page, coaches precede the games with practice and training sessions. An expert referee is on-site to mediate in fun.

Experience a tour full of Australian fauna, panoramic ocean views, wines, and food. All of these are yours to obtain when you sign up for the Wildlife Waterfalls and Wine Day Tour outside of Sydney.

This package is a guided tour that includes a private winery outside of Sydney where you can taste locally produced wine as well as lunch at a beachfront club. Another inclusion is a visit to a privately maintained zoo specialising in protecting koalas, one of the many marsupial species endemic to Australia. There, you can take the opportunity of having a selfie of you and the koala taken for your memories.

Before the day ends, the minibus will take you through the Grand Pacific Drive, where you can find picturesque and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

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Put the style into your activity by heading over to the Gunners Barracks in Mosman for cocktail high tea. This historical edifice once housed several British and Australian military units from the early 19th century until the Second World War in the 20th century.

Marvel at the panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and Georges Heights while you sip tea and enjoy a sumptuous meal of sandwiches, scones, cakes, and pastries. If you don’t feel like sipping tea, you can enjoy an even more robust offering by ordering espresso coffee instead. Complete the experience with a cocktail of your choice from our set menu.

Indeed, a truly decadent way to start the day for your hens night celebration!

Transform your event venue into a high-class tea room with the help of The Vintage Kitchen. Specializing specifically in high tea events, the company provides for hire visually appealing dinnerware that can make your event the envy of the neighbourhood.

Lay your worries on The Vintage Kitchen’s shoulder. They will handle the catering for your high tea event, including the equipment and paraphernalia needed. All you need to do is enjoy each and every moment of the most momentous occasion of your life – your hens night party.

Make your fantasies of an elegant high tea or dinner come to life with The Vintage Kitchen.

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Discover the natural ecosystem of Sydney Harbour with Sydney Harbour Kayaks and its Eco Tours packages. These packages showcase the natural flora and fauna surrounding the waters near Sydney Harbour, presenting a unique opportunity to learn more about the history and ecology of the area.

Pick a package, and get ready to embark on a 4-hour tour through mangrove forests, secluded beaches, and plenty of natural marine life under the watchful eyes of a professional tour guide. Snap some pictures for your memories at any of the beaches stops along the way. The tours even include a morning tea stopover!

Worry not about safety. Sydney Harbour Kayaks provides stable double sea kayaks and life jackets, as well as a 20-minute lecture on using the equipment.

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Experience only what a 5-star hotel and resort chain can bring you when you bring your hens night party to the Pullman Magenta Shores. The establishment is only 90 minutes away from Sydney – just far away to be comfortable but not too distant from the city.

The hotel boasts an array of perfect venues for a luxurious and elegant hens night celebration. Take your pick from more than five conference rooms. No matter what size your group is, there’s always room for them here at the Pullman Hotel and Resorts.

If your people prefer to celebrate in the outdoors, the hotel also has a lakeside lawn suitable for that preference.

The Pullman Hotel and Resorts have complete amenities, including a wireless Internet connection for the guests, air conditioning, and even tea service.

Did you know that axe-throwing is very therapeutic? Get to throw axes in a safe environment without worrying about social repercussions. Book a private axe-throwing event with Maniax in Sydney for your hens night celebration.

Everyone gets to throw the axe in these events, even those who haven’t touched an axe their whole lives. Every session always begins with safe lessons courtesy of the venue’s resident expert. You’ll learn how to properly throw an axe with one or two hands, no matter what your fancy is, in no time.

You’re given a chance to practice on targets, aided by instructions from the expert. When the whistle is blown to start the tournament, you can weigh your prowess against your friends. Whoever scores the highest, the venue recognizes them as the champ!

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Looking to relax amidst the urban jungle of Sydney? Head over to Darlinghurst, and seek out Zen Day Spa. The Spa offers a host of therapeutic massage and other similar therapies designed to make a stress-driven individual relax and rejuvenate.

In addition to massage and natural therapies, you can also partake in skincare and beauty services when you visit the Zen Day Spa. The Spa also offers manicure and pedicure, as well as eye and body spa treatments.

You only need to think about what kind of service your friends and yourself would like to experience for your hens night experience. Zen Day Spa accepts advance booking for events, so be sure to call ahead.

Relax Unwind offers a suite of pamper packages that make up the perfect gift for the maiden who’s about to tie the knot.

Experience pampering to the highest degree with the Ultimate Package. The pampering involves either 2 treatments of a half-hour each or one whole massage treatment for an hour. You can pick between a facial, a pedicure, a manicure, or a foot scrub for the 30-minute treatments.

If you don’t have time for an hour’s worth of treatment, you can pick the Premium Package instead. This one gives you a 45-minute treatment. Select either a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial or foot scrub for your pampering.
All of the pamper packages include a bonus gift for the participants, as well as a glass of bubbly. Drink in comfort with the aroma of scented candles and the tune of relaxing music.

Would you like to discover something new about Sydney? You’ll find the Region X half-day kayak cruise as an ideal day activity for you and your team!

Region X offers kayaking tours focusing on the Batemans Marine Park, where you can have the opportunity of coming across a variety of marine wildlife. Batemans, after all, is a sanctuary for penguins, flying fish, dolphins, and seals! If the day and the weather are right, you might also get to meet some migratory birds dropping by.

Worry not about tidal movements and stability because Region X only uses double kayaks. You’re also provided safety gear like a life jacket and given a lecture on safety before you start paddling to your destinations.

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There truly is no shortage of adventures that a hen can enjoy when in Sydney. For a different take on a hens night experience, the Sydney Harbour Party Cruises offers the extraordinary experience of a laser clay shooting cruise.

This cruise is a modern-day take on the ancient gentleman’s sport of clay shooting, but without the bullets and real guns. The ladies get to carry a laser gun and shoot at targets. The microchip inside each gun tracks the trajectory of the beams to determine a hit or a miss.

The ships used by the provider have two open levels, so there’s always room for everyone to try their hand at hitting the target. Those who are waiting their turn to shoot can head over to the bar and grab a drink. Of course, food is on the table. The package includes a BBQ-style meal.

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The Sierra Escape is the perfect opportunity for a hen and her friends to camp right in the middle of no man’s land but with the amenities of a luxury hotel.

Sierra Escape offers “glampers” the use of large but comfortable tents for their stay in Mudgee. The Escape is set in a 280-acre property that allows Australian fauna like kangaroos and deer to roam free. This means that glamping in Sierra Escape carries the possibility of campers meeting these beautiful animals up close.

The package also includes a tour visiting the wineries in the immediate area and a wine tasting experience.

Adrenaline’s bungee jumping experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the hen. If you’ve always wanted to conquer your fear of heights, bungee jumping is one of the ideal activities to confront it.

Once you decide that you’re up to it, it’s time to drive over to Queenstown to make good on that choice. The Queenstown bungee jumping course involves a freefall of over 400 feet!

Despite the height, Adrenaline is still friendly for newcomers who want to try bungee jumping for the first time. Instead of jumping solo, they can choose to bungee jump in tandem with an experienced member of the venue’s staff.
While you’re in Queenstown, you might want to add more experiences like a helicopter ride or a short cruise on a jet boat. Better yet, take the experience into your own hands with rafting activities.

The celebration begins in the afternoon and goes all the way to late evening with My Ultimate Hens’ Barefoot Bowls and Platters hens party package.

The celebration begins at the Barefoot Bowls Club for a quick game between the ladies and moves on to the waterfront cabana reserved just for you and your tribe. Indulge in drinks of your choice, thanks to the all-inclusive beverage package. For 3 hours, the waiters will keep a close eye and make sure none of you ever looks at an empty glass while the party continues.

Keep the stomach filled with delicious platters served directly to the cabana. With food and drink secured, all your tribe needs to do is just enjoy the night!

Treat yourself to a dose of adrenaline and adventure just before you dine and wine with the ladies at a premium venue for your hens night party.

Get together with the ladies early in the afternoon for your 30-minute jet boat ride in the waters just off Sydney Harbour. This is not your ordinary boat ride – the drivers are stuntmen who’d be more than happy to give you death-defying spins and turns in the water. So, ladies, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

After you step off the jet boat, you are whisked off right away to the hens night party venue. Look forward to the cocktail greeting, and be amazed by the delicious food served fresh just for you and your tribe. All these you can enjoy in alfresco dining fashion! 

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Luddenham Raceway offers the hen and the tribe an unparalleled racing experience in a Go-Kart in a world-class facility. What you get is a heart-pumping, adrenaline-ridden hens night party that will leave you and your friends talking about the event in the following weeks to come!

The Raceway offers four packages for the ladies. They all include 5-minute warmups and a pair of 10-minute races. Depending on which package you pick, your group can compete with one another in 20-minute races. However, only the Corporate Package includes servings of homemade pizza and a choice of soft drinks or hot drinks.

At the end of the event, winners in your team get to receive medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The venue will also snap a photo of the group and award a Go-Kart Race Licence to each drive who participates.

Grab the opportunity to look at Sydney from a height of 14,000 feet and dive right back down from a speeding aircraft. This is but one of the adventures you should consider for your hens day celebration. There’s no need to be afraid because you’ll be in the hands of one of Sydney’s most experienced sky diving companies.

The company can pick you up from its downtown Sydney departure lounge and chauffeur you to the Skydiving Centre located just an hour’s drive outside the central business district. From there, you’ll book the aircraft that will take you to jumping height.

Are you up for the adventure? Don’t worry because the company’s instructors will strap you into their parachute packs for a tandem dive. All you have to do is enjoy the thrill!

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High tea, wine tasting, chocolate sampling, and luncheons… all of these come together in this stunning My Ultimate Hens package.

The day begins when a private minivan arrives to pick you and the tribe up for your winery tour in the Hunter Valley. This will take you directly to your first winery, where you begin to indulge your inner connoisseur with some of the finest wines produced in Sydney. There are a total of four wineries to visit for the day, but that’s not the only item on the menu.

The second winery also includes cheese and chocolate in the tasting menu aside from wine. The wine also comes with a high tea luncheon complete with finger sandwiches, scones, and French pastries in the third winery, among other offerings.

You can also organize a cocktail dinner party for the evening with the help of My Ultimate Hens’ event planner.

Hens and tribes who are passionate about food and cocktails will find this package to their liking. The package focuses on two lessons – pizza cooking and cocktail making. This experience, another one courtesy of My Ultimate Hens, includes an overnight stay at a luxury hotel as well.

Learn how to make your own pizza, and then devour your own offerings over lunch. After that, head over to the cocktail-making class, where you’ll learn how to create cocktails in an hour. Afterwards, everyone is ushered to the main bar, where a dinner of pasta and garlic bread awaits everyone’s pleasure. Feel free to indulge in the food and the drinks!

You can head back to the hotel after the activities, or you can spice up the night further with a visit to a Sydney nightclub. Everyone gets a VIP pass for the night!

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Boho Party

Celebrate the upcoming milestone in your life with an outdoor picnic courtesy of Little Miss Party Planner. The company’s boho picnics are the perfect examples of simplicity and elegance combined. These picnics are perfect for low-key hens night parties and baby showers, birthdays, and other celebrations.

When you book a boho picnic party with Little Miss Party Planner, all you have to do is show up at the venue on the day of your appointment. You’ll find your boho tables already set up with the requisite rugs, low chairs, pallet tables, ice buckets, and drink dispensers.

Little Miss Party Planner will also take care of the packing down of the picnic paraphernalia. The only thing that it doesn’t provide is the catering, which you will have to book separately with another provider.

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If you’re looking for a town outside Sydney to visit for your hens day celebration, Kangaroo Valley should suffice. This valley carries the distinction of being the most beautiful of its kind in Australia, and it is host to several activities that the ladies will certainly enjoy.

For the adventurous, they could walk several well-beaten trails and reach heights that command breathtaking views. They could also get aboard small canoes and explore the lake near the valley. The locals also offer various souvenirs that you could purchase while shopping. In contrast, restaurants in the town provide a unique gastronomic experience.

There is also a museum, a chamber music venue, and workshops to learn cheese-making from.

A therapeutic yet straightforward game of throwing axes could take the boredom out of an idle weekend. Get together with your ladies and book a round of axe throwing with Throw Axe at Jamisontown near Sydney.

All sessions are strictly by reservation, so you’ll have to make the booking first and travel to the venue on the day of your appointment. Your 2-hour session starts with a lecture from the resident expert, from whom you’ll learn about how axes are built and how they should be wielded for a good throw.

After a few rounds of target practice, it’s time to put to the test what you’ve learned against your groupmates. The day’s climax is the mini-tournament to weed out the person in your group with the best axe-throwing skills.
Throw Axe serves non-alcoholic beers at the Chill Out area, where you can lounge after your game.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Archery

Archery tag is not only ideal for introducing fun to a dull day. It is also a great physical and mental exercise. These two reasons definitely justify the choice of archery tag for your hens day. Go ahead and book a game with Archery Games now.

The game requires 10 people to play in a match, with two teams of five members, each tasked with tagging everyone else on the other side. Test your accuracy against your friends in an adrenaline-pumping two-hour session, including an instructional talk and some practice games before the big one.

Play one round of traditional Archery Tag, and move on to more recent variations like Medic, Hunger Games, and many others!

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Sconery

Do you like eating scones and cupcakes? Instead of organizing a party where you eat these delectables with tea, why not put together a cupcake or scone-making event instead? In Sydney, the best place to go for this is The Sconery!

The Sconery lets you choose a package from three options. One option is the cupcake class, from which you can walk away with knowledge of how professionals prepare these treats. Another option is to learn how to bake scones and the three high tea classic cakes. The last class will teach you how to create The Sconery’s signature scones.

You can also choose to add one of two optional high tea packages to your hen’s party or a session of tarot card reading.

We all get drawn to floral arrangements, especially when they’re on display in events like weddings and birthdays. That’s a skill you can take home with you when you book your hens night party with Rainy Sunday, one of Sydney’s top floral arrangers.

For your hens night, the floral arranger will teach you the intricacies of creating visually appealing flower arrangements in your own style. By the end of the session, you would have come up with two unique floral arrangements of your own making.

You can host the workshop at your home or your own venue. You can also choose to have Rainy Sunday host the workshop at its studio in Redfern as well. Rainy Sunday takes care of everything, including the gear and the flowers.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Cupcake Making

This party idea is all about cupcakes. In this event, ClassBento’s very experienced chef will guide you through the process of baking your own cupcakes. However, this isn’t your ordinary cupcake baking class because the chef will give you the skills needed to go professional with your craft.

With the chef’s help, you will learn how to achieve the delicate crusts and fine crumbs that make up the perfect commercial cupcake for two and a half hours. After that, you’ll find out how to properly work the buttercream and fondant icing. Lastly, you’ll learn how the pros do the decorating for their cupcakes.

The lessons are beginner-friendly. Choose which flavour you’d want to learn from three options – Chocoholic, Salted Caramel, and Strawberries and Cream.         

This is not your regular silent disco where the DJ comes into the venue, sets up his equipment, hands out headphones to everybody, and gets the party going.

In this package, the streets of Sydney are your disco floors. DiscoDTours combines silent disco and tourism in Sydney into one unforgettable hen night party package. For 1 hour, the hen and the tribe get to tour around The Rocks or Darling Harbour. Instead of just walking around, however, everybody is dancing to the beat playing on their headphones.

You can even surprise the hen with a “hot disco dancer” that will arrive while you’re in the middle of the 1-hour tour! This silent disco service is the best pre-dinner workout to warm you up ahead of the main event – the hens night party itself.

Another offering from ClassBento, but this time, you’ll be learning how to formulate your own scent. With this knowledge, you have at your fingertips a potential business opportunity you can purchase after getting married.

The class will touch on each essential oil’s basics and work on blending several oils for a balanced scent. You’ll spend some time sampling available oils during the class and come up with your own combination. You must come up with two original products by the end of the session.

From this point on, you can learn further at home and develop your own products that you could try and sell on the market.

The Hens Treasure Night is a fun-filled activity that’s perfect for fostering a bond between the participants. Some ladies in the posse might not know each other; after all, they’re from different groups of friends that the bride has.

Bringing everyone together is a fun-loving and friendly hostess with a host of games that everyone should participate in. Everyone will be given a treasure hunt kit, including free paper and pencils for deciphering the clues. Everyone has to solve the puzzles assigned to them – the first one to do so wins!

All of these come together in a fun-filled 2 and a half hours of games. At the end of the game, everyone turns their kits over and heads to the mystery pub for champagne. A toast to the bride is, of course, in order.
The hen also receives memorabilia from the Hens Treasure Night to remind her that she and her friends played the Treasure Hunt one day.

Everyone loves and deserves VIP treatment for their hens night party. This is what the hen and the tribe get out of this package.

As the hen’s tribe, you get exclusive use of an apartment complex for the weekend. There’s room enough for everybody, with the hen getting the largest room of all. The hen’s pad can also be used for the hen’s party games or for everyone to just bond together over glasses of bubbly. By the way, the accommodation has full-sized fridges with enough space for the drinks that you will bring over.

Before evening sets, the limo will pull up to the parking space and pick you girls up for your VIP hens night party! You get access to alfresco dining at the rooftop of an inner-city venue in Sydney. Splurge on the delicious food platters on the menu while you endlessly toast the bride-to-be.

Make sure to clear enough space on your memory for photos. You’ll want to take lots and lots of pictures with the Sydney cityscape below as a backdrop.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Every hen deserves a crown on her special day. If your wedding is a garden event, a flower crown certainly belongs on the bride’s head. Just imagine how much you can save if you know how to create your own flower workshops!

Real Escapes Events will help you learn how to do that, and you don’t even have to worry about the venue. Your instructors will come knocking at your door wherever you may be. They are already equipped with everything that you need the moment they appear in front of you.

You will be using the instructors’ floristry equipment, and fresh flowers recently picked just for you.
With everything already provided, all you need to prepare are just the bottles of bubbly for your hens night flower crown workshop.

This is an erotic hens night party idea that will leave you more knowledgeable and confident about your abilities to please the man of your life. When you book Blissrising’s Tantric Hen Party, you’ll learn how to perform the ancient Lingam Massage technique.

Blissrising brings the lesson to your home or in another venue where you can expect privacy. The class includes a male model, on whom the instructor will demonstrate the vagaries of the therapy to the audience. You and the ladies just sit back, enjoy the bubbly, and learn about the benefits of the tantric massage.

It’s a highly unusual but still fun way of commemorating a woman’s last day of maidenhood.

magic men; 100 Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

Maybe you just want to dance to house music, but you don’t have the time to leave your home or your hotel. However, you’re worried that the noise levels might disturb your neighbours.

With Party Higher, you don’t have to fret about those concerns. The silent disco will give you the best of both worlds – disco music without a neighbour’s complaint.

Party Higher’s silent disco for hire services is most than just an aural experience. Its light-up headphones provide an accompanying visual appeal that completes the ambience of a real disco. You need not worry about the music as well – professional DJs are on the payroll, with an immensely inclusive playlist in their arsenal.

Party Higher practices safe volume controls to keep everyone’s hearing protected. You can party to your heart’s content without being concerned about volume levels damaging the ears.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Cooking

The Sydney Cooking School’s hens party offering is two-fold. First, you can participate in a cooking class presided over by one of the school’s experienced chefs. Second, you get to cook your own recipes and serve them to everyone at the party for peer review.

The Sydney Cooking School caters to various cuisines for the hen and her ladies to choose from. For instance, you can learn French, Mexican, and Spanish dishes and Italian pasta. Because the experience promises a full course, you also get instructions on preparing the most popular restaurant desserts.

The hens night party offered by the school is a rare opportunity in which the guests themselves are deeply involved in the selection, the preparation, and the serving of the dishes.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Budoir

Boudoir photography is an art form that emphasizes the body of every woman as a unique work of art. Simona Janek certainly excels in this, with her unique skill set that combines portrait photography with hair styling and makeup.

Give in to the fledgling glamour model in you, and book boudoir photography with Simona for your hens night. It’s the best way to immortalize the last night of your maidenhood before you settle down into married life. The portraits you get from the session will make great mementos when you grow older of the dashing young lady that you are.

Be ready for a night of pizza, bubbly and unforgettable fun with the Master Girly Chef! Sydney Hens cooking class.

The class takes place in the school’s lovely Darling Harbour restaurant, which boasts a beautiful view of Sydney Harbour. You and the team are greeted right on arrival by none other than the resto’s head chef!

After some pleasantries, you are whisked over to the cooking stations, where a glass of bubbly awaits you. Raise a toast for the hen, and then it’s time to get to work. The next three and a half hours are a whirlwind of frantic activity as each participant works to finish their personal pizza creation. Finally, the clock rings and all of your dough is sent off to the oven.

The class ends with another glass of bubbly at the reserved table, where you also get to eat your creations!

Privacy, healthy food options, unique cocktail experiences, and stunning cityscape views make this venue an ideal choice for a hens night party.

O Bar and Dining offers the use of its private dining room “Salon Prive” for your exclusive use. Built to accommodate 28 people at most, it has luxurious amenities to offer the tribe in addition to its famed organic menu. If your hen is picky about the nutritional value of the food she eats, O Bar and Dining’s menu is ideal for her palate.

Ready the cameras and smartphones. Take plenty of photographs with the stunning Sydney Harbour skyline in the background. This is surely a night for everyone to remember.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Escape Room

The Expedition Escape Rooms is a haven for those who love mind games and would like to take a crack at cases that are worthy of Sherlock Holmes. This is an opportunity for the ladies to test their teamwork and abilities in problem-solving to the test.

Every Escape Room contains a unique story and a set of puzzles that require communication, coordination, and extreme analytical skills to solve. You can’t afford to dilly-dally in the escape rooms because you have a time limit to beat.

Expedition’s escape rooms have been given the “Best Escape Rooms in Sydney” accolade by TimeOut.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Candle Making

Do you want to learn how to make candles? Your hens night party is the best opportunity for that, thanks to You, Me & Bones.

Besides sculpting and hand-pouring unique and exquisitely designed candles for customers, the shop also caters to people or groups that want to organize candle-making workshops for parties.

Each class takes only one hour. All materials are provided by the candle maker. You can book a course online by shooting them an email with your desired appointment date and the number of people in your group.
You can also have them teach you how to make wedding favours as an add-on to your candle-making class.

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney Dancing

Learning how to make a dance move for the first time is a milestone. So is your hens night. Why not put these milestones together into one event?

With First Dance Co. on your side, you get to learn a dance style of your choice. Would you like to learn the striptease, the twerk, the burlesque, or the jazz dance? You name it, they got an instructor for it. All you have to do is make a call and organize a hens night party where everyone gets to learn the dance.

You can also choose to add a photography package. Aside from the dance lessons, everyone gets the celebrity treatment with a whole photoshoot, complete with the needed wardrobe.

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