Hens Night by Magic Men

Hens Night Melbourne

Hens Night Melbourne

Are you excited for a fun night with chitchat, laughter, and all the glitters and glamour? Make your Hens Night Melbourne way spectacular with Magic Men. We offer a full-service package of entertainment, good looks and professional service that won’t break the bank.

Booking with Magic Men is easy – just fill out a contact form with your details of the event. You can also check our customized hen’s packages for easy and fuss-free planning.

Magic Men is voted as Australia’s best party planner for 5 years and we take pride in our passion of giving quality entertainment and services. Creating amazing hens night in Melbourne won’t be possible without fun, teasing and laughs we at Magic Men can provide. Take your creative hen’s party idea up a notch by celebrating it with us in live shows, e-shows and private visits. Expect jaw-dropping performances from our Magic Men ready that will surely result in ear-to-ear smiles, laughs, blood-pumping excitement, and a night to remember. Have your phones ready, and capture all these details when you celebrate with us. Let’s have a blast for the last single night of your life!

Hens Night Brisbane

Plan the best hens night in Brisbane and make memories worth a treasure with your girlfriends. Are you dreaming of a night of amazing activities that include cocktails, epic entertainment and night you don’t want to end? Here at Magic Men, we make those dreams come true!

We want you to spend your valuable time for more important things like bonding with your girlfriends and looking for the best outfit for the hens night. Leave the hens packages and entertainment to us, because that’s what we do best. Awarded as Australia’s best party planner, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

If you are expecting an off-limits, mild-to-wild action, and surprises for your hens night Brisbane, then we’ve got you covered! We are passionate about hens party and takes pride in giving the best kind of entertainment with whatever your heart desires. So chill out with party planning, because we made it easy and affordable for you. Our magic comes in many forms, you can watch us on our live shows, e-shows or let us come in your private residence for a wonderful hens night. So, let’s have an absolute blast in your party, and when we say blast, we mean it!

Hens Night Brisbane

Hen Party Sydney

Hen Party Sydney

Did you know there’s an easiest way to create your Hen Party Sydney? Yes, there is! Let us be with you on this awesome hen party and we will be in charge of the entertainment, with our full package services. Check that off your to-do list and gather your gang to prepare for an exciting hen party.

We’ve got a lot of activities for every type of hen and her hens. Whatever your group fancies, we will do as you please. Spice up your night with our performances you can catch live, on e-shows, and home visits. You are just few clicks away from turning a conventional party to an adventurous and spectacular one.

Magic Men is the best in party planning in Australia, and we want you to experience the same kind of awesomeness and magic we provide. Just a fair warning, your hen party Sydney will have lots of smiles, giggles, laughs, jumping and fun-screams. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Hens Party Perth

Create an unforgettable party with your besties as you celebrate a hens party in Perth. Having a special celebration means you have high expectations and we know exactly what to do to meet them.

Being Australia’s best party planning means we’re doing our best and we’re great at it. We know how you deserve more for this occasion with your loved ones and we can make it happen. Our booking process is simple and you can do it with just few clicks away. Simply fill out a contact form and let us know your details.

Here at Magic Men, we offer the greatest quality and service to give you an unparalleled hens party Perth. We have full-package services for every type of lady, and with every budget. Our hen’s party ideas and activities will make your bonding memorable and worthwhile. Our hunks at Magic Men will give you classy and sassy performances you’ve never seen before. So let your party planning cap on, contact us, and together, we will make the hens party of a lifetime!

Hens Party Perth

Hens Night Adelaid

Hens Night Adelaide

Save your time, money, and enjoy hassle-free party planning with us at Magic Men. Voted as Australia’s best party planner for five years, we take pride in our quality full-package entertainment and services.

Whatever hens party ideas you have in mind, we have packages that will suit your taste. And have we mentioned, affordable prices, too? We know you ladies, and gentlemen just want to have a fun night, so we bring you affordable and irresistible entertainment that you deserved.

Hens Night in Adelaide can be a classy, and an epic one when you have us. We, at Magic Men, bring magical moments to you through our live shows, e-shows or private home visits. Our spunky guys can make amazing parties and a great addition to your bonding. We take pride in professional, sociable, well-chiselled men that will rock your hens night. So what are you waiting for? Book us and let us spoil you for a hens night in Adelaide.


Hens Party Ideas

Classy Hens Party Ideas For The Bride Tribe

Want to treat your hen to the ultimate celebration before her wedding day? Day or night, winter or summer, crazy or classy, we have an option for every single type of hen. Choosing a theme or activities for the bachelorette party is a tedious thing to do. It takes so much time and from one planner to another, we’ve seen how many bridesmaids or girlfriends struggle with this because of different ideas from each lady in the group. So here, we summed up the best classy hens party ideas so you can devote your time to more productive ones, like choosing your outfit!


High Tea Party: Manners, Lace, and Everything Elegant

The high tea party is perfect for a luxurious and stylish experience of classy hens. You can visit your favourite snack place or book a tearoom and sip tea and cakes while catching up with your friends and play games.

You can even set a dress code for the party. Ladies, you can wear vintage dresses, or it can be an all-white or pink party to keep things very angelic and girly. Plus, to add some elegant atmosphere, you can fill the room with flowers and ribbons, and you have a perfect hen’s afternoon planned for your future bride.


Indulging in A Luxury Cruise Ride

If you don’t worry about the budget, then a luxury cruise is perfect for the party. You can hire a boat and enjoy luxury cocktails, wine, and canapés with your hens. You can also listen to all your favourite music and play more than a few drinking games. Private party like this will be appreciated by the hen and even everyone in the group. Plus, you have the ocean as your backdrop, what more could you ask for?

Pro tip: add some fun and excitement to your party, and hire topless waiters or male strippers – not only they will look amazing in the photos, but they’re also very good at mixing cocktails and keeping those glasses filled. So leave the “cock-tails” and drinks with these lovely hunks and have the party of your life!

Topless waiters in a luxury cruise hen party


A Pamper Session For The Care You Deserved

If you’re looking for a classy party with your hens, then a pamper session (spa day) is also a good idea. A day on the hot tub, having your nails treated, and a range of beauty treatments will leave you all refreshed and gorgeous! The perfect activity in the afternoon after a night spent booging with your loved ones.

With many options either on your doorstep, in the city centre or a more picturesque and rural setting, it is an accessible activity whether you opt for massages, manicures, pedicures or facials with your hen over the weekend.


Private Bartending: Sip and Spill the Fun

For cocktail lovers, this is your chance to learn and have endless fun while preparing epic cocktails from the private bartender. You can organize a professional cocktail party in your own home by hiring your bartender and learn how to make cocktails during this master class.

The session includes three cocktail creations where you will go through several stages, such as how to mix and shake a perfect cocktail. Imagine a cocktail session with your ladies, pure fun and bliss while you mix the best potion you want with guidance and charm from a topless bartender. Cheers, because it’s going to be a long night!

Private Bartender: Classy Hens Party Ideas For Princess of The Night


Hen parties are a rite of passage before the bride finally ties the knot. For the ladies who want to party in a classy but special way, these are hens party ideas that will make a fabulous get-together. No matter what your hen’s party idea is, it is essential that the future bride loves and feels comfortable at the party. Moreover, it must be appropriate for all participants, affordable and is within budget. So, think outside the box and let your imagination run wild with these hen party ideas for one memorable send-off.


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Hens Party Dares & Games


Hens party games are one of the essential things to consider when organising the special night. Whether it’s a hens night in or just pre-drinks before you come to the club,  we’ve got loads of fun ideas. These are games for you and your group to play, which will break the ice and have you in side-splitting laughter in no time. From naughty games to drinking games to funny games, there are many options for hens night games to plan!
Party games add fun to any hens night. Drinking games such as ‘I Have Never’ and ‘Drinking Words’ give your friends the perfect opportunity to enforce some challenging party dares! Scavenger hunts and Truth or Dare are classic hens party games that everyone will love – just make sure to make some of the questions, dares, or scavenger hunt items naughty, funny, and very difficult! If it’s your job to arrange a hens party, you definitely want to plan a few games to help send the guest of honour off to married life in style (and laughter).
When planning games, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to over-plan a little. You don’t have to play all the games; in fact, no one likes an over-scheduled party. However, having a few games up your sleeve can be a lifesaver (and an ice breaker) when entertaining a group of ladies, you may not know very well – or even your best friends. For extra fun, get your topless waiters in on the action – they love to play games, too!
As the party planner, the pressure is on for you to organise an unforgettable evening. At Magic Hens, we know how to take your hens night to the next level. Let us help with naughty hens night games along with our complete party packages. Our hot male strippers, topless waiters, exclusive venues, luxury transport, and wild party games will ensure that your hens night is a fun and fabulous celebration that you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives.

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hens party games



The bridesmaids come together and organize the Bride-to-Be’s outfit for the evening by choosing bits and pieces of unconventional fashion styles and materials. The bride than has to wear this outfit for the entire duration of the evening, no matter where the night takes them! Now there’s a way to make sure your hen is the centre of attention!


Create a list of items that can be found around the house or venue. Be creative and try come up with a variety of items from simple things such as a lighter from a stranger to something cheekier like boxers from a stranger. Remember that this is a Rated H (for hens) scavenger hunt so come up with cheeky and naughty items that will get everyone stepping outside their comfort zone. Once the list is created, split the hens party into two groups and the group that comes up with most of the items on the list will win.


The perfect indoor hens party game. Take advantage of the flowing drinks and spirited atmosphere and gather everyone together for a round of Truth or Dare. One at a time, flip a coin or spin a bottle to decide whose turn it is to be put to the test and reveal a little (or a lot) about themselves and who has to go run around the neighbour’s yard completely nude.


The ultimate drinking game. What better way to kick start a night by getting everyone acquainted or to solidify some life-long friendships by revealing some intimate secrets about what each girl has and hasn’t done. One at a time, each girl will go around the circle and reveal something they have never done before (eg. ‘Never have I ever… had three way kiss) and the girls who have done that will then have to take a sip.


This game can be purchased from most adult shops or even better why not make your own. Grab a blown up poster of a stripper and stick a photo of the groom’s head over the strippers. Make willy cut outs for every member of the hens party and each person puts their name on that willy. Aim of the game is to blind fold one girl at a time and guide her to the poster, she than has to place the willy where she thinks the it should go. This activity is sure to have the whole party in hysterics.


One girl will interview and ask the bride a bunch of random and obscure questions about many facets of her life, embarrassing moments, relationships and interesting facts that make her unique. The questions will be posed to the wedding party, and whoever gets the most questions right is deemed the winner of the game. Now add the hens twist and make the game interesting by making anyone who gets an incorrect answer take a swig of their drink.


This games requires some preparation in advance but definitely worth the effort. Call, email or record the groom answering a list of questions about the bride, and have he respond with what he thinks her answer will be. This game is sure to bring out a few laughs to the table as it tests how well the groom really knows the women his going to marry. Now to reverse the table on the hen and have the groom answer the same questions about himself and see if the hen is knows the man she’s about to marry.


The idea behind this game is to forbid wedding related words from being said during the entire hens night party. Some examples are groom, wedding, bride, bridesmaid, best man and vows. Each time someone says one of these words than they must have a drink or accept a dare from the rest of the party.


To make the night memorable for the bride, play the post-it note hens game. Provide the hens with post-it notes and pens, and have them write any remarkable experience they’ve had with the bride. Collect the notes and then placed them in an area where the bride can read them. Now the bride has to read them aloud and guess who wrote them. She then has to narrate the real story behind the experience. This activity will definitely make the bride remember some wonderful memories she had with hens that would either make her laugh or cry.


This is perhaps one of the most popular hens party games of all time. Divide the hens into teams and instruct them to come with a unique wedding dress for the bride. They can use any material they can find in the venue or house such as toilet paper. Give them a time limit to conceptualise a design and transform it into an actual dress. Once the time is up, the teams need to choose a hen who’ll wear the wedding dress and act as a model. The bride gets to choose the team with the most beautiful design. She then has to wear the winning piece all throughout the night.




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