How To Choose The Perfect Male Stripper Name

choose best male stripper names

18 Jun 2020

How To Choose The Perfect Male Stripper Name

Have you ever wondered what to name yourself if you ever become a stripper? Or why do strippers have stage names? Or why don’t they use a real name? Suppose you may be considering becoming a talented performer, did you know what you would name yourself? You will need a stripper name to apply for the scene. Hence, the dancers use a stage name not only for their intimacy but also to have a personality. It is, therefore, essential to choose the right type of name.

And to help you out, we have mentioned a few points that will help you choose the perfect male stripper name for you. Let’s roll down!


Choose a Name That Gives Power To Your Image

Choose the name that can reinforce the image that you present, and also an appropriate name will not seem so incongruous to the customers to whom you will present yourself several times a night. If you choose a somewhat normal stripper name, you won’t have to deal with prying customers in your business and asking yourself, “Is this your real name?”


There are various popular stripper names like Billy Big Balls, Blue Steel, Jay, Romeo, Seductive Saxon, Naked Nate, James, and so on. Undoubtedly, it seems fun to take a name as the above mentioned, but in the impressive scheme of things, it’s hard to be serious with such a generic name.

choose best male stripper names

Therefore, choose a name that will complement your style and personality. Whether you are in hip hop or Love country music or rock and metal, it would be a good compliment for your stage show if you had a name that seemed appropriate for the style you are in.


Make It Short and Sweet

Your stage name should be a shortcut for your stripper character. It will be used to introduce you, so it should communicate what type of experience people can expect. Many well-known male strippers call themselves by their real names. This makes them identifiable, but a stage name can often do this while sounding better. So, you must prefer choosing a name that looks appealing and exciting to the clients.


Use City or Region Names for Easy Recall

If you have an accent and you do not work in the region or country where you come from, there is a certain charm in naming you a common name or related to this; it will make it evident that it is not your “real name” but maybe a good idea.

Regions or City Give An Easy Recall of your Male Stripper Name

Make It Memorable

A Male stripper name should be memorable and catchy. If the name of a stripper is significant, your clients are likely to remember you and know who to ask again when they want to dance or hire them for the party. The more memorable you can make yourself – the more work you will acquire.

male stripper dancing

Therefore, you should never use your real name. Having a stage name allows a stripper to maintain his privacy in a world where there are many uncertainties. And if you want maximum bookings, a catchy male stripper name will prevent customers from scrolling and physically checking your profile to decide who to hire for their party.