How To Plan A Hens Night – The Official Survival Guide

hens party survival

06 Mar 2020

So you’re the maid of honour hey? Well, it looks like we’ve just become your new best friend, because other than a decent dress for the wedding, there’s nothing that a Maid of Honour loves more than an easy to plan hens night!

Yes, that’s right, we’ve got your hens night survival guide all sorted, so you can skip the party planning and jump skip straight to the enjoyment. All you need to do is follow the steps and then make sure the bride is still in one piece by the end of the night! So sit back and soak up these hen party ideas and key tips to make sure you and your girls share the best evening.

hens party guestlist


Firstly, who are you inviting? We suggest sitting down with the bride and making a list. Often, we find the more opinions there are, the longer it takes to organise, so keep your planning group small. Remember this is about the bride and how you are planning a night that she’ll never forget – (don’t worry there will be photos to help with that). Grab the wine and cheese and make the most of your marriage free time while you can!

Once you’ve decided on the guest list and date, lock those girls down for the night by creating a Facebook Group. It’s quick and easy (a bit like a digital save the date) and once the final details have been settled you can send out a formal invite; because everyone knows it’s super easy to click ‘GOING’ and then quickly forgetting about it. Don’t deny it, you’ve more than likely skipped an event or two you said you were ‘going’ to!

We have packages to suit ANY group size, with our most popular package being our Hen’s Night Special requiring a minimum of 5 people. The best part? We only need your final number of guests the Monday prior to your event, HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?

Magic Men advise booking at least 2 months in advance, ensuring you’ve secured a spot at one of our exclusive venues across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Limit Your Money Worries

Ask your guests to have all their money paid up in advance rather than fixing you up with the remainder of cash on the day of the hen. Break up each element of the day (activities, food, transport etc.) and put the funds for each in separate envelopes so everything is ready to hand over, and you can have peace of mind on the day (and enjoy yourself!).


How much money has the bride given you to play with? Maybe everyone is paying for themselves or you are going to share the cost of her night? Either way, we have an option to suit any budget. The biggest question we think you need to answer is, how long can you last? If you know your group loves a drink and is likely to only last a few hours, we suggest finding a suitable package to attend the show OR hire a topless waiter or stripper to visit you!

If you know your group can pace themselves, we offer a great Hen’s Day Package which can be combined with our Hen’s Night Special. You only need to start planning what you’re having for breakfast because we’ll take care of the rest.

Timing is Key

It may seem a little Monica from Friends (no clipboard and earpiece now) but when it comes to organising 15-20 gals all looking at you for direction, it’s so helpful to have a schedule down on paper – just something simple outlining key times and locations. This is particularly important if you’ve people joining at different times during the day or evening.

Sort the Transport

A really simple thing to do (but one that often gets forgotten) is organising transport from A to B – and making sure it’s factored into the original cost you sent the hens. This cuts out any confusion on where people need to be, there’s less risk of losing guests (trust me, it happens!) and everyone will appreciate when an all-in price really means all-in.

topless waiter serving food


It’s no secret that if you eat prior to going out those champagnes won’t go to your head too fast! At the show, we offer complimentary hot finger food but recommend eating before arrival.

Break the Ice

Get everyone talking with an ice-breaker. For example, ask everyone in the group to bring a photograph of themselves and the bride-to-be, and ask each of them to share a personal story about the bride. This will give everyone the heads-up on who’s who, and get people mixing. (Our hen party playlist will help get you on your way too!)

Look After Everyone

The bride is the lady of the hour, but don’t forget to make a fuss of the guests too – you’re the host after all! Many of the guests might know each other and be best buds, but there are usually some guests who are coming solo. Make sure to get talking to each guest and help along those shy gals – there is nothing worse than the feeling that everyone at the party is pals and you don’t know anyone! This also goes for mums and older guests too.

We hear you though, it can be hard getting a group to agree on where to eat. Don’t worry, we have a solution!

Our Delish Dish Package in Melbourne includes a shared platter, main meal, tickets to the show, your bride on stage and entry to the after party. This not only saves you time but also money!

hen party celebrating in a hummer


Our hot tip of the day to you is: organise accommodation within the CBD and have transfers to the venue organised prior to the event! Having accommodation within the CBD makes it cheaper to get to and from the venue via transport BUT if you’re choosing to walk, everything is in relatively close proximity.

Also, if you choose to walk back to your accommodation, HELLO, impromptu pub crawl! Trust us, heels are a lot less painful with alcohol and nothing is worse than getting half-way home, sobering up and realising it feels like you’ve had your feet stepped on by a herd of elephants (in other words it’s very painful).

Know your Audience

We hope that while planning the party you kept your bride in mind. So when it comes to the actual hen do, don’t produce any rude props or jokes unless you know she’s up for it. Many hens these days are decidedly low-key on things like willy straws and strippers, while others will expect them, so suss out where your gal (and the other guests!) are at.

Likewise, when it comes to party games like the Mr & Mrs game, keep the tone light and limit the embarrassing questions, especially if the mum or mum-in-law are present!

We have a few options for you choose from if you need help organising travel, including the Limo and Show package or the Cosmo and Show package. Our Limo’s can transport up to 20 people, while our Cosmo Party Bus can seat up to 43!

hire a private male strip show


Maybe you’ve gotten this far and thought you’d prefer to organise the Hen’s Party to be held at home or an apartment? Well, the good news is you can hire our gorgeous Topless Waiters and Strippers to come to you! There’s no limit to where we will travel and what we can do. Our company policy: We aim to tease!

Plan Party Packs

If you have allowed for some extras in the budget (you really should!) make sure to have your party packs or goodie bags ready to hand over to the guests – it works as a nice ice-breaker, and shows your bride from the outset that you’ve put lots of thought into her hen. Make sure to include anything they might need for any activities you have planned, as well as any random dressing up bits. They can also have ‘Day After the Night Before’ items such as painkillers, crisps, a can of Coke or bottle of water – food and beverage items are always gladly received! You’ll find a list of where to buy hen decorations, props and tote bags here.

What can your Topless Waiters do?

– Host games

– Participate in games

– Mix and Serve drinks

– Set up decorations and clean


A hen night isn’t complete without a hunky stripper though and like all typical bachelorette movies, our guys are the real deal. They’re hunky, they’re hot and yes, you’ll be a loved by all the girls if our guys knock on your door.

Everyone loves a pre-drink sesh too and although we had a plan to include more pre-drinking memes in this blog (the boss said no), what we can do is tell you that hiring our guys prior to arriving at the show is a great warm-up to the night! Why wait for our doors to open when you can start the magic early? Get those crazy private photos with you and your ladies as the perfect way to kick off the night.

Work Together

Most brides have at least two bridesmaids, so work as a team and delegate jobs on the day or for the weekend so that everyone has a role to play. It’s important that all the girls feel involved, especially if one of you is based abroad. Have this all planned out before the day or weekend so everyone knows who is doing what, from decorating and keeping guests entertained, to tidying and cleaning up.

10. Don’t Over-Plan (or Be Too Bossy!)

While it’s important to have a loose schedule and plans in place, don’t forget that your guests are all adults and don’t like to be ordered around every minute of the day with back-to-back activities. Leave a little room in the schedule for chilling out.


So you’re wanting to attend the show? Awesome choice! This cover’s your entire night’s entertainment, with every entry giving you access to the after-party at the nightclub’s Saturday night! Let’s break it down!

– Hen’s Package $95pp

– Platinum Tickets $85pp

– Gold Tickets $65pp

– Silver Tickets $45pp

– Bronze Tickets $35pp

The Hen’s Package includes Silver seating, however, your wish is our command, so we can upgrade your tickets to the seating of your desire! Your bride will be invited up on stage which makes for great entertainment for the whole group. Trust us when we say you’ll never see her blush more in her entire life than when she’s on stage with us!

Why not add props to your night? Most $2 shops have sashes, crowns, wings, special straws and hats for hen’s nights and can make your bride feel a little more special, that or completely embarrassed…either is fine with us.

Get The Party Started

Ok, so the Monica-madness is over and it’s time for everyone to let their hair down, while you have to keep everyone on track, don’t forget to enjoy a glass (or two!) of champers and celebrate your best girl. She chose you as your bridesmaid because her her fave person to hit the dance floor with, so make sure you do!

Now you’re all set to throw your first (epic!) hen, so enjoy! (Wish I was coming!)

We hope this will help you to plan the perfect hens night with Magic Men, and if you have any more questions, call or email us anytime! We are more than happy to talk ideas for hens parties with you, to help you take the next step in creating an evening that you and your ladies can share for the rest of your lives.