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Life Lessons As Taught By ‘The Movie Bridesmaids’

The movie Bridesmaids taught lessons to guide us in hen party planning

18 Jun 2020

Life Lessons As Taught By ‘The Movie Bridesmaids’

Sometimes movies are the Holy Grail for inspiration, but they can also teach us a few life lessons. Likewise, the movie “Bridesmaids” taught us about friendship and wedding planning. It taught us to never eat in a strange place before a fitted dress, and so many things. Here, we summed up the best life lessons taught by the movie – “The Bridesmaids”. 

Being a Bridesmaid Is Both An Honour and A Responsibility

Being crowned a bridesmaid by your best friend is an incredible feeling, and learning how to help her get through the most exciting time of her life. But what you don’t know is the amount of work, the stress, and usually the tears to fill this role. So be careful, what you wish for!

What if suddenly, without any desire or experience, you become an event or party planner in your friend’s wedding. How do you assemble a group of ladies who some you have never met in your life? How do you start planning the best hen party? There are a lot of things to think about and do, plus the constant goal of pleasing every one of the attendees. But for the happiness and the sake of the bride-to-be, you manage all the things happily.


Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

If you want to give your girls the best hens night of a lifetime, be prepared with finances, the details, and everything in-between. Imagine a perfect hens night – your ladies’ group, the unlimited cocktails, surrounded by hot topless waiters with attractive abs, the entertainment, and the music. Since this is the fruit of your hard work, don’t forget to have fun on the day itself. Mingle, enjoy the success, clink those cocktail glasses, and celebrate the night to the fullest.

Have fun in hen's party planning


Put Your Bride First

Be sure to consider the preferences of the bride when planning a shower, or any other surprise for her. Think about what you know about her style and preferences and listen carefully if she expresses opinions on anything relevant to planning. When in doubt, you can always ask general questions to the bride to make sure you are not taking things in the wrong direction! Put the bride first and make sure she will like everything and she is comfortable whatever happens.


Keep A Positive Attitude

Wedding and its preparation are overwhelming and it is easy to feel like it’s not even worth it. Planning is not everyone’s cup of tea. If things are becoming difficult for you, can ask a friend for help.  When things become difficult, make an effort to keep a positive attitude towards everything. It’s a blissful day for everyone, and even if the feelings are sure to stir, but having a positive mindset will keep everything at bay.

Bridesmaids movie taught us to be positive in party planning


Being a bridesmaid is a wonderful honour but with big responsibilities. We’d like to think that this role was given to the best people. So if you’ve given this opportunity, make the best out of it. You will be part of a small group chosen to stay with the bride at each stage of the preparation of the wedding and the special day. But if the movie “Bridesmaids” taught us something, it is that being part of a hens party is not always the most straightforward task in the world!