Magic Night

20 Jan 2015


Full of glitz and glamour, a magic night awaits thrill-seeking girls celebrating any occasion. With over forty professional performers, Magic Men gathers throughout the Melbourne area to provide a unique show. Magic Men can help a girl celebrate her birthday, a job promotion, a hen’s night, and more; they can serve as strippers or as topless waiters. No matter the occasion and whether attendance is as a guest or honoree, a magic night for a girl is filled with fun, sensuality, and smiles. Girls can easily customize their magic night experience. For those wanting to share vibrant energy with a larger crowd, the night can include an entertaining stage performance; for those wanting an experience in a more private setting, they can choose an intimate tease.

The most lavish magic night can be experienced by purchasing a Magic Men “dinner and show” package. Girls gather for cocktails, enjoy dinner as well as free transportation to the Magic Men Fever Show; they can continue to an after-party at a hot night club. Dressed to impress, girls can move from one activity to the other free from worry as Magic Men handles all the organizing.

A girl can create everlasting memories when experiencing a night with the Magic Men. Glitz, glamour and fun can be found everywhere no matter where it takes place.

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