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Male Stripper History and How Male Stripping Began

history of male strippers

24 Sep 2020

Male Stripper History and How Male Stripping Began

You might have seen a hit movie about stripping that went mainstream and garnered about $40 million dollars at the box office, but lo and behold, this is not the first time, men tried doing the Full Monty and had a strip show. Let’s check the history of male stripping and understand the past so we can appreciate and understand more about our present.


Naked Dancing Since Ancient Greek and Egypt

Male dancing without clothes on goes way back to ancient Greece and Egypt. People celebrate events and occasion and it wasn’t until early Victorian times that prudery began. The male body was eroticized as a form of entertainment and body-building but has never involved full dancing yet. Men started posing for little postcards wearing skimpy clothes and a minuscule fig-leaf. Body-building and photography grew into a profitable industry. This is the beginning of male strippers as we know it. 

male stripper history egyptians

Post-war Male Dancing

After the war, Liverpool, Manchester and the East End of London began male shows thanks to body-builders who temporarily detached themselves from photography sessions. By the fifties, pubs have regular gay nights and male dance shows began to spread across the country and in sea-side towns. Male strippers perth also became a thing.

soldier male strippers

Male Stripper in the Seventies

The seventies and eighties are by far the most important years in the history of male stripping. Pubs in London featured strip shows and gay clubs. Male dancing for women peaked when a Los Angeles based club called Chippendales started. They offered male revue shows where they perform theatrical experience for the audience. The shows were unique and allow “hands-on” experience. These elements made its way to the hearts of women and made the shows phenomenal. The same thing happened with LaBare – a club based in Dallas, Texas that features rugged, rough-looking cowboys.

Exotic Dancing in the ’80s

Thanks to the media and several press releases, male stripping has gained popularity not just in the locals but in different countries as well. Clubs dedicated to male stripping sprouted one by one in Canada, Miami, the UK among others. Some shows include tip-based stripping, others do a male revue acts and took advantage of performing an erotic theatre.

male stripping in the 80s

Male Stripping Popularized in the 90’s

While other countries started embracing male stripping, it was relatively new to the US. One show made male stripping idea popular and the exposure receives a huge following afterwards. A popular comedy show called Saturday Night Live features a hilarious stripper skit audition. The show was instrumental in giving male strippers the highlight they need. Male stripping was popularized and made its way for a global spotlight and become a great idea for any hens night.


Hitting the Mainstream in the 21st Century

Male stripping took the world by storm as different men groups toured the world, perform night shows in clubs and private events. Male revues touring around cities, and countries become the trend as well. Men power blows up the entertainment industry as patrons around the world open up and increased their support.

male stripping currently

In 2012, a popular mainstream film was released and send every woman into stripping frenzy! After this blockbuster movie was released, women all over the world became open to having a real-life dancer invited during hens parties, bachelorette, and birthday parties. Thanks to the film, it increased the demand for male strippers not only in the US but in other countries like Canada, UK, and Australia. Clubs opened on almost every city and gave male revues a boost that they needed.



Male stripping and male revues go way back since ancient history. It evolved from a form of celebration to expressing sexual freedom, to a form of entertainment for different events and parties. This industry was long rooted in the past and is here to stay. It’s an industry with high demand in the market thanks to media and patrons all over the world.

So if you needed a little refreshment, with a healthy dose of humour and megadose of entertainment, go to the nearest male strip club and have the time of your life. You will be amazed to see how it transformed into elaborate, well-choreographed moves of men in costumes in the tune of the most danceable music in history.