Gold Coast Male Strippers & Topless Waiters

Do you want him down to his jocks or full-on stripped? The answer is up to you.

  • 15 – 20 minutes
  • Full or Partial Strip


If one man isn’t enough for your group then why not step it up a notch and get two!
  • 2 Full or partial strip shows
  • 30-40 min total + photo opportunity
  • Choose the guys to come separately or back to back

BASIC COMBO (1 strip + 1 waiter)

Great for groups small groups up to 20 people

  • MALE STRIPPER 15-20 min show + photo opportunity after
  • TOPLESS WAITER premium waiter service for food/drinks, photos, game hosting and setting up


STANDARD COMBO (2 strips + 1 waiter)

Great for groups of up to 30 people

  • 2 Full or partial strip shows + 1 waiter
  • 30-40 min show time plus hours waiter time
  • Choose the guys to come separately OR back to back



Blaine knows how to seduce the ladies with his world-class dance moves. He does it in a sexual and masculine way that ladies really love. Wait for his backflips and we know, you’ll be asking for more!


if you’ve been a bad girl, prepare to have fun and flirty scolding from Mark. Prepare jaw-dropping lap dance, sexy moves and quality social bonding with your guests. Hire Mark for a blissful and joyful bachelorette party.


Hire Sebastian now if you are planning a party as naughty, wild and crazy as you might have dreamed of. He is ready to showcase his dancing skills and macho bravado that is too hard to resist.


With his intent to please every woman, and killer dance moves, who wouldn’t want a dose of caramel hunk in their lives? Plan a party and book Tyrone to surprise your lady friends.


Don’t forget to hire Seamus for your next celebration if you want to add a sexy hint and if you truly want to set all the girls in your gang ablaze.


if you’ve been a bad girl, prepare to have fun and flirty scolding from Mark. Prepare jaw-dropping lap dance, sexy moves and quality social bonding with your guests. Hire Mark for a blissful and joyful bachelorette party.


Expect to see excited girls when Vinnie does his superb dance routine. Don’t worry, it’s okay to scream a little and cheer him on, and giggle to your heart’s content.

Jordan C

Jordan has no problem talking to the ladies and making sure they’re all having a great time. He has a great personality, to-die-for body and charming looks that will make your heart flutter like crazy.


Josh is dynamic on the dance floor. He has a lot of energy and his positive aura can be contagious. Being one of our tallest strippers, Josh is in high demand, so you better book him as soon as possible!


Brad knows how to light a fire in a lady’s heart. With his well-chiselled body, and good looks, what more could you ask for? If you need a brawny body to spice up your party, Brad is the man.


Carlos loves to show the ladies what he’s got, leaving no clothing item on. Carlos also turns on the heat with his SWAT routine.


Jax has a killer smile you can’t resist. Look no further and he can show you the world with his personality and raving dance moves. Want your party to enjoy a good grooving? Jax is the man for you!


Let him amaze your guests with his routine and dance moves ala SWAT Officer, Captain America, and more. Does your hen dream of being “frisked” by a law enforcer? We got you covered!


Tall, amiable and energetic, Jacob has a built physique that will wonderstruck the crowd with his charisma and unique personality. Jacob knows how to treat the ladies like royalty and will make you feel like a princess.


A party with a sexy treat is a delight. A private event with Apollo to entertain your guests is the bomb! Add some sex appeal to any celebration by hiring him in Brisbane. Apollo is a classic bachelorette dancer.


If you and your girlfriends love good dancing and want to have a raving party, Daniel is your man. Enjoy a full package entertainment from the best. Hire him now for your girl’s night out, birthday party or a hens party.


Nick will make sure you and your ladies will have a good time. Nick is a master creative and takes pride in sensual choreography in uniforms. See him perform his dance routine whether you want a policeman or a fireman.

There’s no doubt about it; Magic Men is the home to some of the planet’s hottest and sexiest men, all with bags of charisma, bulging muscles and sparkling smiles. So ladies, if you’ve got a party approach that needs some love and attention, you’ve come to the right place.

With Magic Men, you’ll receive service with a sparkling smile whatever the event. Listen closely and I’ll tell you all about how these boys will turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary one and how after just one evening, you’ll long for their imminent return.


What can I say? They’re mighty fit, impeccably presented with wit and charm to match. These men have everything a woman dreams of and more. Take a look and see for yourself. They come in all shapes and sizes with different personalities too. Maybe Jacob is a bit of you? At 6”, he’s sexy tanned and gorgeous, or Jeff, who is hot, witty and a great performer.

Although all of these men look and perform differently, MAGIC MEN can promise some things;– they will all provide you with a first-class evening– they will all conduct themselves impeccably– they are all reliable and punctual– they will all leave you feeling warm and loved


Choosing between a topless waiter or a male stripper can be pretty tricky. Although they have different roles, they’re all incredibly gorgeous and will make sure your night is made perfect depending on the kind of party you’re looking for. They will all make contact on the day of the party to reassure you of their arrival time. They will all come with the utmost professionalism and they will all put on a show nothing short of outstanding.

So if you’re not sure which to choose, here is a low-down on each to help you make up your mind.


Our topless waiters are top-notch and can be with you for a minimum of 2 hours. Their central role is to help serve drinks and food and lead the entertainment that you have pre-prepared. They can also be there before the party starts to help with a few last-minute preparations and welcome guests into your home with a cheeky glass of prosecco. They’ll come prepared with their dazzling smile and work their way into the hearts of all your guests. Depending on how long you hire them for, these lovely lads also help with the tidy up operation, helping to make it look as good as it did before the carnage ensued.

Hiring one of the Gold Coast’s topless waiters is a treat from the second you hear a knock on the door. They’ll likely need a private space to get themselves ready when they arrive, but then they are yours, to do as you wish, within reason, of course. As well as just being a warm presence and being an excellent butler in the buff, they can also lead party games that you have prepared, meaning you can fully immerse yourself in fun.

One example of a hysterical party game he can lead is Never have I Ever. Now, ladies, this can be as naughty or as nice as you would like. Before the party, write down a list of “Never Have I Eve”=r” statements, such as Never have I ever flirted with someone to get a free drink or Never have I ever flashed somebody. Your handsome hunk will be in charge of reading these out, and whoever has done what the question says must take a drink. You can typically tell who has been the naughtiest because they end up feeling quite tipsy.

Your super sexy waiters also have the skills of cocktail making, so pre-preparing alcohol and recipes for them will shake the party up to whole new levels of fun!


A male stripper is the climax of the party. His performance is hot and explosive, like an erupting volcano. Arriving with a bang, he’ll jump straight into the action with his steamy moves and raunchy costume. It’s up to you whether you opt for a partial strip down to his undies or an entire strip where it all comes off and leaves nothing to your imagination. He’ll cause screaming and sighing and leave the whole group desperate for more- which you can have if you double up, or even better, opt for triple the men! A triple threat will leave you feeling fully satisfied!

GOLD COAST male stripper will arrive with music and props ready to cause a disturbance; all you need to do is provide a clear space for him. It’s best if the bride-to-be has a chair in the centre of the room. The HENS PARTY then create a semi-circle surrounding them. This way everybody has the perfect view. Although the leading lady will receive the striptease, the rest of you definitely won’t be left out. He has his ways of making you all feel super special.

Even better, if you still can’t make up your mind, why not hire a male stripper AND a topless waiter? Chat to the Magic Men crew to enquire about a combination of both to make sure the night runs smoothly from beginning to end AND has the sheer excitement of nudity.


The Magic Men can sometimes need a little TLC to ensure everything goes smoothly whilst performing for you.

Keep them informed- Our gorgeous men have attended many parties and are fully aware that each will be different. It’s worth letting him know the event’s tone and whether the lady of the night would or wouldn’t like certain things.

Don’t be afraid to tip- One thing is for sure, our boys will work their socks off for you and put all their energy into the performance. If you feel you would like to give them a little extra for their exertions, feel free.

Ask before touching– Respect from both parties is essential to ensure the night is a success. We all want the night to be fun and full of frolics, but, ladies, you must stay in control.

Photo permission– The answer is almost definitely a yes, but asking before taking photos is courteous and will be very much appreciated.

A drink and a bite– You may find that your topless waiter may need some food and a sip of drink to keep them going through the evening, so invite him to a plate from your buffet.

Check out our topless barmen and bartenders also

What could be more thrilling than having gorgeous half-naked men roaming around on your party night? Charming and friendly, they are the Magic Men GOLD COAST topless waiters.Having topless waiters is a great addition to keeping your party alive and special. That is why it is important that you choose where to book these fine-looking hunks. Magic Men has the best selection of confident and charming waiters.


Our topless waiters are ready to do their job. They come to you prepared to serve and assist you in your party needs. These men certainly know how to be topless waiters and they certainly will live up to your expectations. Check out some of their tasks:

  • Help set up the party venue. Our shirtless hunks will assist in laying out your party decorations, tables, and chairs. They will gladly follow your instructions for a nice-looking venue.
  • Welcome, greet, and interact with guests. You can assign our charming hunks to stand by the door to greet your guests. This is to ensure that all of your guests are warmly welcomed to the party. During the party, there will never be a dull moment because our charming waiters are there to serve and have fun with you.
  • Mix cocktails and serve food and drinks. The main task of our topless waiters is to serve food and drinks. Yes, our men will mix cocktails according to your instructions, and we will serve them, too! For the duration of the party, our hot hunks will make sure that your guests are properly served and satisfied.
  • Host party games, and play party games. If you want to have party games, you can assign your topless waiters to be the host. Aside from being the host, they can play the games, too. Our waiters are friendly and they can’t wait to have fun with you.
  • Help clean up after the party. Yes, our topless waiters will help you clean up the place after the party. They can even wash the dishes. It’s such a sexy scene to watch them do that!

Aside from these, there are other tasks that a topless waiter can do upon request. Our waiters will always try their best to satisfy your needs and wants.


For a minimum of two hours, you can hire a topless waiter at $100 per hour. If you think two hours is not enough, book him for another hour or more for just an additional $70/hour.

One topless waiter can handle at most 15 guests. He will make sure that each guest is served well. If you have more than 15 attendees, it is recommended that you get another waiter. After all, we wanted all our guests attended to right away and don’t want any guests to be left out.


Our topless waiters are ready to take orders or instructions from you. Before the start of the event, you can brief him on what you want him to do at your party. Our handsome hunks are very considerate of your needs and want, just to make your event a successful one.

Being topless is the main idea, but if you want your waiter to wear something different, why not? It is your party, after all. Whatever clothes he will wear, his attractive physique and confidence always stand out.

Our fine-looking waiters would love to have their photos taken with you. Ask them to be part of your photos, and for sure he will give in to it. They can also take photos for you and your guests.

Expect endless excitement and fun as our male strippers give their first-rate performances. You will be amazed as these hunks weave magic through their intense dance moves. In every event, we assure you that our performances are perfectly executed.

There are some happenings that are worth celebrating, like a friend getting married soon or the 21st birthday of a relative. You may want to commemorate a significant event in your life, like divorce, break-up or other happy events. For all these dates, having a party with entertainment from gorgeous male strippers would make these events really unforgettable.

You can also have a party for no reason at all. You want to relax and hang out with your friends, and have something entertaining that is out of the ordinary. A strip dance with our hot hunk is the perfect choice for a unique and exciting girls’ night in. Our sexy strippers will make your night something worth remembering.

You have a choice as to where you would like your private party to be held. Book an Airbnb, a restaurant, hotel or even your private residence – wherever you may want it, our hunks will come to you, all prepared and ready!

There are a variety of costumes that our stripper can wear for his performance. He can dress up as a policeman, a fireman, a cowboy or in any other costume that you prefer. Yes, you can request for him to wear whatever you like!

Private parties such as hens night and birthdays, are made extraordinary by hiring male strippers to entertain you and your guests. There are show packages to choose from which are suited for you. From $280 to $510, you can experience top entertainment that only Magic Men can give.

Do you want to have a partial strip show? For 15 to 20 minutes, our sexy hunk dances up to his last piece of clothing which is the g-string. This will definitely leave you breathless!

How about a full strip show? Our sultry stripper will excite all your senses in this 20-minute routine where he leaves nothing to your imagination! The highlight of the show is when he takes everything off!

And if you don’t feel satisfied with one hot stripper, you will definitely love our double trouble show! Witness two gorgeous hunks performing together or alternately for 30 to 40 minutes.

A partial strip show and a full strip show costs $280, while a double trouble show is valued at $510.


Booking a GOLD COAST stripper is easy and convenient. You may book online, through email, or through a telephone call. The following information will be asked from you: the stripper you would like to book; the event date, time, and location; and your contact number. A partial amount is required as a deposit to your booking. After your initial booking, a representative will contact you for confirmation and other details only if needed.

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