Meet Our Perth Male Strippers

Meet Our Perth Male Strippers

AVAILABLE to HIRE for your next event, see why we’re voted

“Australia’s No.1 Strip Entertainment!”

Do you want him down to his jocks or full-on stripped? The answer is up to you.

  • 15 – 20 minutes
  • Full or Partial Strip


If one man isn’t enough for your group then why not step it up a notch and get two!

  • 2 Full or partial strip shows
  • 30-40 min total + photo opportunity
  • Choose the guys to come separately or back to back


BASIC COMBO (1 strip + 1 waiter) Great for groups small groups up to 20 people

  • MALE STRIPPER 15-20 min show + photo opportunity after
  • TOPLESS WAITER premium waiter service for food/drinks, photos, game hosting and setting up


STANDARD COMBO (2 strips + 1 waiter) Great for groups of up to 30 people

  • 2 Full or partial strip shows + 1 waiter
  • 30-40 min show time plus hours waiter time
  • Choose the guys to come separately OR back to back



Check out the hunks below… and remember, all the profiles are updated frequently, so the muscles you see are the muscles you get.
That’s our promise!

Who Are We? Male Strippers Perth

Magic Men Perth takes pride in offering a selection of the finest male strippers AUSTRALIA has to offer. These hot hunks are indeed eye-catching, and their confidence is really remarkable. Voted as the Best Male Dance Group, it is no wonder that they are adored and preferred among other Perth male strippers. 

We Give You What You Want, With The Best We Can Be

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, hiring a male stripper is something extraordinary, and it might be just the thing your event needs. Your friends will absolutely love this as something unique and definitely different from the usual parties that you have attended. 

Ladies today are becoming more adventurous and more empowered, and MAGIC MEN understands your needs and wants. Different events have different preferences, but one thing is for sure. These performances are specifically customised for your preferences, so you can be sure it’ll be the experience of a lifetime. Whatever the occasion is, our talented male strippers Perth will provide top-rated entertainment guaranteed to satisfy you.

Party With Us

There’s always a reason to celebrate, but there’s also no harm in just wanting a night of fun and laughter. Thinking of going a step farther from the regular merriments? Add a spark to your celebrations, invite Magic Men over, and let our gorgeous male strippers be the main event. 

In Perth, Hens nights are an event for the bride-to-be as she spends the last few days of her single life. As someone who is about to be hitched, most women regard hens parties as a ritual from being single to becoming a married woman. What’s a more fitting celebration than having a Perth male stripper give life to the event! Book your hens night or hens party with Magic Men. 

Birthdays are always worth celebrating. Whether it’s your birthday party or your friend’s, there is no gift quite like the presence of a gorgeous and charming hunk dancing his way into your heart. It’s certainly an unforgettable present! Our male strippers Perth will definitely pass as the icing on the birthday cake! 

Girls’ night out will be made more extraordinary with the performance of a stunning male stripper either at the strip club or in a place of your choice. You and your friends will be treated to an evening of pure fun, with a strip show as the highlight of the night. What a wonderful way to spend the evening with your friends! 

Any event can be made special by hiring a male stripper Perth. You could just imagine the delight of your friends as they witness this superb performance right before their very eyes. So whether you want to celebrate your graduation day or commemorate your divorce or break-up, or you just feel like partying the night away, it is a great option to hire a hot male stripper on this side of Perth. No more ifs and buts, get these dashing hunks to attend your gathering! 

Book These Gorgeous Hunks

Booking these hot hunks is easy. The more challenging part is who of these men you would want to hire because all of them are so good-looking that you may want to get them all!

Visit our MALE STRIP CLUB or party anywhere you want, we will be there for you. Experience gorgeous male strippers first-hand in the show of a lifetime. As they say, “Your wish is my command”, so consider your wishes granted.

Have the time of your life with celebrations that call for refreshing and breathtaking surprises, like Magic Men’s strip show. Let your senses run wild and savour the feeling of thrill and wonder in this one-of-a-kind show that Magic Men is known for. Our Perth male strippers can make their way to almost anywhere in Western Australia, so book online today.