Male strip shows gold coast

Gold Coast's hottest Male Strip Show

  • Saturdays
  • 6:00 pm till 9:30 pm (subject to change)
  • Asylum Nightclub: 15 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise


• tickets are for Standing area only
• Complimentary glass of Champagne
• Tickets to the after party
• Hot finger food



• Silver reserved seating
• Complimentary glass of Champagne
• Tickets to the after party
• Hot finger food



• Gold reserved seating
• Complimentary glass of Champagne
• Tickets to the after party
• Hot finger food



1ST 4 rows from the stage. Entry includes:

• Complimentary glass of Champagne
• Tickets to the after party
• Hot finger food

Male strip club in Gold Coast

Magic Men Australia’s ‘Feel The Magic’ LIVE Show At Gold Coast’s HOTTEST Male Strip Club Is Here! 

Welcome to Magic Men Australia on the male strip clubs Gold Coast. 

Taking your ladies night to the heights of bliss on a wild ride at your city’s top male strip club!

It’s time to give yourselves a well deserved hall pass to have an unmercifully shameless night of party with the Magic Men crew and book your tickets to the most in demand male revue show in town.

Where every second of the show is a climatic highlight as you immerse yourself in our performers insatiable appetites for pleasing, thrilling and blowing your damn minds with a showcase of amazing stage shows featuring flawless acrobatic choreography, exquisite dancing, creative costumes plus quality stage production lighting and audio pumping through our club that are impressing audiences just as much as the stunning vision of all the glorious nakedness on the stage. It’s a feast for the eyes of every person at the show!  

Show Layout

magic men

Show Schedule

6:00PM ⌛ Line up and check in
7:00PM 🍸 Pre-drinks & mingling with topless waiters
7:15PM 🕺 Show time!
15 MIN 💃 Interval 1 – dance break
8:00PM 🕺 Part 2 Commences
15 MIN 💃 Interval 2 – dance break
9:00PM 🕺 Final Part
9:30PM 🥳 Show ends & after party begins

Show Schedule

6:00pm⌛ Line up and check in
7:00pm🍸 Pre-drinks & mingling with topless waiters
7:15pm🕺 Show time!
15 min
💃 Interval 1 – dance break
8:00pm🕺 Part 2 Commences
15 min💃 Interval 2 – dance break
9:00pm🕺 Final Part
9:30pm🥳 Show ends & after party begins


Magic Men Have Captivated Women All Over The World! 
Magic Men brings the heat, the energy and the excitement of a reality-defying Gold Coast male strip club experience. Our gold coast entertainment is second to none, with the hottest male dancers from around Australia showcasing their moves and talent up on stage Sinfully seductive events await you at our shows! Come out and join us for an unforgettable night of passion, heat, and alluring male entertainers. Unleash your inner devil as the intensity rises around you – will you be able to stand it before going wild? Revel in the incredible spectacle of a multitude of attractive men, devoted to providing an electrifying energy and spellbinding show specifically designed to bring joy and naughty fun into your ladies’ night out. Make this special event one that you’ll never forget! Our Gold Coast male strip club is the rated best girl’s night out, delivering the highest quality entertainment. You will be leaving our show with the girls all agreeing to a hard yes on coming back to another very soon! While it’s SERIOUS fun, it’s a night that takes nothing seriously and allows everyone to get unashamedly sexy and WILD. Fantasies are fulfilled at a show that gives you everything, leaves you wanting for nothing and will have you needing more!


Gather your friends and let our talented Magic Men male dancers show you a spectacular performance. If it’s the first time you’ve been to one of these shows, prepare yourself for an experience that will leave you wanting more! Our performers are sure to entertain in ways unimaginable – so don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!

If you have already been blessed with an awesome night out with Magic Men, then you’ll understand the tremendous magic that a ladies’ night can bring. It’s such a thrilling and uplifting experience!

We are proud to provide the ultimate selection of men in the entertainment, dance and fitness industry – they have been handpicked for their unparalleled talent. Moreover, we take great pride in having a team of friendly gentlemen on board that make all our royal ladies feel welcome during their visit! If you’ve caught a glimpse of our dancers and show highlights on social media, you already know that it’s sure to be an explosive night! Prepare to be blown away when you experience a Magic Men performance in person at our venue! The atmosphere will be electric, and the evening may become quite interactive – if you catch our drift. Don’t miss out on this remarkable night of entertainment; it’s sure to leave an impression for years to come!

Ladies, this isn’t the time to come and simply sit back and relax! If you choose to get on stage with one of our sizzling Magic Men, there’s a strong possibility that your heels may end up in the air or wrapped around them. Get ready for an unforgettable experience! Our performers bring the heat with their spectacular stage shows and unbelievable physiques. We guarantee that you won’t find cheesiness here – only cheeky fun! Don’t take our word for it though: we are rated as the best male strip clubs on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Our boys are a blast, easy-going and always up for an incredible night of partying with each and every guest at our club who comes to enjoy the show.

The Afterparty – Our Gold Coast Male Strippers & Topless Waiters Look Forward To Partying With You After the Show!

The celebrations aren’t over when the show ends. Join us for the after party and dance the night away with all the girls and our gorgeous guys. Enjoy the rest of the night while hunky, bare-chested, musclebound waiters lavish you with premium food and beverage services all evening.

Come ‘Feel The Magic’ – If you’re in search of an unforgettable girls night out on the Gold Coast, look no further! Magic Men has got your needs covered – we are Australia’s top-rated destination for an amazing ladies night. Book now and make sure to get ready for a memorable experience that will leave everyone breathless.

Start your celebration here! Whether you’re planning a hen’s night, birthday party, divorce bash or an adventure-filled girls’ night out – we’ve got everything you need to make it unforgettable. Let’s get this event started and finish in style!

Step into Gold Coast’s premier male strip club and experience Magic Men – an electrifying show full of tantalizing, sizzling entertainment like no other! Let these muscular magicians add sparkle to your next celebration with their sexy moves and unique talents.

Tickets | Bookings | Packages 

How Much Do Tickets To See The Magic Men ‘Feel The Magic’ Show On The Gold Coast Cost? 

  • General Standing: $40
  • Silver Seating: $50
  • Priority Seating: $70
  • VIP Seating: $90 

Secure your ticket now and gain entry into the most luxurious male strip club on the Gold Coast. A glass of bubbly awaits you as well as delectable finger food, all included with your purchase. Once you’ve enjoyed watching the show, join us for an afterparty that will continue long into night – get ready to shake it off with these hunks!

Magic Men Hens Night Party Packages 

We have meticulously crafted our Hens Night Party Packages to make organising an incredible ladies night stress-free and effortless. Even if you aren’t organising a bachelorette party, you can still take advantage of our incredible packages! Whether the ladies are planning to have an unforgettable night out on the Gold Coast or just want to travel in fashion and comfort, we have something for all your needs.

We want your upcoming celebration to be the most memorable and unique ladies’ night out yet, so naturally we are keen for you all to arrive in total elegance. It’s time to kick back feeling amazing, looking glam and hot AF, sipping on champas and all out indulging yourselves without a care in the world.

To ensure your hens party is totally stress-free, we offer the best party packages on Gold Coast. Our services are tailored to make sure it is an unforgettable experience!

We offer a package to suit every and any occasion that requires celebrating with lavishly next-level entertainment.

  • Hens Night Special
  • Limo and Show Package
  • Dinner and Show Package
  • Party Bus and Show Package
  • Hens Day Special Package
  • Magic Men ‘ Feel The Magic’ Ticket 


Optional extras are great add-ons to your package – At an additional set price of $250 you can throw in another dose of indulgence for the ladies and treat yourselves even further with an exclusive private show from your choice of Magic Men in your own separate area of the club.

How Do I Book A Hens Night Party Package?

Navigate to our ‘Hens Night’ page here on the Magic Men website to view and compare our carefully curated packages. Booking and payment is a breeze when you reserve through our website. But if you need more personalised support, no worries! Our knowledgeable team will be delighted to help with your group reservation as well as answer any of your inquiries.

How Do I Book Front Row Seating Or Reserve A Booth For Our Group? 

Make sure you get the best view of your chosen venue by reserving front-row seats or a booth for your group. For optimal fulfilment, we suggest booking in advance and paying off any deposits as soon as possible!

Book your package or private lounge now to guarantee that you don’t miss out! Our shows are quickly selling out, so take advantage of the availability and make sure to secure your booking today. With our offers, you won’t be left disappointed. To guarantee your preferred seating, early payment and an accurate account of the size of your party is essential. Please make sure to submit your group deposit and booking by Monday of the week leading up to the show.

Can I Book Tickets In Advance?

Absolutely! We suggest you book your tickets as early as possible. Magic Men male strip shows are incredibly popular and tend to sell out quickly! Don’t let your special event come up empty-handed – ensure those ladies don’t miss out on their fun night by securing seats ASAP. Book your tickets now for the best chance of attending their show at a time that works with everyone’s schedule.

Can I Arrive And Buy Tickets On The Night?

Booking your tickets is essential – With our shows often selling out weeks ahead of time, you may end up feeling disheartened if you take a chance and arrive without having purchased tickets in advance. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy the show – make sure to book your tickets early! No walk-ins are allowed and on the rare chance that there was to be any availability and you are allowed entry, you will only be offered standing.

Make your night out sensational with the fastest and most convenient way to book preferred seats for the most thrilling male strip show on the Gold Coast – all from an easy online reservation!

Are Males Allowed To Come See The Show? 

Magic Men Australia welcomes all genders! Our male strip clubs Gold Coast are here to make your experience one that you will never forget. Join us for an unforgettable night of entertainment and fun – everyone is invited!

Bring all the positive energy, good vibes and let’s party together!

Can We Get The Hen/ Birthday Girl/ Lady Of Honour Up On Stage? 

Absolutely! To ensure a successful and smooth experience, please make sure to book your group package in advance and pay as soon as possible. Remember to let us know you’ll be coming for a special event, and we’ll make sure the special lady gets up on stage during the show.

Are Photos Permitted On The Night? 

At our club, photography and recording of the performers is strictly prohibited. However, once the show is you are more than welcome to snap photos with each other, as well as our Magic Men and dashing topless waiters!

At the show, we’ll have an experienced photographer wandering around and taking pictures of the women throughout the night. These photographs will be posted on our website galleries where they can be seen by everyone!

Hens Night Special – Do You Have To Be On A Hens Night To Be Able To Book This Package?

No! Everyone is welcome to book this package regardless of the reason for celebrations. It is actually an all round incredibly popular package booked for any girls night out and special occasion, offering excellent value for money. 

Get together with the girls and book one just for fun!

Members Of Our Group Do Not Drink Alcohol. Do They Have To Pay The Same Amount? 

Yes. Our packages also cater to those in the party that don’t consume alcohol by offering other beverage options such as soft-drink. 

Your package comes with full access to the strip club, seats for the show, a selection of savoury hot finger food and drink service from our hot and professional shirtless waiters! Oh, and of course, your tickets to the afterparty!

What Kind Of Finger Food Do You Serve? Do You Cater To Special Dietary Requirements Such As Vegan, Vegetarian Or Gluten-Free?

Our topless waiters will be serving simple hot finger food throughout the night. Guests are welcome to have something from the platter circulating however this is not a meal. 

We do not take requests for special dietary requirements such as gluten-free but you will find that there is a vegetarian choice among the finger food. 

We have provided a sample of what the nights platter menu can consist of: 

  • Mini Pies Assorted
  • Chicken Bites
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Dim Sims
  • Quiche ( V )
  • Spinach Rolls ( V )
  • Beef Meatballs
  • Calamari
  • Pizza
  • Samosa ( V )
  • Risotto Balls ( V )

We recommend having something substantial to eat before coming out to party at the show.

The bubbly will be flowing along with the good times and you don’t want those bubbles sneaking up on you to ruin your amazing night or prevent you from kicking on at the afterparty.

Drinking on an empty tummy isn’t your friend when you want to have a classy and memorable night! 

Is There A Bar At The Male Strip Club To Purchase Other Beverages/ Cocktails?

Of course! You will be partying at Gold Coast’s finest male strip club and are able to purchase any beverages available at the bar you desire that may not be included in your package.

Are We Allowed To Touch The Magic Men Performers? 

While things are likely to get a little up close and personal, as with any situation in life it is courteous and polite to treat people with respect and not assume that you may touch/ grope anybody unless the entertainer makes you aware that you can do so during a performance or while dancing privately for your group. It is expected that our entertainers and everyone attending the show are treated with respect. 

Do You Do Private Shows?

While the full Magic Men live show is exclusive to our club, you can hire any of our boys for your next event for the classic male stripper experience. Get a sexy Gold Coast Male Stripper for your next birthday, hens party, divorce party or anything else! Our Gold Coast Strippers are ready to turn up the heat and show your guests an unforgettable time. Wherever you are on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Byron Bay and more, our male strippers can be there.


If you have any further questions, we welcome you to contact us. We’re here to help you have the most memorable night possible. Phone us directly at 1300 624 426 

Arrival Times

Arrive on time! Get the 6pm lineup and check in sorted so you can get in amongst the action by 7pm with the sexy Magic Men topless waiters. It won’t be long until the most anticipated men explode on stage and go about blowing your minds at around 7.15pm.

Club Entry + Identification  

Please remember to bring your identification as it’s very important that we are able to check you are of legal age to come in and see the show.

The Magic Men show is strictly for the eyes of adults only.

Wherever you are on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, or anywhere else in QLD, make your way down to Magic Men’s Gold Coast Male Strip Club for an unforgettable night! Book online today and we’ll see you at the show!