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The Magic Wand That Does Wonders

Magic Wand

30 Sep 2020

Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand has been renamed the Magic Wand Original, and yes, this is the device that everybody needs in their arsenal. It’s unique enough to be used as an excellent back/neck massager, and your companion in bed.

The big advantage that the Magic Wand vibrator has over its competitors is that it’s super discreet. Originally designed to be used as a female massager, this one is more popular for its use as a vibrator. This vibrator has an enormous massager head that nearly seems like a microphone instead of the standard elongated vibrator design. The top is formed of firm top-quality vinyl which feels steady to the touch. The top is connected to metal blue and white tube and has enough space for handle.

It comes with a short cord which might be inconvenient for jet setters but this also might be considered a plus since you don’t need to worry about batteries and recharging like most other vibrators. A chargeable Magic Wand model is also available if you’re not a fan of cords.

This vibrator comes with two speed settings: high and low. If you think that the low speed is going to be just low, you’ll certainly be surprised as this seems like a medium to high speed. Imagine how powerful and tingly this might feel when it’s set to the high speed. Experiment with the speed and intensities until you get the right one best for your needs. Swapping angles could work too and may give you a different sensation.

Some women and beginners may find low speed deeply satisfying enough. Trying the high speed may be an upgrade for those who are used to having vibrators, and if you want a little excessive amount to do the trick.

The important thing is to practice and test the waters first before doing it with the extreme setting. This magic wand’s consistent vibrations is a pleasure to your G-spot and body contours.

With Magic wand, you can have orgasms faster than average. For people that have limited me-time, which will be critical to urge off on a decent timeframe. Magic Wand also does wonders in helping people that were previously unable to orgasm or had skilled menopause/hormonal changes that negatively affected their drive. It can provide plenty more stimulation than the other vibrator out there to assist people to get off who need stronger stimulation.

For others who want something strong, the Magic Wand could also be absolutely essential if they have that quantity of stimulation to urge off, or if you’re worried you’re too slow and need something that’s more bound to speed things up. The Magic Wand is so strong thanks to the size of the motor housed within the vibrator – making it the powerful wand there is.

Climaxing with this vibrator is sort of easy and fast if you’re trying to find something intense and fast. This vibrates 600 times per minute so imagine what proportion stimulation you’ll experience. Combine the speed plus the position you are comfortable and this magic wand will surely do wonders to yourself.

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