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The top 10 questions people ask male strippers

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02 May 2020

We hit the clubs and asked some of our hottest performers what are the most commonly asked questions when on the job. We all know humans are very curious creatures and we like to the answers to everything. You’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t want to know the answer to at least one of these hot stripper questions.

Let’s face it, all-out hunky men have been asked them at least once in their adult entertainment career, so let’s clear the air and answer some of your questions.

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The 5 most commonly asked questions about a male stripper?

Why did you start stripping?

For many male strippers, they became male performers surprisingly by chance! Yes, not many now male strippers finished school, packed their bags, bid their families farewell on the adventure of a lifetime as a male stripper. Generally speaking, many moved to the big smoke for better education, career and or life. Most of these guys had a strong passion for being physically fit and pursued a part-time job with hours that did not impact their other life commitments. The biggest incentive for most of the male strippers working at a hens night party is quite simply good money and only working on the weekends. Everything else is an absolute bonus.

Does your mum know you are a stripper?

This is a tricky one, for many of them the answer is no, but this doesn’t mean the guys are keeping something from them. Some guys simply don’t mention their career choice out of respect to their families. Some families have very strong values and beliefs religiously. Many of the guy’s dads do know they are male entertainers.

Are all male strippers gay?

We’re in 2020, and it’s surprising how many people still ask this question every day. Not many if any male entertainers identify as gay, a huge majority of them identify as heterosexual. Ultimately, you’re paying for a muscly, cheeky, naked man to perform a sexualise dance on you for money, does their sexual preference really matter?

Do male strippers have girlfriends?

There isn’t a general answer for this one, some of the guys have girlfriends, and some of them don’t. Just like the rest us, relationships come and go. Many of the guys protect the privacy of their loved one by minimising the level of publicity they shine on them. This may be at her request, as sometimes fans are very enthusiastic and try to uninvitedly connect with them on social media platforms.

How old are male strippers?

When the term ‘Male Stripper’ comes to mind, many older people think 40-year-old, semi masculine male with a sleazy personality. This is not the case anymore when the term ‘Male Stripper’ presents itself most people think of younger (25 – 40) hunky, ripped men performing acrobatic moves in a tight-fitting sexy costume.

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Another 5 commonly asked questions about male strippers?

Have you ever been turned on by someone when stripping?

The answer for this one is simply, ‘NO’. We’re too busy working, focusing on the beat, the crowd and the next move. We’re focusing on, then next special guest, where we are throwing our clothes and the photographer. “There isn’t time to get turned on, haha.”

How long does it take to wash the oil off your body after a performance?

It takes one long hot shower and a lot of body wash and elbow grease to get the oil off.

How does your regular job feel about you stripping?

Many jobs these days are open-minded with the choice of career, given it doesn’t impact their day job. Lots of the guys work in the trade industries, on worksites, sweating in the glistening sun, next time you walk by one be sure to check out the talent. Another popular day job for the guys is within the fitness industry, as a gym manager or a personal trainer.  Ladies, it’s time to sign up to a gym ha-ha.

Do you live a double life?

For some of the guys, the answer is yes! Most male strippers have stage names as well as their real names. When they use their stage name, they generally take the form of their alter ego and become a performer. 

What is the most amount of money a male stripper has made in a week?

There is a rumour, that one of the guys made $3000 AUD over the week.  Overall, the money per minute of stripping is very fruitful and a very strong motivator per people wanting to enter the industry.