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Things To Know Before Becoming A Successful Male Stripper

Basic Guide to help you in becoming a successful male stripper

18 Jun 2020

Things To Know Before Becoming A Successful Male Stripper

Being a male stripper can be a ticket to earning substantial monthly income. There is a metric ton of money waiting to be sucked in by chiselled guys ready to strip and dance for the excited audience. Yes, striptease is not just for hot girls, but it is an industry that can be exploited by men too. To apple for a male stripper employment click here. 


But how do you become a successful male stripper? Below is a basic guide to help you get started on your million-dollar journey.


Refine Your Body and Personality

As a stripper, you will have to work half-naked or topless in a large crowd to help people visualize their fantasies, and boast that well-toned body. So to be at your best, building muscle mass is essential. You don’t have to look like the Incredible Hulk, what you need is just a set of defined muscles and abs for the perfect body shape.

You also need to engage your customers face-to-face. If you are a bit shy, this is something you have to work on for a while. Spend some time talking to strangers and practise until you feel confident talking to anyone in public. Practice eye contact, you should be able to look anyone in the eye with a smile while talking.


Seek Opportunities

The best place to start working as a stripper is local. There are many clubs, bars, and agencies looking for talented dancers. Then expand your search to weekly competitions, amateur evenings, or auditions. These are great opportunities to show your skills in front of a numbered audience.

Once you have established yourself in the local market, you can look for further opportunities in nearby towns. Connect with clubs and agencies and find out if they hiring visiting dancers. Some strippers love to travel and will work in places in the cities where they go.

Check the local strip clubs and seek for opportunities as a male stripper

Be Professional

As with any job, you must perform to the best of your ability, and work professionally. Below is a detailed checklist to help you stay on the right track.

  • Introduce yourself when expected.
  • Arrive on time at the location.
  • Maintain a professional attitude.
  • Be positive and friendly to customers.
  • If you have an emergency or unforeseen incident, contact your agency and notify them as soon as possible.
  • Always say “thank you” for advice and compliments.
  • Support the bartenders and other staff.
  • Be a team player.
  • If you have a problem, resolve it or move on.


Have Proper Fun

You play to add fun and excitement to the hens night party or any occasion. The people who watch you dance may have forgotten their problems and pressures of their daily lives while watching you swoon and dance to a rocking rhythm.

At the same time, it is also essential that you have a good time on your own. Find something you find enjoyable, or learn a craft or two during your leisure time. You must know how to get fun, so you can better give a good time to your audience. Some find it relaxing to talk to their clients and join their conversations. Keep in mind that you are offering experiences that bar customers will talk about for years and perhaps the rest of their lives. Take part in their special evening and enjoy with them!

Enjoy every event and have fun performing as a male stripper

Thanks to male strippers, we get to understand the fun and we get to host better parties. Becoming a male stripper is a responsibility as well. The work requires more than big muscles and good looks.

It takes a lot of skills and guts to perform in front of the crowd without stuttering or being nervous. If you are planning on becoming one – learn the basics of hard work and keep grinding!