Top 10 best male strip songs to release your inner stripper

Top 10 best male stripper songs to release your inner stripper

05 Feb 2019

YAAAASSSSS QUEEN! We all have that one song that turns us into a stripper on the dance floor…don’t deny it, we’ve all been there! Even our very own Magic Men have their favourite tunes to get them ready to take the stage for all you lovely ladies. We reached out to our handsome hunks for a list of their top 10 stripper songs. Forget the top 100, this is the list you need to remember!

1. Pony – Ginuwine

This is obviously number one and a favourite with our Magic Men. Best known as the primary backing track in the Magic Mike movies and the intro song to our very own Channing’s performance. “I hear it all the time now and I don’t think I’ll ever escape it! It’s a classic though and I think everyone thinks of Magic Mike and strippers as soon as they hear it. It definitely brings out the inner stripper in everyone!” – Channing, Melbourne Stripper

2. Grind on Me – Pretty Ricky

It’s really in the title isn’t it? “It’s just such a good song and perfect for stripping. Easy to perform movements to and everyone always wants to start grinding on each other which is hilarious!” – Tyreese, Melbourne Stripper

3. Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard

Everyone gets hyped up when this song comes on! It’s an oldie, but a goodie and our guys have some interesting stories from when this songs has been played at private shows. “I’m not even joking. I’m stripping for a Hen and Pour Some Sugar on Me starts playing. Her Grandma, and I don’t know where she got it from, pours a bag of sugar all over herself. That memory will always be attached to this song now!” – Francesco, Melbourne Stripper

4. Closer – Nine Inch Nails

You just need to listen to the lyrics to know this is a stripping song, but not for the faint of heart. “There’s this one line that repeats a few times, and let’s just say it gets the crowd going and is really fun to strip to!” – Ray, Melbourne Stripper

5. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy – Big & Rich

A perfect tune for all our Cowboy routines. If you’ve been to the show, you know what we’re talking about, it’s the best tune ever! Also we love our Johnny’s response haha. “Just add it to the list, no explanation needed, just because I said so.” – Johnny Star, Melbourne Stripper

6. Hot in Here – Nelly

This is definitely throwing it back but you can not go past this Nelly classic. Our Magic Men from Sydney couldn’t agree more. “Everyone knows what’s up when this song comes one and that clothes are about to come off!” – Dave, Sydney Stripper “Yeah, the crowd goes mental for it and we love dancing to it, has to be on the list for sure.” – Deacon, Sydney Stripper

7. Sex You – Bando Jonez

It’s in the title isn’t it? Our waiters gave it the big thumbs up for it to be in the top 10. “Hahaha, I can actually relate to the lyrics and gets me in the mood to dance with the girls at the show and at privates. Definitely a go to song.” – Denzel, Melbourne Waiter

8. You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi

Less sexual but still a pump-up song to get everyone cheering at privates and shows! You would be surprised at what songs can become stripping songs, and our Magic Men can get very creative with how they incorporate lyrics into their routines. “It’s a rock anthem that everyone knows and loves! It gets the crowd singing and amped up.” – Logan, Melbourne Stripper

9. Butterfly – Crazy Town

Another unexpected addition to the list, but we suggest you add it to your playlist for your next event. Classic 90’s tune and who doesn’t love what the 90’s produced? “Chicks love it at the shows. I don’t get sick of it despite hearing it all the time and I’ve used it since I started stripping…which has been a few years now!” – Rudi, Sydney Stripper


….The choice is yours! We have so many more we wanted to add to the list but just couldn’t decide! So we challenge you to share this with your friends and see what list they come up with. Was it the same as ours or have we missed a major song?!


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