Muscly, Toned and Gorgeous

About Des

Toned and tanned to perfection, Des is hotter than hell! This babe knows how to please every lady he serves. You’ll be wanting to take selfies with him all night long just to wrap your arms around him!


  • Topless Waiter

Height: 6'1"

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Star Sign: Gemini

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    Know Alejandro a little bit more!

    What is your favourite part of Magic Men?
    My favourite part of Magic Men is performing to different girls, travelling, meeting people and making them happy.

    What is your favourite food?
    I love pizza, sausages and burgers. Yum!

    Describe your ideal date?
    My ideal date is going on an escape room, then we challenge ourselves to unravel the mystery and hopefully escape. Then, cap the night off with a candlelight dinner.

    What always brings a smile to your face?
    I love it when I make others happy. When I do events and host games and the ladies are having a good time in their lives, it makes me happy and brings a smile to my face.

    Would you rather be rich or famous?
    Can it be both? I’d rather be rich I guess. I want to work hard and earn money and be wise about managing it.

    What do you like doing in your spare time?
    I like going to the gym whenever I have spare time. I like to be fit and build muscles as I go.

    “If you also love to smile a lot, you will definitely get my attention.”

    How would someone get your special attention?
    Someone can get my attention if she is confident and herself. I like ladies who are sure of themselves and can be themselves all the time. If you also love to smile a lot, you will definitely get my attention.

    If you could visit one place on Earth where would you go?
    I like to go to Austria. There’s this lakeside town known as the “most photographed place in Europe.” I always like to spend my vacation in Europe. I like to see the alpine houses, exploring an ancient salt mine, or even visit a glacier garden.

    What are your pre-performance rituals?
    I always go to the gym before my performance, there’s that. Then during our rehearsals, we play around and tease each other. I guess it’s important that we are in a good mood and ready to entertain the ladies. It’s hard to make others happy when you’re also unhappy, you know.

    What would you like remembered about you?
    I like that to be remembered not just a hunk but a person with a good heart. I like people to remember how fun they had when I’m with them and hopefully they are somehow inspired because of me.

    If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
    If I’m an animal, I guess I’m a honey bee. I’m a hardworking person and dedicated just like them. Honey bees are very dedicated to their jobs, they are productive and a team player. And maybe, I can make sweet honey out of somebody.