Muscly and hunky

About him

Who wouldn’t want to rub shoulders with this exquisite man? This hunk stands 5’8” and has brown tantalizing eyes that will brighten your day. Let the magic start on your next event when he shows up topless, and only wearing a bowtie and his gorgeous smile. Santiago has a zest for life, and with his cheeky grin and vibrant personality, your guests are guaranteed to have a good time with this man around.

  • Topless Waiter

Height: 5"8

Eye Colour: BROWN

Hair Colour: BROWN

Star Sign: Pisces


More about the waiter

Santiago – the life of the party!

He can be the life of every party with his enthusiastic nature. He will bring smiles and sunshine at the bachelorette, hen party or birthday celebrations. Watch as he serves food and drinks gracefully and make sure all the guests are well attended. Santiago makes sure to roam the venue around, offer appetizers and drinks and start chitchat with everyone. If you have private events and prepared naughty games, feel free to have him join the fun and laughs. And if that is not enough, you may extend your booking with him so he can help you with cleaning up the mess afterwards. Because, well, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a party and waking up to a clean place afterwards, right? Whatever tidying up that needs to be done, he can do it. From mean dishes to cleaning up the place, you’ll get all the help you deserve from throwing a one-hell-of-a-party.

Celebrate every party with Santiago!

While you know this already, let us just reiterate that a great party must be remembered with great photos as well. Have him take several photos of you and your guests, and you won’t need to hire a photographer for the event. And while we are at it, have him participate in your photos and you’ll surely have a big smile from all the guests. Be creative and playful with all the poses, and Santiago will be ready to accommodate your needs. If you have a party and guests that are Instagram-ready, so is he!

Santiago is a meaningful addition to every celebration because you have additional help to tick off a few things on your to-do list, plus an eye-candy makes every party memorable. Hire him for a fuss-free event and if you need someone reliable to take care of your entertainment and serving needs.

Meet Santiago in 60 seconds:

The fun environment of the stage shows and privates!

Pizza of course!

Walk along the beach, watch the sunset and then go to dinner at a Japanese Restaurant (how romantic ladies!)