What can Topless waiters and Barmen do

some ladies enjoying topless waiter nick

So the question on every girls mind when wanting to hire one of our gorgeous Magic Men’s topless waiters and barmen is:
what can we do with Magic Men Topless waiters and barmen? This article takes all the guessing out of planning the perfect hens party, turn your ordinary waiters into the ultimate party host.

Our basic policy: We have the largest selection of topless waiters and barmen in Melbourne, and we make sure that each and every topless waiter and barmen is too not just good looking and have a fit body, but to also have the personality to match. After all, it’s his company that will kick start your party and help get all the girls giggling and cheering on through the night.

topless waiter at hens night

Their basic duties and responsibilities:

  • Help with tidying up and cleaning
  • Prepare food
  • Make cocktails
  • Be cheeky and fun
  • Host and be involved in hens party games
  • Lay tables and set up decorations


Cheekier things you can do with your topless waiter to spice up your party: some hunky waiters laughing

– Take scandalous photos in compromising positions with your topless waiter

– Start a game of truth and dare and ask them to assist in hosting the game

– Ask the topless waiters to give each and every girl a lap dance.

– Reverse the roles, and have the girls par take in a lap dance competition on the topless waiter and make him be the judge for the best lap dance.

– Indulge in his strong hands and have him give the girls a massage.

– Blind fold the girls and play pin the penis except with the topless waiter as your model instead of a poster of a stripper.

– Ask the topless waiter to lie down and do body shots off him.

The Art of Conducting a Body Shot

Topless waiter Marko

Step 1: The Salt

Lick the Salt. It’s all about the salt. The salt is the sinfully and cheeky part of the body shot. Depending on your daringness (and, of course, that of your Magic Men), you could put the salt on his neck, his chest, or his arms.

Step 2: The Tequila

Sip the Shot. The tequila shot can be placed/or poured onto any part of the topless waiter that is flat and firm service (use your imagination). The rippling six pack is always a fun place to start, in case any bit of the shot spills over onto his stomach you can easily lick it off.

Step 3: The Lemon

Take the Lemon. Just as you’d finish a hot date with a kiss, no body shot can be complete without a lil’ mouth-to-mouth citrus sensuality. Place the lemon wedge inbetween his lips and after you take the shot, you can wash down the taste with a citrus refreshing lemon!


Remember, our topless waiters are here to serve and protect! There’s no request too big or too small and our guys know how to have fun and help the girls let their hair down. If there’s any unusual requests you may have, feel free to let your topless waiter and barmen know as they probably have had it requested off them before. Our company policy is: We aim to please 🙂