Hens Party Games

hens party games

15 Mar 2013

Magic Men’s Favourite Hens Party Games

Hens party games are an essential part of your special night. We’ve got loads of fun ideas for hens party games for you and your group to play – games that will break the ice and have you in side-splitting laughter in no time. From naughty games to drinking games to funny games, there are many options for hens night games to plan!
Party games add fun to any hens night. Drinking games such as I Have Never and Drinking Words give your friends the perfect opportunity to enforce some challenging party dares! Scavenger hunts and Truth or Dare are classic hens party games that everyone will love – just make sure to make some of the questions, dares, or scavenger hunt items naughty, funny, and very difficult! If it’s your job to arrange a hens party, you definitely want to plan a few games to help send the guest of honour off to married life in style (and laughter).
When planning games, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to over-plan a little. You don’t have to play all the games; in fact, no one likes an over-scheduled party. However, having a few games up your sleeve can be a lifesaver (and an ice breaker) when entertaining a group of ladies, you may not know very well – or even your best friends. For extra fun, get your topless waiters in on the action – they love to play games, too!
As the party planner, the pressure is on for you to organise an unforgettable evening. At Magic Hens, we know how to take your hens night to the next level. Let us help with naughty hens night games along with our complete party packages. Our hot male strippers, topless waiters, exclusive venues, luxury transport, and wild party games will ensure that your hens night is a fun and fabulous celebration that you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives.

hens party games

Dress the bride – The bridesmaids come together and organize the Bride-to-Be’s outfit for the evening by choosing bits and pieces of unconventional fashion styles and materials. The bride than has to wear this outfit for the entire duration of the evening, no matter where the night takes them! Now there’s a way to make sure your hen is the center of attention!

Hens scavenger hunt – Create a list of items that can be found around the house or venue. Be creative and try come up with a variety of items from simple things such as a lighter from a stranger to something cheekier like boxers from a stranger. Remember that this is a Rated H (for hens) scavenger hunt so come up with cheeky and naughty items that will get everyone stepping outside their comfort zone. Once the list is created, split the hens party into two groups and the group that comes up with most of the items on the list will win.

Truth or Dare (favourite hens party game!) 

The perfect indoor hens party game. Take advantage of the flowing drinks and spirited atmosphere and gather everyone together for a round of Truth or Dare. One at a time, flip a coin or spin a bottle to decide whose turn it is to be put to the test and reveal a little (or a lot) about themselves and who has to go run around the neighbour’s yard completely nude.

Never have I – The ultimate drinking game. What better way to kick start a night by getting everyone acquainted or to solidify some life-long friendships by revealing some intimate secrets about what each girl has and hasn’t done. One at a time, each girl will go around the circle and reveal something they have never done before (eg. ‘Never have I ever… had three way kiss) and the girls who have done that will then have to take a sip.

Pin the penis on the stripper– This game can be purchased from most adult shops or even better why not make your own. Grab a blown up poster of a stripper and stick a photo of the groom’s head over the strippers. Make penis cut outs for every member of the hens party and each person puts their name on that penis. Aim of the game is to blind fold one girl at a time and guide her to the poster, she than has to place the penis where she thinks the penis should go. This activity is sure to have the whole party in hysterics.

Bridal trivia – One girl will interview and ask the bride a bunch of random and obscure questions about many facets of her life, embarrassing moments, relationships and interesting facts that make her unique. The questions will be posed to the wedding party, and whoever gets the most questions right is deemed the winner of the game. Now add the hens twist and make the game interesting by making anyone who gets an incorrect answer take a swig of their drink.

Newly-to-be Game – This games requires some preparation in advance but definitely worth the effort. Call, email or record the groom answering a list of questions about the bride, and have he respond with what he thinks her answer will be. This game is sure to bring out a few laughs to the table as it tests how well the groom really knows the women his going to marry. Now to reverse the table on the hen and have the groom answer the same questions about himself and see if the hen is knows the man she’s about to marry.

Banned words – The idea behind this game is to forbid wedding related words from being said during the entire hens night party. Some examples are groom, wedding, bride, bridesmaid, best man and vows. Each time someone says one of these words than they must have a drink or accept a dare from the rest of the party.