Nathan Wyld

Young, Spunky, and Wild

About him

If you dream of being carried away into the sunset by a strong, tanned man, let us make it happen with our very own Nathan Wyld. He is one of Magic Men’s biggest performers and you can dare find out why when you book him for private events and parties.

Prepare for a stylish, spunky, dapper that is Nathan. He brings fun and wild, raving party with his top-notch performance and stunning looks. Book him for all types of parties, for men and women! Cop or fireman, he can make your night go a little wild!

Height: 6′0″

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Brown

Star Sign: Leo


    • Policeman
  • Soldier
  • Fireman

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    Know Nathan a little bit more!

    What is your favourite part of Magic Men?
    I love going to places with Magic Men and discovering other locations. My most favourite part is gaining brothers through them and making a lot of people happy. The booze and the ladies are a bonus.

    What is your favourite food?
    I eat almost anything! This is a tough one. I would say, burgers!

    If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
    I would say I’m a dolphin. I’m playful, joyful, and dolphins are one of the favourite mammals of human. They are smart and funny, and I think I’m like that!

    If you could visit one place on Earth where would you go?
    I love to visit Greece one day. I think their gigantic houses and architecture are amazing. One of my friends mentioned that the beaches are also beautiful. I will go there one day.

    “I love thrills and being playful.”

    If you were a superhero what powers would you have?
    I like to have flying and invisibility powers. I would want to fly and go everywhere that I like. I won’t need a passport or anything and I get to see different places. But then I also want to have an invisible power. Not too sound creepy but I would want to go from place to place then you wouldn’t know I’m there already!

    Would you date a fan?
    Yes, definitely! I don’t see any reason why.

    Describe your ideal date?
    I love thrills and being playful. I had a date once in indoor skydiving in Sydney. We wore suits and we were inside this tunnel and we were like in a free-fall adventure. It was exhilarating! It was the most intense experience I had with a date and I thought she wouldn’t like it but turns out, it was the highlight of the day.

    Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?
    It’s hard to choose because those two are important characteristics but I would prefer looks for intelligence. I like smart people. Do you know the saying beauty fades? Yeah, I’d like to have smart conversations as well.